9JA STORY: Just a taste (EP 31-37)

Just A Taste

Episode 31

NADIA: At that particular moment. I felt on top of the world. Like i was climbing the sky with my head up high.

She actually sat till the end of the lesson. Brenda was extra nice. Extra careful. She had no choice than to smile at myself and Joyce. Just after the lesson. Mrs olutayo called for both of us. Although she was on our side. I was still yet to confirm. And I couldn’t stop myself from being nervous.

DANIEL: “Mum, why did you keep such information from me. What if I had planned to get married to Joyce? I deserve to know my family mum. It’s not fair keeping me in the dark”

I lashed out the moment I saw her back home.

“Listen Daniel, it’s high time you know that as a family, we have lots of enemies. Who will dig till the ends of the earth to see they steal our position. Do you think we were dumb when we decided to keep this a secret? So you want my enemies to use my family members as leverage to get to me? Do you think I was stupid when I instructed you to keep your identity a secret? Why I never allowed pictures, or the media? But did you listen? You wanna be the big boy huh? With an empty brain. It’s high time you think Son. Think”

Her words read different meanings. First I got to understand that it wasn’t Wilson that suggests I keep my identity a secret. Not that I was regretting I did it anyway. Second, she knew we had enemies. But does she know she has a friendly foe? Or should I just say a family foe?.

“Mum, Wilson is…

” Wilson is doing everything he can to see that you are safe Daniel. You are putting lots of weight on my brother.”.

I held my tongue back in its position. The love she had for her brother was great. It would take more than just spoken words to prove that Wilson is not who he says he is.

But I could use her help on another matter.

“Mum, the president of the Academy. Joyce’s father. He is sick with the same ailment. We don’t know how to get the medications to him”.

And that was how we got to the Academy.

NADIA: She was Indeed helpful. And promised to make sure Joyce takes charge of the president’s medication. She was gone now. And in unison myself and Joyce asked Daniel.

“She knows?”

The sad look on his could answer our questions.

“This is bad. Wilson still has the upper hand”.

Joyce stated the obvious.

“But at least we have her on our side. And that’s a bonus. A big – big bonus”

I tried encouraging them.

“Nadia, I think it’s time we have a new supervisor”

Joyce butt in.

“You can do that?”

She made me look at Daniel’s direction.


He questioned.

“Oh, I get you. I’ll talk to my mum”

I could see Joyce was true on her words when she stated she was going to fight back.

Joyce had hurried back to the hospital. Leaving me with Daniel. I was a bit glad.

“Let’s talk over a cup of coffee”

Brilliant idea! Infact I had been praying so hard that he suggests that. But you know now. As a lady, I have to exhibit some kind of resistance to help my pride.

“Are you sure? I don’t feel like going out today”

Jeez! I have said too much. I prayed he didn’t fall for it.

“Come on. We won’t stay long. I know a place in town. It’s cool and quiet. And we need to talk”

I blest him in my mind for pushing further.

I quickly changed Into a Jean trousers and a silk sweater. It was November already, and the chills of harmattan was trying to inform us of its grand finale by December to January.

Daniel was on a thick Jacket too.

We went to an eatery instead.

“Daniel you just said minutes back that we were going to have a cup of coffee”

“Like I couldn’t hear your stomach rumbling. Eat up. You might not get the chance again when I travel out of the country”

“You traveling out?”

My fluttering thoughts got punctured.

He grinned. I didn’t understand till he eased my mind.

“Traveling to where? I was joking”

What a relief.

“Serena is my mother’s younger sister. Like Joyce is my cousin”.

He just threw the word at me like I was some prepared goal keeper.

” What? She knows? I mean Joyce. She knows?”.

He shrugged.

“I’m not sure”

I was about to say something else when I received a text to my phone.

“I can see you with Daniel”.

My heart missed. The seat I sat on became suddenly hot and uncomfortable.

“Are you OK?”

I was about to explain that someone was watching us but I received another text.

“Don’t you dare talk. Else I’ll expose your secret. Come over to the rest room now”

My secret? My mind began to travel to all the evil deeds I committed in school.

“Excuse me, I want to use the restroom”

You won’t believe it. It was Wilson again.

I hissed and attempted to turn back.

But he was quick to hold me back.

“Wait Wilson are you monitoring my life now?”.

” Nadia I still love you. Nadia..

“Ahn ahn. What is wrong with you? What is this game you are trying to play? Wait, you take me for a fool?”.

He was rhetorical in his reply

” listen Nadia. I am on your side. I love you don’t you get it? You are my wife “

“Ex wife Wilson. Ex wife. Our commitment ended the moment I signed the divorce papers”

I turned to leave but he held me back still.

“And what if I tell you that the divorce papers were fake. We are still married Nadia. How do you think Daniel would take that?. Of course he would think you lied to him. Oh and that’s a big disadvantage on your path. So think about it before you choose to walk out on me!”

