#MayweathervMcgregor – Mayweather wins in 10th round by Knockout

Floyd Mayweather Jr., the face of boxing for more than a decade, punctuated a stellar yet controversial career with a technical knockout over first-time professional boxer Conor McGregor on Saturday night, August 26th in “The Money Fight” at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas,

In the 10th round of a surprisingly well-matched fight, Mayweather backed McGregor onto the ropes with a series of rights and lefts. McGregor’s face was completely bloodied. He was about to fall through the ropes, and the referee stepped in to stop the fight with 1:55 remaining in the round.

The victory improved Mayweather’s record to 50-0, and allowed the typically defensive fighter to say farewell in thrilling fashion in what he said was his last fight. It also proved right the naysayers who said that this fight was nothing more than a glorified, money-making exhibition.

Although McGregor is one of the biggest stars in mixed martial arts, he had not boxed since he was a teenager, and had no professional boxing matches under his belt. The amatuer boxing was aggressive in the early rounds to an unresponsive Mayweather who wad one trying to tire the UFC boxer. Mc Gregor fell for the bait as when the real show began he was already tired.

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#MayweathervMcgregor – Mayweather wins in 10th round by Knockout

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