Igbo group condemns attack on Imo police headquarters, correctional centre, others

An Igbo group under the aegis of Coalition of South-East Professional Network in Nigeria and Diaspora (CSEPNND), has condemned attacks launched on the Imo State Police Command’s headquarters, in Owerri, the correctional Centre headquarters in the state, public property as well as security personnel in the state by some criminal elements a few days ago and particularly this morning.

What sex in a relationship means to women

An emotional connection, trust and friendship are absolutely essential for any meaningful and lasting relationship. But what is the one thing that can make a loyal bond to any one person more than friendship? Sex. Sex is an extremely important physical and emotional element of any romantic relationship. How a person understands and relates to sex varies from person to person.


PREVIOUSLY ON EPISODE 36 EPISODE 37 Mirabel: Don’t worry, i’m on pills, I’ve been waiting for this moment Me: Oh…. No time to talk… We did it, and i felt alive again ‘coz its been long. I didn’t last long though, I was so embarrassed and very disappointed with my performance, I use to last very long and satisfied back then, buh what tha hell just happened?! Well, maybe its because its been a while since i last did it.


PREVIOUSLY ON EPISODE 32 EPISODE 33 Me: Calm down dear, I didn’t know what i was doing back then, its all in the past now. I have even forgotten about all of it since when I gave my life to ChristMirabel: But but,,, but geez!! Seven of them before jss 2?,,,,, alright alright i’m calmed,,, cool… but that was all before u got to jss 2 right?, then how about when u got to jss 2?