My legs went weak. My heart doubled it’s beat.

“So when I mean your secret. I meant this. We are still married”

Just A Taste


Episode 32

NADIA: “These are all lies, I can’t be deceived Wilson, with all these crap”

I spurned his words. Although a part of me still gave me a hit that it was all true.

“If you need proof, then here it is. I brought it with me”

He extended the divorce papers and held his hands on his waist, staring at me. Like he was waiting for my emotions to betray me.

With shaky hands I glanced thru.

“The seals are fake. There is nothing like ‘idemudia solicitors’

He continued.

” Why all these now? What do you stand to gain? Huh Wilson? I don’t love you anymore, so what’s the use.. Why didn’t you divorce me like you wanted?”

He snatched the papers from me and tore it before my eyes.

“I didn’t want too ok? I did it for my mother. If only you stayed around for a while, this wouldn’t have happened. You would have moved back to the house”
“Wilson are you OK? You are married to Brenda. What do you take me for? You expect me to become your second wife?”

I couldn’t believe the nonsense he was pouring out. I attempted to walk away but he drew me back and tried to place his lips on mine. But I was quick to push and land my fist on his face.


I clenched out, trying to catch my breathe.

“Let’s see how Daniel takes this”
“I’ll tell him you faked everything. So don’t bother”

His scornful laughter made me wonder if he was running mad.

“You know the reason Daniel became a flirt was because his first love did this same thing. She was married but left her husband. Three days to their wedding she reunited with her husband, you need to see Daniel. And now you think he would believe you when you say all that trash? Or let me go and tell him myself”

I was getting the extent of the damage if he tries it.

“No, no, no. Stop”

I drew him back and accepted defeat

“What do you want?”
“Now you are talking love. You can go, when I need you to do something, I’ll tell you. Go on. Run to your lover boy”

My legs were wobbling as I walked back to Daniel. As I approached him, I watched how he clenched his teeth and gesticulated at his wrist watch, how his side beards fit him so perfectly, his lips, his brown eyes. God I am falling for him already.

I stopped halfway, a tear escaped from my eyes.

He turned and caught me before I tried to wipe the tears off my face.

“Hey, whats wrong? Are you feeling well? Is it the food?”

I opened my mouth but remembered Wilson’s words. I lied immediately.

“I just remembered my late uncle. Can we go back please?”

I instantly realised that I didn’t even have an uncle. There is no way he would know nah.

“Ok ok.”

He was careful leading me out. Till we got to the Academy, I kept lying. God forgive me.

“My uncle was sick for four years. With diabetes. He took care of me from childhood. There was one time when things were hard for the family, he took charge and sent me to school”

It was then I realised that we women are talented when it comes to lies.

God forgive me.

DANIEL: We got a new supervisor, Brenda was taken back to teach grade 1. Were she originally belong. Joyce served tea to the president everyday now, along with his medications. As for Sharon the traitor. We got her nailed.

“There is no point denying it Sharon. We caught you already”

We cornered her after the day’s lesson.

When she noticed there was nothing else to say in her defense. She admitted.

“Its me. I’m sorry. Brenda threatened to blew out my secret. She caught me on drugs, so she used it as blackmail”
“You’ll keep working for her, be our spy and we’ll consider forgiving you and keep you in our crew”

Joyce spoke the mind of the whole crew. I wasn’t a member tho. But it seems they saw me as one already.

So we got the whole situation under control. Our enemies are at their knees. Or so we thought.

Something else was bothering me. Nadia, she had been distant since the day I took her out. I was now thinking it was terrible idea, what did I do wrong? But the food was good? Or was it the rest room? Her attitude changed the moment she came out the restroom.

NADIA: I followed Joyce to the hospital. Serena was awake now and we were so glad. Promotion exams was a week away. And this time, it was theory. She revealed where she kept all possible questions that would be set, so we could read on them.

“I’m fine Joyce, believe me I’m fine”.

Was this a prophecy or she was really fine?

Joyce wouldn’t leave her side until Serena was asleep. I noticed Mrs olutayo staring from the tainted glass, but she didn’t come in. I was expecting her too, but she didn’t.

“Joyce there is trouble”

I opened up to Joyce. It was killing me inside.

Her mouth stood agape when I was true narrating my ordeal.

“This is not good. Has he revealed what he wants?”

I shook my head.

“Nadia, we have not won this war yet. They are planning something new”

I agreed with her.

“But we have an higher advantage. We have Mrs olutayo”

I reminded her. She realised and calmed herself down

“Yes, we have her”

Or she we thought, until Daniel broke the heavy news the next day.


He called, his voice trembling.

“my mother had an accident, the car and people in it were burnt beyond recognition”

Just A Taste

Episode 33

NADIA: My heart was throbbing fast, so fast that I could barely keep track of its beat.

You know that moment when your mind begins to replay one particular word in your mind. There is trouble, my mind kept telling me.

“What is it? What did he say?”

