9JA STORY: Just a taste (FINAL)

Just A Taste


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Episode 38

DANIEL: Wilson doubled security, and Brenda was actually going insane. Nobody believed her. Because the moment she ran out of the office. I had the letter removed. Wilson still had a hold over Nadia. They were still married, and that singular fact was a pain in my ass.

Nadia had served him a divorce letter, but he had refused to sign it. I knew it would come to that. And now, I was thinking it’s time. Time to let the cat out of the bag.

NADIA: Things were unfolding. First Serena’s twin got discharged Hale and hearty. Like she was ever sick in the first place.

“It’s a miracle!”

The Doctor spoke to the media like he was equally surprised. I couldn’t help but wonder. Human beings eh. He was actually their family Doctor so I got to understand why it wasn’t an issue to go along with the plan.

Wilson and Brenda didn’t visit when she was discharged. Of course I knew they must be thinking of how their plan went wrong. Or maybe they would be questioning God like.

“God, of all the sick people on this earth. Why chose her?”

I was preparing myself for the competition. I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy one. I just prayed so earnestly that powers would change hand before the d-day, else I will stand no chance against Brenda.

Oh yes, about Brenda. It was rumoured that she was going insane… She Claimed that she saw Mrs Olutayo and has been receiving letters from her. But there was no proof. Even the letters she claimed to receive were nowhere to be found. I smiled to myself.

Daniel, this was his handiwork. But only myself, Joyce and those old women knew what was going on.

DANIEL: I was heading for a climax. I was ready to detonate the bomb now. I was fully ready. Ready to face them all. On the planned day, I took my mother’s SUV Jeep from the compound and drove to Kayode’s kitchen, in my suit and dark shades. Now I understand why Wilson likes dark shades. It gave me that feeling of power and supremacy. I felt like a fulfilled man. I got past the gate, the windscreen of the car was dark so they couldn’t see thru.

I had alighted from the car when they ran after me, calling to me on top of their voice.

“Hey you, wait there! You wait!”

The first man was quick to get to me. I remembered him. One time I had seen him down casted. That was even before I enrolled in the Academy. He explained that he had his daughter on surgery, and was badly in need of cash. I took him to an ATM and withdrew a hundred thousand to support. It was the same man addressing me like I was some thug.

“My friend would you drive this thing out. Oga said you are not permitted here”

He spoke to my face, bits of his saliva tainted my shades.

I removed the shade and used my handkerchief to clean it off.

“Mohammed, you speak to me like this?”.

The rest of the security men were rather scared. They stood metres away. It seemed he had boasted to them that he can address me the way he wants.

” Mohammed so you’ve forgotten what I did for you. So soon?”
“Abeg forget that thing. I say comot here or else”

Ok I tried, and I have had it to my neck. I couldn’t bare this.

“You are fired, get your things and leave this premises immediately”.

He burst into laughter. But his laughter went sour when my mother stepped out of the car.

” Mohammed, he said you are fired. Move now”

He fell, Rose and fell again. Stood up an fell again. The rest of the security ran with their legs on their head. I knew Wilson would be in a meeting with the board of directors. It was Friday, and every Friday was the board’s meeting. Thank God my mother’s face was well covered with the scarf she used. I took her around the back, with fewer security. The same exclamation and fear ran thru all of them till I got to the board meeting.

After dealing with the security, I bounced in.

“Ok Wilson get off that chair”

He stood up in shock.

“How did you get here? Get out you bastard!”.

He was shock? when he had not seen anything yet?

My mother gently walked in and let down her scarf.

“Wilson get off my chair”

Hahahahahaha, Wilson fainted.

Episode 39

DANIEL: The boss!. That’s the explanation I had in mind as my mother marched to the CEO’s seat and ordered the pest be taken off her seat.

“You all failed. You’ve all failed me”

The shock were still on their faces. I knew if not for the fact that they were all trying to keep strong. And that there was only one entrance, with no windows, just a transparent, tainted glass. I knew what they had in mind was to dive out, but the protector guide won’t let them.

