NEW 9JA STORY: August Business Retreat [EP 05]

PREVIOUSLY ON EP 04 EP 05 I was dying for him and I knew he was dying for me too because he began crossing and uncrossing his legs suddenly! Probably in every effort to respond to the killing s£nsat!on he was getting! Unlucky for both of us though, his branch were soon done with all registrations and room numbers were subsequently given to them – he had to go in now.

NEW 9JA STORY: August Business Retreat [EP 04]

PREVIOUSLY ON EP 03 EP 04 Anyways, I continued observing other staff from other branches as they arrived even after my own branch had fully registered, dropped our bags in our assigned rooms and returned to have a brief chat. We picked a corner of the spacious well-landscaped quadrangle were the registration was equally going on, and after getting ourselves some softs and snacks, found a concrete platform to sit on. We soon began talking about our plans as a branch for the event.

NEW 9JA STORY: August Business Retreat [EP 03]

PREVIOUSLY ON EP 02 EP 03 Also making the list were seminars and presentations from selected staff members from various branches. I already assumed the only guy from Port Harcourt would unfailingly be speaking as usual. He wasn’t the most senior from the branch as a lady was the Branch Head there but he was always asked to do so. While that spoke a lot about the frailties of the supposed Head at our PH branch, the dude was admittedly intelligent and has never failed to deliver sound presentations! We…

NEW 9JA STORY: August Business Retreat [EP 02]

PREVIOUSLY ON EP 01 EP 02 Therefore, conclusively speaking, the very gospel reason everybody looked forward to the trip was not because we wished to get better on our jobs or any nonsense like that. No. Rather, because we can’t wait to continue were we stopped last year! Personally, I did meet and chat with one of the guys from our Onitsha branch. He told me his name was Anthony and he was one heck of a powerfully built 6-footer! For the several hours we talked, I endlessly kept checking…