I realised I was still holding the phone to my ears. How do I drop the bombshell? I cleared my throat and tried to still believe my own tone.

“Daniel called”
“I know its Daniel, Nadia what did he say?”

I could see Joyce understood that it was bad news already.

“He said. He said.. Mrs Olutayo”
“Mrs olutayo, what happened to Mrs Olutayo”

She was becoming impatient with my delay.

“Accident. She has been involved in an accident”

I saw Joyce swallow a lump down her throat. She was still trying to keep calm when she muttered.

“Where has she been hospitalized?”

I shook my head, she didn’t understand the weight of the bombshell.

“There is no hospital Joyce. She and everyone in the car was burnt beyond recognition”

Joyce got the shock. She immediately found where to sit, panting in fear.

“Nadia, it’s over. They’ve won”.

DANIEL: Wilson had called me up. It was late in the evening. His voice sounded quite achieved and settled.

” Young boy, your mother is dead. You’ve heard? Come and confirm the body, I’ll text the location to you”

He ended the call and left me in suspense.

For the next three minutes, all that Akin said didn’t sound humane to me. I was blank. It took me another 5minutes to decode the words I just heard.


I sprang out of my bed and fitted into my Jean trousers and a polo.

I dashed out of the Academy. Straight to Kayode’s kitchen.

“Madam is not here sir, she left with her PA for a business meeting”.

Her secretary informed me. A minute later I received the text to my phone, directing me to the location.

I zoomed on high speed and from a distance I could see the SUV squeezed and compressed. Totally burnt.

” They had collided with this electrical transformer, my guess is they had break failure”

They road safety and other eye witnesses explained.

Break failure? They have killed my mother. I approached the car to see 3 beings burnt beyond recognition. And then, I noticed my mother’s Italian gold wristwatch. It was burnt but I could still see it attached to her wrist.

“That’s my mother”

I pointed out with shaky hands. The tears had refused to drop.

Wilson arrived in his Jeep, accompanied by body guards.

“Oh God. My sister. Who has done this to you will know no peace!”

He lamented.

I couldn’t bare the rage. I charged at him and landed my tightened fist on his cheek that his dark shades fell off.

“You bastard! You’ve succeeded in killing her huh?!”

He didn’t retaliate. People were already filming us and so he was calm.

“Daniel, I know we are both hurt with this, let’s just try and work this out together. We are family, we need each other now”

I spat on his face. The crowd murmured, each would have their own opinion but I knew one thing for sure. He killed my mother.

“Whatever your plans is, you will not succeed you hear me? You will not”

He walked up to me. Immediately I tightened my fist just in case he tries anything stupid.

And with a smile he whispered to my ear.

“Well I’ve succeeded already, little brother. Can’t you see it?”

He withdrew from me and turned remorseful again. Turning to the officials around

“Please get my sister off that thing”

NADIA: I was restless, Joyce was troubled. We were both restless. The news got to the academy an hour after the accident. Exams were postponed immediately. A full house Assembly was called to formally break the news to the entire students.

“Mrs Olutayo. Is dead”
“That’s Brenda’s mother”

Joyce whispered. It was the same woman that addressed us during our internship.

“Mrs Eucharia?”

I asked in a whisper. She nodded in affirmation.

Murmurs and lamentations roared thru the entire crowd until she spoke out again.

“Exams would be postponed till next week. We pray her soul rest in peace”

My mind was on Daniel, I could imagine what he was going thru now. How would he take this? I had called his line almost every minute. He didn’t pick up. At a time it became unreachable.

Joyce was going to see Serena. I quickly seized the opportunity to tag along. I went straight to Kayode’s kitchen.

But unlike before I was not allowed to exceed the customer’s service area.

“What’s this, who ordered this. I’ve been coming here before”
“Am sorry madam, you can’t pass thru. The manager’s order”

Wilson was taking charge already. I badly needed to see Daniel.

I was contemplating on how to scale thru them when Joyce called. I knew there was trouble again.

“Nadia, it’s Brenda. She has ordered that we be separated. You would be having another roommate.”

The phone went hot on my ears.

Our enemies were taking charge already.

Just A Taste


What happens next?

Just A Taste

Episode 34

DANIEL: I could see Nadia from my mother’s office. I could see how she struggled to get thru. And then I noticed when she went bizarre over a phone call. Whatever she wanted to say. Right now, I wasn’t ready to listen. I knew now that she was someone else’s wife. She was Wilson’s wife.

3hours back I had rushed back to my mother’s office, to search for all the original documents of proof of ownership and my inheritance. But unfortunately, it was gone. It was all gone. This had been well planned. When they noticed their poison wasn’t working again they switched mode. Especially when my mother was about to discover their loop holes. I blamed myself. I should have told her. I was so stupid to believe that she wouldn’t believe a word I said. I was too foolish. Even if she didn’t believe. She would have taken precautions and watched out.