“I want you to remember that none of you, have a damn hold on this company. None of you has a single share in this company. Its all mine. All mine and my family’s property. I appointed you all just to have that normal official board of directors. And I have the power to dissolve and terminate your appointment this minute. All of you!’

She was fuming in anger. And the sound of terminate brought fear to their eyes. The first man with his large tummy, sitting at the far end spoke out first.

” we are sorry madam”

“You allowed an adopted bastard to sit on my son’s inheritance? An adopted bastard?!”

Oooohhh, so Wilson is even an adopted son of A.. Lemme not say it..

I have to keep my lips holy.

“It’s mine. It’s mine”

He sprang up. I mean Wilson. Wilson was awake to his doom now.

I could only smile.

“Take this filthy rag out of this meeting. Lock him up. I’m not true with him yet”

I watched him. He wasn’t himself. He had not gotten back his confidence. He was shattered, still trying to believe it was indeed my mother standing before him. Before they took him out. I made them halt, walk to him and whispered to his ears.

“Who has the power now, friend?”

I chuckled when I heard him swallow a lump of saliva.

“Take him out. Adopted fool”

They kept apologizing, every member of the management team. She was quiet. She simply dismissed the meeting and Instructed the media meet her up in the Academy. The final show is about to go down. And yes its gonna go down hot!

NADIA: If you observe well enough, you would notice that this story of ours is approaching it’s climax. We were gaining back our right. We were winning back out seats. Well hold on there, I must tell you this. I want you to feel the thrill I felt. If you are guessing, don’t guess much. It’s Brenda. Oh and Eucharia. You’ve heard of the Budda palm of those kungfu and Chinese people? In the movies I have watched, and including the stories I have heard. A touch of that palm is incurable. Like it’s death, in our local slang we call it “kpeme” and the slay Queens slang would be “you have die be that”

Brenda was actually addressing us, the whole Academy in the large hall. Putting forth new rules and regulations. Increasing the tutor fees which aroused complains and murmurs. To earn our certificate, we were to pay another fee; you can imagine.

Well, don’t rush this. Wait for it. First the media rushed in. I am talking about, Nta, Channels, AIT, CCN, lots of them. Even the ones I can’t remember.

Brenda was shocked.

“Who asked for these? Get out! Security get these people out of here!”

They were taking pictures, flashlights brewed the podium.

The security were not moving, they remained where they stood.

“Security I said get these people out!!”

Slowly, my heart throbbed so fast. Not for myself but for Brenda, and for Eucharia. Daniel entered first, from the back of the podium, with that mischievous smile.

“What is this? What is this riffraff doing on my podium? What is….”

Her mouth got stuck. Her legs were shaking on the high heels she wore. Eucharia stood up and slowly backed away. The crowd didn’t understand what was going on. Mrs Olutayo wasn’t visible yet. Only her enemies could see her.

And then, slowly, She came out of the dark. Confusion arose. Cameras and shutters brimmed, murmurs turned into Shouts.

“Drop that mic and get off that podium!”

It was an order Brenda didn’t dare oppose.

Eucharia disappeared immediately. Brenda could not move. I understood what she felt. Her legs could not carry her. She shook till she sat on the bare tiles.

Mrs Olutayo smiled and took the mic.

“The Academy is solemnly under the rule of Kayode’s kitchen. And as the CEO I dissolve every right Eucharia and Brenda have over this Academy. Henceforth, they are both regular students.”

My mind was settled, but hey, it was still troubled. There was one last battle. There was a competition coming. One I just have to win.

Episode 40

DANIEL: News travelled far and wide. I became the king. Yes! Back to my kingdom. My mother kept everything in wait for me, till I graduated from the academy.

“You must follow due process”

She insisted.

Fortunately we got to the president before they successfully snuck out their Intended plans.


One sight at him, I knew he wasn’t going to survive the night. The poison had eaten him up. He was dead while living.

“Please come”

His voice was weak and shaky. My God, the wickedness of man. They had completely finished him. I could see his bones fitted to his flesh.

My mother wasn’t saying a word. She simply listened.

“Please take out that box underneath this bed”

She did and he told her the password to open it.

