13-year-old tortured over alleged theft by family.

A 13-year-old girl is in the hospital in Ibadan, with bodily injuries, including on her private part, after a horrific torture reportedly by a family.

Community activists and local security sources, Amotekun and State Security Service operatives, revealed the matter to PREMIUM TIMES, with photographs and access to details of the statements volunteered by the parties involved.

Afees and Suliat Taofik of Bello Street, Boroboro area in Oyo Town, had on Monday kept the teen, Aliah Oluokun, to look after their shop, when they alleged a sum of money was missing. The teen’s mum operates a shop beside Taofiks’.

Aliah’s account
Aliah admitted to the theft and took the Taofiks to a set of bricks nearby, where she had kept the money, her family told source, The sum of N170, 000 was found but the couple said N130, 000 was still missing.

The teen insisted what was found was all she took and she did not even count the money before “keeping it”.

She was taken to a local Amotekun office where, according to her, she was first tortured.

The family wanted the Amotekun, a community police outfit, to help force her to admit to having removed N130, 000 from what she had taken.

“They too beat me,” she told source by phone, from her University College Hospital, Ibadan, bed.

But the Amotekun returned her to the Taofiks citing her age. “We said she could not be kept with us and that they should bring her the following day,” a commander, Adebowale Fakayode, said.

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