I had refused the tears to drop but it was coming down with ease. The pain in my heart was cutting thru my chest that I could barely catch my breathe as I cried my eyes out.

“I’m sorry for your loss kid”

Wilson entered with his usual bodyguards.

That rage filled me again.

“Leave my mother’s office”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

He chuckled and tapped his finger on the large table.

“Your mother is safely tucked in a mortuary now. I don’t want any delay so I would have her buried in a Christian way. It’s what she had always wanted. And life goes on”

I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Who are you to decide my mother’s obituary?”

“I am her brother, and the manager of this company. Soon to be the owner anyway”

I got up and charged at his words.

“Over my dead body!”

He seemed to enjoy the show. He was taking his time.

“You see kid, there is one thing you have failed to understand. And that is the fact that you are alone now. I’ve taken everything from you. Even Nadia, I’ve taken her from you kid. Our divorce was fake”

The bombshell exploded into my brain. My initial will to fight died immediately. My last strength of resort was taken.

“Oh she didn’t tell you? Ouch! We both planned this Daniel. She knew you were a flirt and that was why we decided to play you again. Just like before”

“Just like Linda”

My mind replayed the hurt of three years back.

“Yes, yes. Just like Linda. You’ve lost Daniel. Accept defeat”

And yes, I accepted it. Not because he won. But because Nadia was taken from me.

NADIA: I hurried back to the Academy to see Joyce packing her stuffs.

“Joyce, why didn’t you wait so we would come back together?”

I didn’t allow her reply, I jumped into another.

“Joyce where is your Father in all these? Is he blind that he cannot see what is going on”

Joyce chuckled. Although I knew it wasn’t for Joy.

“They have taken his right to speak. He is blinded Joyce. Blinded by Eucharia. Only Mrs Olutayo can help him regain his senses. And she is gone”

I was looking for a positive word to cheer her up. But it seemed only I still believe it wasn’t over.

“Joyce but Serena..”

I immediately realised that it was a wrong choice of words.

“Face it Nadia, we’ve lost”

No, everyone might give up on this but I would not. Never! We can still win this.

But then, a week later my strong faith was growing weak.

A meeting was held. And Wilson was crowned the new owner of Kayode’s kitchen with a reason that Daniel was not ready to shoulder the responsibility yet.

The supposed meeting was said to have been called but Daniel was not in attendance to defend his right and prove he was capable.

I rushed to Kayode’s kitchen. I had to bribe the security to get thru.

My new roommate was a dummy. She barely talks but I’m no fool. I knew she was placed there for a reason.

And so my calls and movement were kept confidential.

“Wilson please let me see Daniel”.

I called him on phone when the security wouldn’t let me thru.

” kneel and beg in presence of the whole crowd”.

I couldn’t believe my ears. It was a sacrifice I had to make. I knelt down and within minutes It began to get attention.

Kayode’s kitchen was crowded with hundreds. And thousands flow in and out.

“Crawl my love. Crawl”

I shut my eyes and breathe down. Not minding what the crowd would think I began to crawl to whatever position he requested.

People where filming and laughing.

“This is so going on Facebook”

Some group of girls said aloud. And in a twinkle of an eye I was live on the internet.

“Let her pass now”.

I went thru. But before I ended the call I made him a promise

” Wilson, I don’t know how. But I promise you this day, I will make you do more than what you made do today. I promise you”.

He only laughed and was about to make another effort but I ended the call.


He was drinking himself to stupor in secluded area.

His breathe had a stench. He had not taken his bath for a long time, I could perceive that from a distance.

“Go away, Wilson’s wife”

What he said and it struck my heart. Wilson had done the damage already. He passed out even before said another word.

“Help me”

I requested the bodyguard Wilson ordered to follow me just in case I did anything suspicious.

He wasn’t moving.

“Listen if you have any human sympathy in you. And if you know Daniel has done nothing to ever hurt you or your job. You’ll help me”

He swung into action immediately. I took him to the mansion behind the plaza.

Bathed him. Yes ladies I bathed him and saw all I never wanted to see. When I mean all, I mean exactly what you are thinking right now. With the help of the bodyguard of course. I can’t carry him so he had to help.

“So you are gonna bath him”.

The bodyguard had to ask when I was pulling off his clothes.

” yes why?”

He gave me that look that I had to lie.

“I’m his girlfriend ok?”

That eased him a bit but he wasn’t still comfortable with the idea. He allowed me anyway”

I wouldn’t deny he his well built down there. But I tried not to think of it. Although I knew I would continue to dream of what I saw.

I sat on the couch in his massive bedroom. To watch over him.

“Its not over, we can still win this”

I muttered continuously to build my faith, because i knew it was loosing grip. And slowly I drifted to sleep. Hours later I had a weird dream.

In my dream I was in a different place. A massive bedroom. Although it was a little dark. And then, a woman was smiling at me. It was when one desperate mosquito decided to try it’s luck and suck a handful of my blood, that I realised I wasn’t dreaming.