“I never gave my own daughter the love of a father, and it’s a pain in my heart. One that I would take to my grave. Please that is my will. In it I’ve given all my properties to her. Give it to Joyce. Please I entrust this will to you”

My mother nodded and tucked the will Into her suit jacket.

“And Veronica, if it’s possible, let her take my position as president.”

She smiled and nodded as well. Close to the door she made one statement and I simply agreed with.

“Sleep well Joshua, till we meet again”

NADIA: The president was reported dead the next day. I wasn’t surprised, I knew it would end up like this. The competition was postponed 3days ahead. I was a bit glad. Brenda was back to square one. A student, not even a supervisor now. A student, alongside her mother. She didn’t attend classes. Well of course she won’t, she can’t bare the shame.

Now hold on. You think I forgot about Wilson?. Never! He must pay. I pleaded with Daniel and my wish was granted.

“Crawl Wilson, crawl..”

I ordered, when he was brought out to the main hall.

“Are you mad? Are you…”

The security landed a slap on his face. He had been beaten, and his clothes shattered.

I held back my conscience and remorse.

“Crawl Wilson, crawl”.

When he didn’t oblige and signalled the security to bring him to his knees.

And then he crawled.. Just like I did. Trust Nigerians, within minutes he was all over the Internet. I felt satisfaction reaching me thru my veins.

“I have fulfilled my promise Wilson. And I’ll watch you crawl back to the streets. Oh, and jail..bastard”

DANIEL: Don’t blame me, I had to give my baby what she desired. I didn’t forget the fact that they were still married. And that part was what really troubled me. How do I get Wilson to sign the divorce papers.

That aside, it was time to read the president’s will. We went late and I could see the shock on both Brenda and Eucharia when myself and my mother walked in. It was a large family and whispers arose.

The lawyer cleared his throat and brought out a will from his briefcase.

In all the rubbish he said, just one fact was clear.

“Mr Joshua wishes all his shares and properties be divided and shared. Brenda and Eucharia to have 80percent of it. And remaining 20percent to his extended family”

I only laughed. Mr Joshua’s parent died a long time ago. And he was the only child. Now all his extended families who knew nothing on how he suffered to gain his wealth; wants to eat where they’ve not sown.

And then, It appeared that they were not yet satisfied with the share. How can Brenda and Eucharia get the largest share. Brenda stood up.

“My father has spoken. His will has spoken for him..”.

She looked at our direction and gave a smile of mockery and victory. I simply watched her fool herself. I knew why my mother didn’t utter a word. She was simply enjoying the show. And yes, she had a lawyer and a police waiting outside to pick the fraudsters.

” None of you, has the right to question his will, not even the great Mrs Olutayo “

Her words sounded like an alarm to my ears.

My mother stood up now and brought out the will safely tucked in her suit pocket. It had the seal, thumbprint and original Signature of Mr Joshua.

“Before I read the original will, I request Joyce be in this meeting”

They were shaking. They were all shaking in fear now. I knew Brenda greatly regretted why she used such language against my mother.

Within minutes Joyce was offered a seat. And then the will was read.

The policemen and the lawyer marched in.

“Your sentence would be reduced if you point out the person who paid you for this”

My mother’s lawyer, Bode, persuaded the fake lawyer. He didn’t hesitate, he pointed out Eucharia.

“Oh, seems you were lucky.”

I whispered to Brenda’s ear. Eucharia was arrested immediately. I followed as my mother took Joyce out. We had to leave all those family members to digest the heartbreak.

NADIA: 3days felt like 24hours, Brenda would participate. And I knew she would do anything…when I saw anything, I mean anything dangerous. To get the award. She needed the fame and the money now. Joyce was now the sole owner of every wealth they had. She just had to win this, else they crawl back to the streets.

So yeah, tighten your seat belt and open your eyes wide.

Because there I stood now, all dressed in my apron. On the competition ground.

Here, where the final battle goes down.

Episode 41

NADIA: I don’t know if you have your seat belt safely tucked, but I advise you do. If not for you, do it for me.

“Today these two get lucrative, they prove to be capacitated. But then, one must surpass the other to win the prize”.

