NEW 9JA STORY: Banking [EP 57]

PREVIOUSLY ON EP 56 EP 57 Since the news of Ife title got to her, Ireti had been pacing nervously in her living room. How in the world will Nike become a queen? From where to where? Has the prestigious Ife title began to been extended to foreigners? To hell with the Adekanbi’s birthmark she has. Since when does that count?

NEW 9JA STORY: Banking [EP 55]

PREVIOUSLY ON EP 54 EP 55 Nike walked aimlessly in her room pondering on the information that just got to her. She had dreamt of being the wife of a prince back then when her affair with Deji was as hot as hell.Becoming a queen of an Ooni was something she had never thought of. She knew how the Ife Kingship title works due to her relationship with Deji. Unlike some other Yoruba kingship titles where the son of a demised king automatically inherits the throne, the Ooni of ife…

NEW 9JA STORY: Banking [EP 53]

PREVIOUSLY ON EP 52 EP 53 ’Wait.’’ Pa Tewotegbo ordered. He gave the ring on Peter’s finger a closer gaze. He could tell what it was meant for. Pa Tewotegbo had been an herbalist residing at Aiyedade, Ile-Ife until few months ago when his eldest son finally succeeded in convincing him about living in Lagos.