“How are you my child”

My brain was like. Believe me or not. But I will tell you just one thing. This is Mrs Olutayo and not a ghost.

Episode 35

NADIA: why me? Why do I have to see ghosts this early in my life? I didn’t kill anyone. I didn’t wish Mrs Olutayo dead either. Infact, I needed her alive. I began to beg immediately.

“Please ma. I never wanted you dead. Why do you choose to hunt me. It should be Brenda and the rest of them.

I was a little surprised when she laughed heartily.

“oh Nadia. I’m not dead. You can touch me”

She extended her hands to me.

“Go on. Touch me. I won’t bite”

I was careful. Very careful. I slightly touched her hands and backed away. Nothing happened. She remained there with smiles on her face.

I got little confidence.

I went close now and touched her hands.

“Oh my God. It’s you. You are not dead? How is this possible?”

My eyes went wide in fear and shock. I couldn’t pick what my mind was telling me.

“There is alot you don’t know child. But that’s not the reason I brought you here”

I got up and sat on the couch as she had instructed.

“Why me?”

I was thinking the next minute that my question was absurd.

“Cos you never gave up. And I need survivors”

I was flattered. Although I knew hours ago, I would have given up already. I guess she came at the right time.

And so she went to business.

“First, no one must know. When I mean no one. I mean even Daniel should know that I am alive”

I didn’t get her reason why. It was just too ridiculous. At least Daniel should know. He was in pain already. She wasn’t going to ease his pain?. Can I even trust myself to keep it from Daniel.

“Can I trust you, Nadia?”

I nodded. Before you pry too much, just know that the rest of what she told me was confidential. I can’t even tell you now my dear readers. Sorry. Don’t break my head ok? But don’t worry, as you read on. It will begin to offload bit by bit. One thing I was sure of was. This fight for supremacy, is gonna be full of surprises and suspense.

DANIEL: I woke up the next morning on boxers, safely tucked in my bed.

A bodyguard was standing before me. The last thing I remember was Nadia standing before me. That was all.

“Hey, what happened?”

I questioned.

“She patched you up. And even bathe you”

The glass of beer I held fell off my hands. I had wanted to resume my new found hobby but what I just heard was alarming.

“She what?”

I thought about it before I proceeded to ask.

“She emm. She saw that.. You know..”

The guy did not allow me land.

“Yep sir. She even played with it”.

NADIA: Ok my first mission was to get Daniel out of Kayode’s kitchen. His life was on the line now. Now that Wilson was the new owner. He would want to wipe out Daniel just to be safe.

” Daniel, before you end the call. Just know that you would be dead this night if you remain in Kayode’s kitchen. If you want to die. You can remain there”

I ended the call. I knew he didn’t want to hear from me. But at least I was glad he picked up. I didn’t give him a chance to speak. I just dropped the message and prayed so hard that he would adhere to it.

DANIEL: Speaking of the devil. She called just when I wanted her too. But then, she didn’t even give me the chance to talk. I myself was thinking of how to present the question. It sounded so embarrassing.

I picked the word. And certainly didn’t want to die.

“You can go now”

I turned to the bodyguard. He wasn’t moving.

“I said you can go.”

“I can’t sir. I was told to stay here till nightfall”

My heart missed. So it was true. Wilson wanted to kill me by nightfall?

I nodded my head and went into the bathroom. My head began to spin. What do I do?. An idea popped up. I picked the iron bucket standing at the far end corner of the bathroom. And then I screamed on top of my voice. Of course he would rush in. This is seriously gonna hurt. I smashed the bucket on his head the moment he stepped in. It was a blackout. Perfect for me.

Quickly I scrambled thru my clothes and dashed out. My car was nowhere to be found. Gracefully I had some change on me. I boarded a taxi and within an hour. I was back to the safety of my room, in the Academy.

NADIA: Brenda was back in full force. She came back as our supervisor and anyone who dared crumbled was put on suspension. She was the queen now. Anything she said or requested was honoured.

“Foolish girls, stand up till I finish this lesson”

She just instructed both myself and Joyce when she came for our revision lessons in preparation for the exams.

Joyce was about to protest but I was quick to signal her to chill.

You know when you are aware that there is a secret bomb waiting to blast your enemy, you would just chill. You would allow them rant and feel they’ve got it all.

Later that evening Joyce called me to meet her at Serena’s apartment.

Mrs Olutayo was there…I still wondered how the woman was able to Swift past all eyes.

It appeared it had been revealed to Joyce as well.

But that was not the reason for the meeting.

Serena was up and doing.

“I’m not sick. And I was never going to die after 6months or whatever”.

That was not the only bomb.

“And the Serena lying in the hospital is actually my twin. I have been in the Academy ever since.”

I looked to Joyce, she had the same wide eyes. I might be all shocked and surprised. But trust me, I love the way this game is slowly turning around.

