Is your partner really a virgin? Here are 12 ways to know if your partner is truly a virgin

Knowing the virginity status has always been an issue in relationships. Both partners sometimes tries to prove decency in relationships mostly when they smell its a serious relationship. here are tips with which you can easily detect if your partner is a virgin or just faking it.

1. White bed sheets won’t solve the mystery.
So before giving a second thought, chuck this idea out of your mind. Some girls are born with hymen and some are not. Some girls may be born with a thin hymen that wears off due to some reason or another.

2. Your partner is uncertain while getting intimate.
If your partner is little clueless and confused, this obviously means that he/she is a virgin. Those who have already given up on their virginity will be little more eager towards it. Their actions will be controlled by their mind. Virgin person would be little uncertain and unsure about it.

3. They will kiss awkwardly.
Not all of bad kissers are virgin and vice-versa. But if a person feels little awkward or shy while kissing, this can lead you to the fact that other person might be a virgin. People get good at kissing with practice. A bad kisser won’t be shy, he/she will probably mess it up.

4. A virgin guy will most probably ask for your approval.
Being physically intimate with a girl will be an entire new thing for them. They’ll be pretty unsure of the moves. Watching adult movies definitely won’t make them a pro. They’ll fumble a lot and will ask for your permission before kissing you or before getting intimate.

5. Try seducing them and note the reactions.
Try whispering some daring love words in their ear and dress yourselves up accordingly. Set up the entire romantic charisma. If he/she reacts willingly and takes a step ahead, they are not likely to be a virgin. A virgin person will be little hesitant and shy due to your advances.

6. Relationship with another person of opposite gender.
A virgin person will be little conserved around the opposite gender. They’ll get slightly conscious and will be reluctant to their touch. On the other hand, if your partner has been laid earlier, he/she will not feel awkward. They’ll know how to respond to hugs and touches without getting agitated or awkward.

7. Most of ’em will turn red and stammer before making out.
Their voice will turn weird and awkward. Most of the virgin guys will often end up stammering. Some introvert and shy person may even shed a tear or two when a woman touches them for the first time. Check if they are nervous or not.
8. Observe their dressing sense.
A virgin guy will not pay much attention to his dressing sense. You’ll often find him in mismatched clothes or maybe a geeky look. They’ll tend to change after they like a certain girl. There can always be some exceptions though.

9. With a virgin guy, it’ll be a quick climax.
While making out, a virgin will end after a very short time. This will probably indicate that it was his first love encounter. He’ll be little tensed and won’t be able to control his desires. While experienced guys will know how to sustain the process.

10. Are they bold enough?
If your partner is quite bold and often makes loud gestures all the time, this indicates that he’s ready to deal with whatever is gonna happen. A virgin person will be little shy or timid because of lack of experience.

11. Do they scan you out like never before?

A virgin person will eagerly check you out when you take them to bed. Makes complete sense because they haven’t seen someone in such a condition before in their life.

12. Ask them!
It may sound not-so-cool and daunting but at last, you’ll have to ask them out. Be bold and put the question forward. It’ll be much better than making fake assumptions and landing your relationship in some serious troubles. These methods will give you a rough idea, not the entire truth.

Virginity is that aspect which often ruins relationships. Make sure that the seed of doubt doesn’t hinder the growth of your love sapling. Clear out any such people who are probably lying about their virginity status. These methods will obviously not be applicable if your partner is good at faking things.

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Is your partner really a virgin? Here are 12 ways to know if your partner is truly a virgin

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