REVENGE || written by Obinna Omotayo Jones

“Revenge is a dish that tastes best when it is cold”- Don Corleone, 1969. ***12:21pm 05-06-2009 Pauli sat down at his study, deep in thought. Mrs. Berkeley brought him tea and he thanked his wife in the most superfluous phrases:”Thanks honeycomb“.She threw him a raised eyebrow. ‘Is this man okay?’ She thought.He took the cup and sipped slowly as his wife left the study. He put down the cup and smiled, he knew what to do. His father’s death would finally be avenged and he knew just how. ***1:00 am…

CONFESSION: How we turn into cat, lizard, eat human flesh – children narrate

Three children in Adamawa State have confessed to turning into cats and lizards and eating human flesh. The minors, all members of a family from Song town in Song Local Government Area of northern Adamawa, who were accused of witchcraft after their acts were uncovered, confessed to a court in the state capital, Yola, that when diabolically transformed into cat or lizard, they feed on human flesh every three days.