Episode 36

NADIA: It all started with the love for food. And just as a meal, it goes sour when not preserved. Listen, my initial mission was to learn how to cook. Now my mission changed. Its too show who’s boss. It’s to make Wilson pay.

“I had given my assistant my favourite gold wristwatch. God rest his soul. He deserved it. It was a simple gift. And although I left for a meeting. I left in a different car, and asked my personal Assistant to take charge and represent me in the other meeting. I had two meetings to attend. I heard the news just a minute later. I knew immediately someone was after my life. I never fathomed it won’t be my own brother”

Mrs Olutayo started.

“I noticed I was being poisoned 3months back. My system changed and I discover my cups had been soiled with lotus flower. I contacted my sisters. And we decided to make our enemies feel they’ve succeeded.”

Serena explained.

“You know the best way to knock your enemy down is to make them believe they’ve succeeded. And when they let their guard down, you strike, with a final blow”

Myself and Joyce stood with mouth agape. The storyline was quite interesting. And I was so glad I was called into this.

“What about Daniel?”

Mrs Olutayo was quiet for a while before she replied.

“Daniel has to believe. Until he puts up a fight, I won’t reveal my identity to him. And I won’t stop Wilson either. This is Daniel’s fight. He has to fight for his right. I can be there for him always. Someday I would leave this earth. He has to man up”

Ok that was a little difficult now. First Wilson had succeeded in soiling Daniel’s mind with venom, against me. How do I get him to believe in himself. How do I get him to fight back.

DANIEL: Exams started the next week. All eyes were on me. I couldn’t face Brenda, I couldn’t face anyone. I was ashamed. My glory had been stolen from me. My pride had been shattered. I was nothing. On the first day of the exam I remained in my room. Determined not to attend. But then, I received a text to my phone. It was Nadia.

“You wanna give up your exam too? When will you man up Daniel?”

At first it felt like an insult. An insult to my personality. But then, I remembered there wasn’t a personality to keep. And those words struck my heart. I didn’t contemplate much. I got up and fitted into my Jean and polo.

I ignored all eyes and whispers.

“It’s him, I heard he has been dethroned.”

I could hear them, all of them. I was giving it up. About to turn back. When My eyes locked onto Nadia. She appeared from nowhere.

“Hey, I’m here. I’m with you”

I received strength and moved on. Minutes later I remembered she was actually a married woman. I stood up and took another seat far from her immediately. I could see she was hurt with that. But I didn’t care.

NADIA: He stood up. He left me. He avoided me like I was some plague. Damn him!. It was hurting me. And yes, I needed him to be strong. But how can I when he avoids me.

I called, he bounced.

And then I texted him to meet up. He didn’t show up. We had finished exams and waited for our results. Brenda had been crowned new principal of the Academy. She took over from her mother. They were gaining ground.

“Until Daniel acts. I am doing nothing”

Mrs Olutayo said again when myself and Joyce went to present our plight.

Seriously? For how long?. we were looking grip already.

“Daniel if you won’t come over, I would come meet you in your room. And get two of us expelled!”

I texted him and within minutes I miraculously got a text back.

“I’m coming ok”

I leaped for Joy and quickly pretended like I received an alert to my phone, when my new dummy roommate gave me that suspicious stare.

I got to Mrs Serena’s apartment and waited. It was getting late. He wasn’t showing up. God please, bring him here. I prayed earnestly. It was getting dark now. And I was about to give it up when I had a knock.

It was Daniel! My heart missed immediately. All my planned speech disappeared.

“What do you want?”

He asked hoarsely. He was cold to me. So cold

“Daniel, I.. Daniel there is still hope. You can still win back Kayode’s kitchen”

I said, wondering the next minute if I made sense.

The way he stared at me made me realised that I just said the right word at the wrong time.

“Is that why you called me here?”

He turned to go.


“Can you hear yourself Nadia? Did you call me here to remind me of how I lost everything?. Of how useless I am? Huh? You called me here to mock me?”

He was beginning to sound harsh.

“Daniel, what if I tell you that there is way”

My spirit pinched Me. I almost revealed what I must not let out.

“What are you talking about”

“I mean, you have to believe there is a way”

“Ok am out of here”.

He turned to go again.

” Daniel, remember when you took me out? And when Wilson called? What did you tell me? You told me that I am strong, you made me believe in myself. You awoken my spirit. You gave strength to my emotions. Thats the Daniel I believe in. That Daniel is still in there. I need that Daniel”

He was quiet. He was backing me so I couldn’t tell if my words got to him.

“That was when I thought you were single”

I got where the problem was now. His problem was me. I was the reason he gave up.

“Whatever Wilson said…”

He didn’t let me land.

“Is true Nadia.. Right?”

I paused. What do I say? Do I tell a lie? Ladies reading this, put yourself in my shoes now. How do I paint this.


He scoffed in exasperation and turned to go.

“But Daniel, he tricked me. He faked the divorce papers. I can show you. I made a photocopy. He planned it all to tear us apart. Wilson planned it all”.

