RELIABLE SOURCE: Ripple to build the core ledger that will power CBDC

Ripple has been making headway in pursuing projects involving central bank digital currencies. RippleX’s Vice President James Wallis disclosed that the company has expanded by building a core ledger which can be used to mint central bank digital currencies (CBDC). Like many in the industry, Wallis thinks that blockchain technology will bring digital payments to the next level by ensuring faster speed, lower costs, and reliability. He said to Rudolf Falat, the host of the “Voice of FinTech” podcast in an interview:

9JA STORY: OATHS (EP 26 & 27)

PREVIOUSLY ON EPISODE 24 & 25 Episode 26. .We left the hospital that moment as Boma ordered. Even if for a reason, I felt he behaved a bit too vulgar with the way he reacted towards the elderly woman and I, I also felt he was doing it for my protection. I understood how he must have felt losing me for three straight days. I couldn’t expect less from him!Outside the hospital, a black van awaited us there. I was asked to take the last row of the seats, while…