Mrs Olutayo took the mic.

My mind trailed a little back to 24hours before the competition.

” ok girls I have a confession to make”

I gathered my crew, with Daniel standing by my side. I was trying to guess what their expression would be.

“Emm, I wanna confess something”
“That Daniel is your boyfriend, common we all know…rule breaker”.

Sharon just blew my cover, just like that.

My mouth went agape.

“cmon Nadia it was obvious nah…Me too I have a boyfriend oh..”

Jessy blurted out
“Me too”.

Even Joyce?

“My ex, we are back together”.

She explained further.

I took a deep sigh. It was a sigh of relief, and I got to understand that love is the foundation of the whole world. Love is what keeps us together. And to those that think love has caused them hurt, I want to tell you today that love never caused you hurt. Loving the wrong person did.

I couldn’t sleep for the next 18hours, Daniel insisted we take a stroll out of the Academy to a tent he prepared on a beach..

“You planned all this right?”

I questioned when I entered the tent, it was like one prepared for a king. Air conditioned and well designed with a massive bed settled at the far end.

My mind began to connote one meaning…Daniel had an ulterior motive.

“Emm, Dan? Are we sleeping here tonight? Alone?”

I stressed the ‘alone’ part so he could understand what I really meant.

“Chill Nadia, we won’t have sex”

Jeez, I felt embarrassed. He just dropped the word without thinking twice.

“No I didn’t mean that”

I tried to lie but the smile he shot at me made me realise that he didn’t buy my excuse.

“What about Wilson?”

I quickly changed the topic.

“Forget about him. Let’s focus on just you and me”
“Daniel the competition…”

I tried to remind him of the pending issue but he interrupted again.

“Forget about that Nadia, relax. You got it covered already”
“I know, I know…but I’m suppose to be practicing now right? Like reading thru for the theory and…”

He placed his lips on mine, and took my ability to resist.

“Would you relax now?”

My lips were weakened so I could only nod.

“Alright, let’s eat”

Don’t think too much, we didn’t do anything. When I say anything, I mean that bad thing you are thinking right now.

He cuddled me, he made me feel so relaxed. And for that moment I completely forgot about the competition.
“The participants would compete in three stages

First is theory questions

second is food preparation

And last would be food design.”

The host announced and snapped me out of my reverie. God knows my heart was not playing it’s normal beat.

We sat on a cushion in the middle of the Hall.. This was a different Hall entirely… It was designed in a circular orbit and we were placed in the middle, in presence of all eyes.

The cushion was comfortable, attached to a table. But I was not even close to being comfortable.

Brenda was so relaxed, too relaxed. I couldn’t even read her.

I looked over to Daniel, he puckered his lips and threw kisses.
The questions were exactly what Serena taught. All the questions she exposed to me came out, word for word.

The moment I dropped my pen, Brenda dropped hers.

And then we were given a five minutes break.

Soon, we entered both our secluded kitchen in the middle of the Hall.

We were given a list of food to prepare.

I chose pounded yam and egusi soup. Not because it was easy to cook, but because 90percent of our Judges were true Nigerians.

That’s strategy..

I was minutes in my preparation when I discover the grinded melon I added to my prepared sauce had been soiled with kerosene. I knew it. Brenda was never planning to play fair.

Episode 42

DANIEL: I understood immediately that something had gone wrong. The frown on Nadia’s face was something I see whenever she gets troubled.

My phone rang, It was the head security of Kayode’s kitchen.

“Sir he escaped, Wilson escaped sir”

My heart missed. I stood up immediately to rush out but Nadia’s plight hit my conscience again. I sat back and signaled Joyce. Joyce signaled Sharon, and Sharon, Jessy.

And simultaneously they stood up and met me outside.

“Something is wrong with Nadia, my guess is Brenda has done something”.

Joyce pointed out even before I dropped the obvious.

“Wilson escaped”.

I knew it was another form of trouble but I had to say it.

The shock on their faces could tell they were equally thinking of the damage he would do.

“That’s bad, really bad…What do we do? You have to be back at Kayode’s kitchen”

Jessy said and crossed her hands, quite open for ideas..

