NEW 9JA STORY: 45 DAYS [EP 06] ||

PREVIOUSLY ON EP 05 EP 06 It is evening. Effe drives through the beautiful silver gates of her matrimonial home located in the serene neighbourhood of the Airport Residential Area. It is a beautiful sprawling house. She is surprised to see two other cars parked beside Steve’s car under the Visitors’ Canopy.

NEW 9JA STORY: 45 DAYS [EP 05] ||

PREVIOUSLY ON EP 04 EP 05 INSIDE THE LUSTFUL LIPS PRIVATE CLUB. It is night. The club is full. An all-girl music band is playing. The five women in the band are wearing just G-Strings, nipple tassels, white stockings and black long-heeled shoes. Girls wearing only panties are dancing in glass booths around the interior.