See Seun Kuti’s Heartfelt Tribute to his Dad Fela

Seun Kuti the son of the Great Fela shared a story about the death of his father on his page where he emotionally told how he got to know about his fathers death.

The Leader of the Egypt 80’s who is often regarded as taking his father’s steps more compared to his elder brother Femi Kuti’s followed suite has other celebrities also took the day to honour the Legendary Fela who’s memory even after 20 years is still fresh in our heart.

Read his Tribute below as quoted

“The week preceding this one 20 years ago was quite traumatizing as rumors of Fela’s death had spread. It’s was so wide spread that Fela’s very good friend Michele Avantario #rip flew in from Italy to mourn. He arrived in the morning of this exact day. He stood at the top of our street, too shaken to approach the house. I stumbled upon him while going to see my friend, Arthur. Michele what are you doing here crying? He said Fela is dead! I said no, stop crying it’s just a rumor. He pulled him self together and we went to KK(Kalakuta). He said he bought me the new Play station on his way. I was beyond elated. We chilled at KK. I went back to his hotel, We discussed a bit till it was about 8, got my PS and headed back home. At that moment, I was the happiest guy in the whole world. In the whole fucking world. As I approached KK I saw a huge crowd outside, my elder brother’s friend Siasia was outside. I asked him what was happening and he said Seun Just go inside. Everyone was crying. ‘FELA DON DIE, FELA DON DIE’ couldn’t believe it. #20years later, I still can’t believe it!!!

YEAR 20 A F E ( After Fela Era)

PS : Happy post humous birthday Dr Beko Ransome Kuti”

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See Seun Kuti’s Heartfelt Tribute to his Dad Fela

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