We were quiet for the next 1minute.

“Who is speaking up? time is what we don’t have, we’ve got to act fast”

Sharon spoke up with an agitated gesture.

“Ok, here is what we do. I’ll hit the alarm for a fire….”

Jessy didn’t let Joyce land she interrupted with a sigh of relief.

“Oh my God thats brilliant”

“You girls get to Nadia in course of the confusion and help with whatever the problem is, Sharon here is her phone. Give it her. Daniel send her a text to her phone now about your whereabouts.”

I didn’t know when the words escaped my mouth.

“Damn, I love you Joyce”

Silence gained entrance in our midst, with each girl staring at me with mouth agape.

“What? Agape love girls…wipe your immoral minds clean”

I had to quickly correct.

“Ok ok, get to work”

They dispatched and I whisked straight to Kayode’s kitchen.

NADIA: I was confused for over two minutes. Questions welled up within me, how did she get to do this? What do I do?

Immediately I remembered Joyce’s words.

“If there is trouble, raise your two fingers, I’ll get help”

And quickly I raised my two fingers. It was a kitchen with cameras to film me to the entire crowd watching.

I sincerely hoped Joyce got my call.

I just went to make my pounded yam.. There was a machine to help me with that.

The next 20minutes I heard the alarm. An uproar followed. My first thought was Brenda’s kitchen was on fire. And God knows I prayed it happened so. But then I heard a knock on my kitchen’s door.

“Nadia? Open up”

It was Jessy’s voice and oh I was so glad.

“What’s up?”
“My melon, it’s soiled with Kerosene”

Sharon handed me my phone.

There was a text from Daniel.

“My bumblebee, Wilson escaped. Be careful alright and bring the trophy home”

I was supposed to shiver for fear at his text. Wilson escaped. But I found myself smiling. That bumblebee got me.

“What’s Brenda preparing?”

I asked.

“American pizza, I’m thinking we should return the favour huh?”

Sharon blended the melon to get its juice.

Jessy contacted Joyce and she appeared with another pail of melon..

“See this as my apologies for betraying you guys before”

Sharon said and took her prepared juice to God knows where.
After 30minutes, the uproar subsided. And it was announced that it was all a false alarm. The competition continued.

And trust me, I added drops of water into my grinded melon and moulded it to small balls before I fried It with red oil, and then added my meat stock. I gave it time to boil and turned to my boiled yam.

Time was against me so I quickly placed them into the machine and made sure it was in moist, moulded and soft.

I washed the bush meat I had till I was sure no burnt taste would surface in my soup before I added it with all the meats and fish I had. Also with small water.

I covered and allowed to boil while I wash my sliced pumpkin leaves and added to it.

I rushed back to my pounded yam, wrapped two in a white nylon and moulded one in a clean ceramic plate.
Soon my soup was bubbling and ready.

The stopwatch clocked zero and my time was up. I quickly placed my food on a tray and came out to serve.

Brenda had served hers already.

We both stood with heads bowed. My heart was beating so fast, I didnt fight with it, I allowed it have it’s way.

No comments were made. Time was far spent and it was time to design our food.

I made my pounded yam in shape of a meat pie and laid it slightly beside my soup. And then placed a large lap of bush meat in between, with a toothpick pegged on it.

I didn’t have the chance to see Brenda’s design till it was shown on the teleprompter. She sliced her pizza in pencils shape and laid them against each other to form a star.

A cup of coffee stood beside it and a small citrus flower was placed in the middle.

It was time now, and the first results blew my heart to pieces.

“In food design, Brenda scored 59 Nadia 57”

The uproar from the crowd was divided at the announcement.

That particular warri guy in our class screamed on top of his voice.

“Ojoro kill una!!!”

The crowd roared with laughter. I knew I was not supposed to laugh but I could not help but chuckle a bit.

“In theory Brenda 90, Nadia 90”

God, I shut my eyes. I usually have two minds in this kind of situation. But this time, only one mind spoke out loud.

“You’ve lost Nadia!”

