Top 5 Countries where Nigerians/Africans can study abroad for free

Germany Whether you want to explore the hip corners of Berlin or study in a quaint town in the German countryside, you’ll find a place that suits your needs. The country’s higher education system has a strong reputation and, most importantly, tuition is FREE of charge.All you have to pay is a fee of around €100 (£75) to €250 (£185) per semester, which covers administrational costs as well as the work of the student union.

INFORMATIVE: Business to Business Selling Post-Pandemic

its more or less a cliché now to say that covid-19 has changed the landscape of the business and questioned conventional wisdom or understanding. The pandemic brought the entire globe to it kneels with several fatalities across the world. Growing up in Nigeria, the entire covid-19 seems like of one those many American movies wherein a super-hero-character who eventually saves the world and sort of help the world escape some sort of dooms days.