I knew he believed me. But he wasn’t still convinced.

” Tear us apart? There is no us Nadia”

I was loosing him. He was at the door already. He was going to open it. He was going to walk out. I had to do something. I had to say it. And then I said it. Those three words I couldn’t believe would ever cross my lips again. Those three words that broke my sacred rule. Those three words that has brought me so much hurt.

“I love you”

DANIEL: My hands got stuck. I could neither open nor get my hands off it. Those three words have heard from numerous Girls, those three words that actually meant nothing to me, now sounded so heavy in my ears.

I turned to see her. I could read that she passed thru alot just to mutter those words.

“You said what?”

I needed to be sure.

“I said I love you Daniel. If you want to give up on me. If you want to give up this fight. I won’t stop you. Just know I love you Daniel. And I wish you would at least fight for me. I wish you would take me from Wilson’s grip. I wish you would stand for me. I wish you would stand against Wilson, the man that wants to steal me from you….”

Her words were driving my spirit to another level. I was charging up. I suddenly realised that I gave everything up to Wilson without putting up a fight. I realised I had given Nadia to him just as he requested. I suddenly realised I would kill anyone who tries to hurt her. I suddenly realised that I would fight till my last breathe to have her.

I didn’t wait to hear more. I covered the distance between us. Breathless, yet panting. Hormones arising. Passion swelling. We were breathless. Our hearts pounding so hard that we could hear it.

NADIA: He was reaching for it. For my lips. My heart was throbbing. My legs were shaking. It had never being like this with Wilson. What I felt at that moment was real. And when he breathe on my nose. Down to my lips, letting his warm breathe caress them as I yearned eagerly to touch his. I couldn’t take it, I couldn’t wait. I wrapped my hands around his neck and drew him to meet his lips.

I shivered to my spine. My legs grew weak beneath me. He had to support with his arms when my legs couldn’t carry me. My whole world was spinning. He was playing with my lips and oh, I didnt want him to stop.

“I’ll fight for you baby. I will, to the ends of the earth. I will fight for my right. I will protect you”

He muttered in his hasty breathe. It caressed me somehow that I forgot to celebrate my success of my mission and switched back to his lips. It was suddenly an addiction. Brushing against them. Exploring. Pushing farther and farther to sooth his hair and allowed a moan escaped my mouth.

Until those old women had to interrupt.

DANIEL: my eyes were not seeing double. Or where they? It was my mother and Serena, clapping and cheering

My mother? My dead mother. What was going on?. She spoke up.

“Well done son. Well-done. Now get your armour ready. Lets travel this journey back to your kingdom. I am certain you will enjoy the ride”

Just A Taste


©onyeneke Abel .September 2017 all rights reserved.

What happens next?

Episode 37

DANIEL: I was torn in between two worlds. One of fear, another of doubt? What is this? A ghost of what?.

“Quit the show and come to mummy my boy”.

Oh, it’s my mother. It’s my mother!

I hurried and with shaky hands I touched her. It was my mother, in flesh and blood.

” mum?”

“Yes, yes, you can hug me now”

I didn’t know when the laughter escaped my mouth. I hugged her till she had to beg I let her go.

“Nadia, you knew?”

I turned to Nadia who smiled at the scene.

“I instructed her not to tell you”.

My mother interjected.

I listened to how she maneuvered and fool the enemy. And yes my adrenaline was boiling up. I was eager to key into this.

“Mum, what’s the plan.”

I was surprised when she referred the question back to me.

“No Arthur, I should ask you. What’s the plan. This is all on you. Think and strategize”

Oh so the duty fell on my table.

“But mum, he has all the documents of ownership. He must have had them destroyed”

She simply tapped me.

“And you believe I would keep just a copy of such an important document?”

My eyes lit in Joy.

“So what do we do Daniel? We have all it takes to take back your throne”

I thought for a while. If I take it back, it doesn’t mean I am fit for the position. I needed training. To sit on that throne, I must prove that I merited it. And I wasn’t going to rush this. I want them to slowly feel the pain of losing to crawling back to the gutters. I want them to witness as their glory leaves their grip, step by step. Why the rush? I wanna enjoy this.

“No mum, not yet. I need to prove to Wilson that I’m better. I need to fight for Nadia. You would be my secret weapon. You would teach me how this business is done”

I could see the Joy in my mother’s eyes. She was proud of me.

“Wilson is holding a party next month to celebrate his temporal position as the sole owner of Kayode’s kitchen. Well, I’m gonna pay a visit.. Let’s start from there”

I stood up and paced.

“First I give my enemies sleepless nights, put them on an imbalance scale. And when I’m ready for the final blow.. Puff! They wash with the wind”

NADIA: So Daniel was this brilliant?. His plan was a mastermind. And he topped the class when the results were out. I didn’t know how but he did.