I was shaking to my legs, instance urine welled in my kidney.. Brenda was already smiling and the crowd was so quiet to hear the last results. So quiet that I could even hear the sound of the air-conditioners.

The head judge took the mic this time.

“In food preparation…

He paused.. The suspense was killing me.

The crowd went in an uproar, the suspense was equally tearing them apart.

“Brenda’s pizza had a little taste of kerosene in it…but it was delicious still. She scored 56. And Nadia beautifully wowed us all. She scored 95!”

I fell to my knees with my hands to cover my mouth. The crowd were charged that I feared the roof of the Hall would fall down.

“congratulations, you have been awarded the best cook in Africa, and equally won 5million dollars and a sponsor to build your own eatery”

I was thinking Daniel would miss this part, but he didn’t, he came out of nowhere, lifted me up and kissed me the moment he let me down..

You know Nigerians nah. You need to see phones and cameras.

My crew where all with me, taking photos. Serena was reinstated to her position as principal and awarded for being a great teacher.

How Sharon got that juice into Brenda’s pizza still remained a mystery to me.

Oh and Brenda, she varnished. I didn’t set eyes on her after my name was announced as winner.

“Go change, we are going out to celebrate”

I ran to my room at Daniel’s words. Only to find Wilson seated with a gun pointed at me.

Last Episode

NADIA: It was like thunder struck thru my chest. Of all the time in the world, why now?. Now when I had a chance to celebrate, yes I heard Wilson escaped, but I never imagined he was heading straight to my room. And how did he manage to get past security?.

“Come in and lock the door…slowly”

I had to obey, a gun was pointed at me remember?

“Wilson, what’s this? It’s all over…what do you want?”

He was quiet and instructed me to sit.

I did, but I was at alert. Ready to jump or scream if anything should happen.


I was not sure if I fully knew this man I married, but at that moment I knew he spoke from a pierced heart.

“Nadia, I loved you”

He lowered the gun…but raised it back to my face the moment I tried to make a call with my phone.

“Give me the phone”

He stretched his hands and collected my only means of communication.

“Wilson, Daniel would come looking for me any moment from now”

I threatened.

“Of What use would you be to him dead?”

My heart sank. Fear gripped me.

“Wilson please”
“Nadia, did you ever love me?”

Was that even a question he was supposed to ask? I remained quiet.

“Answer me!”
“Wilson are you mad?”

I suddenly got bold.

“I gave you everything! My body, my money, my heart…You think all the sex I had with you was for fun? I did it because I loved you…you bastard! I was true to you, gave you everything you asked for, even over my own Happiness… But what did you do? You shove it right back at my face! You broke me Wilson…you hurt me, even when I still had hope that we could still have a chance, you never failed to remind me of how cheap I was…I gave you my body, because I loved you…I gave…”

It was like he couldn’t take enough.

“Nadia, Nadia…”

He dropped the gun and I was quick to snatch it. He didn’t make a move, he had his head bowed.

“Get the divorce paper, I know you have it here”

Glory be to God. I quickly ran thru my stuffs and brought it out with a pen, still pointing the gun at him.

He signed it! He signed it! I was trying to surpress the thrill I felt in my bones.

“Nadia, Believe it or not, I love you. And if this is what would make you happy. If Daniel would give you the happiness I never offered. Then go to him”

His words touched me. I lowered the gun and stared at him. I felt pity for him.

He handed the phone to me.

“Call Daniel, my time is up”

A tear fell from his eyes, my gun fell from my hands. I was moved. I felt like hugging him but I couldn’t.

“Nadia, call Daniel”

I didn’t want him to change his mind so I quickly called the love of my life.

“Daniel, it’s Wilson”

Daniel didn’t even wait to hear the remaining part of the story. He ended the call and within minutes he barged into the room and grabbed Wilson by his neck.

Wilson didn’t retaliate, but Daniel was not ready to take chances. He called up the security and with an hour wilson was behind bars, in the police cell.

As for Brenda, well we found her dead in the president’s office. She had taken an overdose of the poison they used to murder the president.

Mrs Olutayo took charge of the children in Germany. She chose to keep both their parents plight until they were old enough to get the full gist.

