NEW 9JA STORY: Banking [EP 19]

PREVIOUSLY ON EP 18 EP 19 Whenever Deji needed some air when he was at the Williams, he would go to the cabin behind the garden. Same spot Aremu found him after he got wasted the previous night. Guests barely come over there. Deji felt it was a perfect get-away at a get-away occasion. He sat on the grass resting his back on the wall.

NEW 9JA STORY: Banking [EP 18]

PREVIOUSLY ON EP 17 EP 18 He didn’t prepare much for the game, but he was pretty sure of winning. He was on his way to the pool when his butler brought the phone to him. ‘’It’s Uju from the office.’’ Aremu announced.Deji barely nodded and collected the mobile device. Uju and Amanda had discovered the error which resulted in the latter’s imbalance account the previous day.

NEW 9JA STORY: Banking [EP 17]

PREVIOUSLY ON EP 16 EP 17 When the younger fellows are in their various swimming costumes, it was obvious it was time for the pool game at the Williams’ pool. The swimming pool was at the back of hall, and it was 25 metres long and 10 metres wide. With a depth of 10 feet, it was covered with blue tiles.

NEW 9JA STORY: Banking [EP 16]

PREVIOUSLY ON EP 15 EP 16 An announcement was made in the hall that the evening’s game is about to start. ‘’Come with me to inform Nike that the pool’s game is about begin.’’ Deji declined the offer and watched him leave. Pondering the new informed he had learned about Nike. She wasn’t with Alani after all.

NEW 9JA STORY: Banking [EP 15]

PREVIOUSLY ON EP 14 EP 15 Seeing Kola already, Deji walked towards him, ‘’how far bro?’’‘’Good. You finally decided to come out of your room.’’ Kola said. ‘’I’m sorry. Guess I had too much to drink last night.’’ He explained. ’’Who’s that guy your cousin left with?’’ Deji tilted his head towards the way Nike and Peter just went through.

NEW 9JA STORY: Banking [EP 11]

PREVIOUSLY ON EP 10 EP 11 We already talked about this, mom. ’’ He responded.Irritated with her son’s response, she said, ‘’we have, and we will continue talking about it until you dothe right thing. She is a daughter of one of the ED’s of your bank. This will help the career you have chosen in the stead of managing some of your father’s business.’’