And yes ladies, just in case you are wondering. I couldn’t forget that kiss. I couldn’t forget his hold on me. To the extent I dreamt about his kisses and touch only to wake up kissing my pillow. My roommate was awake. Staring at me intently. I felt embarrassed.

“Emm, I had a nightmare”.

I was trying to explain.


It was the first time she spoke to me.

“Ok, I’m gonna go back to sleep now”.

I said and slowly lay back to the bed.

” See what you’ve caused Daniel”

The next minute I found myself laughing.

“Stupid girl”

You can imagine. I was even blushing already.

Daniel sneaked to Mrs Olutayo every evening. He was learning the basics of the business. He was catching up fast and I even loved him more for that.

“Daniel, can we keep this…I mean what happened between us. I am the leader of the crew remember, and our number one rule is to never fall for a guy”

I beckoned one evening as we strolled back from his lessons.

“Sorry but the rule is off”

He pecked me and for a minute there I actually blushed, before I regained myself and pleaded even more.

“Dan please now. At least for now”.

” hmm, what did you call me?”

I frowned and tried to figure what I said wrong.


“Yeah that, I like it. Dan. Dan..I like it. Keep calling me that”. The optimism I saw in him was one I had never witnessed before.

The great Brenda surfaced.

“Daniel, come out”

She ordered one evening during our lesson. Oh I forgot to tell you. We were in our final grade. And the competition drew nigh.

Daniel remain where he sat.

“Daniel, I said come out”

I knew it took him thousands of thoughts before he stood up and came out as she requested.

“I ordered you out and you hesitated? You wanna get expelled?”

Murmurs erupted thru the class.

“Silence all of you!”

I was praying so hard that Daniel keeps his cool.

“With all due respect ma’am. I am not in a sec school where you order me around like some child scared of a cane. I came out didn’t I? Now if you have nothing important to ask of me, I would go back to my sit now”

Brenda raged. I couldn’t help but giggle.

“Daniel see me in my office after this class”.

He chuckled and replied.

“You mean you temporal office. Hold on. It will be like taking a candy from a child.”

He picked his hand book and bounced out.

DANIEL: “mum, write these words in your handwriting and sign. I wanna make Brenda look insane… She has seen a ghost and no one would believe her”

And yes my plans worked. I was able to slit the letter into her file with the help of a well paid cleaner. I was able to fix an hidden camera too to watch her reaction.

It was boldly written.



She flung the letter aside and sprang to her feet. Locked all the windows and doors before she picked the letter with trembling hands and read again.

This time she fled out. I knew she was going straight to either Wilson or her mother.

NADIA: Wilson’s party was a compulsory task for me. Daniel had requested I honor his invitation and grace the party. I saw reasons with him and did as he requested.

“Hello pretty”.

Wilson approached me with a smile. Dressed in a tuxedo and his usual dark shades.

” what do you think? You can see my glory, my wealth”

I laughed within me, he didn’t know what was in store for him.

‘I have it all girl, everything. Even you, belongs to me. See? I won”

I simply smiled at him.

“Yes Wilson. You’ve won. I’m sorry for doubting you”

His pride Rose with the music. My words sprung his confidence.

“Wanna dance?”


I gave Daniel the signal. I noticed him adjust his ash single Brest suit. With a good wrist watch and an Italian dark sparkling shoes with a dark shade to match. I could help but giggle as he created attention when he came Thru to the dance floor.

Everyone gave way. Cameras turned to him, everyone with a smart phone filmed him immediately. Wilson could see as the whole crowd was centered on one man.

“Daniel, how did you get past security?”

He clenched with rage burning in him.

“Yes, yes pretty boy. It’s me. I’m not dead infact I am more cute and handsome don’t you think.”

The crowd murmured.

“Get out of here”

He spoke trying to keep calm.

“Get out of where now? My property?.. Nah”

“It’s my property not yours!”

Wilson was loosing grip.

“Easy easy. Don’t yell. They are filming you bro. It’s gonna go live. Nadia come”

Wilson immediately held me back.

“She is mine remember? Mine Daniel. Just like Kayode’s kitchen. All mine”

Daniel was so calm. He was enjoying himself and oh I was so proud. I couldn’t just help but love this man.

“Oh really, Nadia please come to me”.

‘Well, oga Wilson no vex. The love of my life is calling oh.’

I released my hands from his grip and hurried to Daniel.

It wasn’t what we planned. I didn’t knew he had something else up his sleeves. He ran his hands thru mine hair and brought me to his lips. Magnificently he kissed me, In front of the whole crowd. They yell in applause and filmed in a great number.

Wilson was burning. Burning to catch flame.

” You bastard!”

He charged at Daniel but Daniel came prepared. Hefty bouncers held him still and all he could do was call security.

“Remember this bro, just like Nadia. I will take back everything you stole. One by one”

Daniel dropped his words. And I knew it would be Wilson’s greatest nightmare.

Just A Taste Continues….

©onyeneke Abel .October 2017 all rights reserved.

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