It was time to unblock my family, so they could reach my line. I was planning to travel home after our graduation anyway.

“Daniel please when we get to my house, don’t do all this your kissing, kissing abeg…my mum is the religious type”

I warned on our way back to Benin city.


Mrs Olutayo had followed and some members of their family. I guess you know what they were coming to do. Me I don’t know oh.

“And Daniel, this one that your full family is coming with me, I hope I am safe. What’s going on?”

He simply smiled and I was not satisfied.

“Till we get there”

It cannot be an introduction. When he has not even proposed to me yet.

My heart began to throb fast when we got into our massive compound.

“Damn it girl, you are rich!”

Daniel commented when they entered the compound where my father’s duplex stood.

Oh so he doesn’t know.

“You were thinking I am one poor girl, nawa oh”.

Joyce wouldn’t let me breathe, did I forget to tell you guys? She followed me oh. And not just Joyce but all member of my crew.

My dad was seated in the sitting room watching his normal football. He was so glued until Daniel had to scream ‘goooaaaallll’ in unison with him.

They had both celebrated together for over a minute before he frowned and ask.

” who are you?”

He turned to me..


My mum dashed out from the kitchen like that movie “The Flash”


The full family suddenly got her flashy powers. They all appeared. With the same question.

“Its me mum”

She ran to me and slapped me first before she drew me into her arms and hugged me tight.

“Daniel? Daniel Olutayo?”

My mum eyes went wide. So she knows Daniel.

“Mum how did you…”
“Shut up, he is all over the news”

Oh, of course he is.

Mrs Olutayo entered and caused confusion in the house.

My mum began to stammer. My dad had to greet over and over again. Asking what she would like to eat or drink. My dad has never done that to any visitor I brought to the house.

DANIEL: It was time to let the cat out of the bag.

“Mummy, I have come to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage”

I knelt before her. She somehow felt embarrassed.

“No no no…my son do that. I loved you the moment I set my eyes on you. Not that devilish Wilson… She all yours, just treat her nicely”

I got up and knelt before Nadia. Brought out the diamond ring I brought along.

“Nadia, I have taken permission now, you know I always like to kill two birds with one stone. Please marry me. I don’t know if I can live this life without you”

NADIA: I was shocked. Although I expected this but I was still shocked. He was actually proposing and doing an introduction at the same time. What kind of man is this?.

“Daniel, I won’t Marry you”

I shocked the entire crowd in my father’s parlour.

Murmurs aroused and Daniel remained on his knees with that smile.

“Baby, you and I know that you just lied”

He got me there, I burst out laughing.

“Yes fish! I’ll marry you joor!”

They all burst out laughing.

My mother drew me close to herself immediately.

“My friend that your joke wasn’t funny…”

And then she screamed it.

“Won’t you at least kiss him?”

Daniel gave me that look. This my mother eh, after I had painted her to be the religious mother that cannot stand to see Daniel kiss me. She just fall my kidney.

“My friend kiss him, you are not even romantic”

And I did, until the same mother had to clear her throat and come in between us.

“Ok thats enough, respect the elders”

She said and got everyone laughing. Even mrs Olutayo had to remove her shades to laugh well.

They rolled in the drinks and food stuffs they brought, things I didn’t even know about.

“Emm, mum lemme help you out in the kitchen”

My mum gave me that look.

“Nadia, we both know that the kitchen is not your field”

Daniel laughed now and whispered.

“Do you remember when you tried to boil a fruit salad”

I pinched his arm!.

“Mummy, let her handle the kitchen, trust me on this one”

Because it was Daniel, she reluctantly gave in, but never failed to spy on me every minute.

When I was done, I served my father first.

He took his time to pray well, he didn’t want to be hospitalized. He took the first spoon of the fried rice I prepared.

His eyes went wide.

“Honey what is it?”

My mother rushed to him.

He extended a spoon of rice to my mother and beckoned with the title of my story.

“Oh honey, Just have A Taste!”

And so my dear readers, we had a taste of everything life could offer. A taste of hate, revenge, fun and most importantly, love.

The end…

©onyeneke Abel.

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