Video: Rapper Vector condemns Edo state House over their leaked fight video says they got there by luck

A video of the Edo state house of representatives fighting after a section of the house agreed on impeached the a speaker of the house who goes by the name Dr. Justin Okonoboh. This cause a major rift in the house as both the supporting and opposing group got in a fight that they started throwing chairs and exchanging blows.


no matter what time this happened, I can't help but imagine how. How! How is it that this happened and it's recorded (like can't they caution themselves?). Like if your dad was one of them how would you feel? how would a man mentally disposed to this see that fighting is stupid where the letter of law has been clearly documented ''JUST IN CASE ''?????? Are they not supposed to be the elites? isn't this where it is very evident that positions of such power can't be handled by people who claim they were lucky or "na baba God do am oh"? shouldn't you go to school for this so that you can be SCHOOLED about the main problems of your immediate political community? if they were aware of how stupid It Is that they are fighting each other over something that has guided principles and terrorism is still a huge issue in Nigeria, #cleanWater is still a problem, your new bought car will at least experience shock absorber issues faster because of simple road Wey suppose at least Smooth small, students are graduating faster without proper jobs thus being forced into funny ones (thank God for the new taxi apps… wait! what about the ones that can't afford to register for them cos they don't have cars?)… no one is perfect but this one is far from perfection… It Is an exhibition of madness and pure lack of self control and we have all been regretfully forced to purchase tickets to see… great job though… work well exhibited.

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Video: Rapper Vector condemns Edo state House over their leaked fight video says they got there by luck

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