Episode 30

The night I took that oath changed my life. I became brand new. I knew what love was!
I couldn’t explain it but, some way, somehow, my love for Boma increased to a level I couldn’t comprehend. It literally intoxicated my head each time I thought about or laid eyes on him. The affection we shared waxed stronger within the space of three days interval after we took that oath. He made love to me the night we returned; and I could truly tell there was a bond between us.

We straffed like rabbits at any place and anywhere we could find, be it in his room, in the car, in the toilet, in the kitchen and most times, even in the bush too. That was how insane we were! We were undoubtedly obsessed over each other.
However, aside from all the romance going on, we still had other pressing issues to worry about. Like Mimiʼs killer for example; like the rival gang who kidnapped me and who they work for; like how to get information to link us to where they were based and so on. It really had us thinking and deliberating occasionally, even up to the point that we had to schedule another house gathering like the previous meeting we had done before.
The only difference was that, this time, we had more seriousness attached to it.
“Guys this is not a joking matter, letʼs be serious here. It’s been up to 3 weeks since Fifi moved in here, yet we haven’t taken any action against her violators… Is this how we want to continue? Naso we go dey do?” Bauchi flared up all of a sudden, raising his voice loudly.
We had been on this meeting for 30 straight minutes, arguing over and over again with no solution or plans whatsoever coming forth. It was starting to get tiring.
“I understand you,” Simon chipped in, trying to calm Bauchiʼs rage, “but as you know, we don’t know anything about these guys or how to trace them. How do you want us to take actions when we can’t trace them?”
“That one is simple,” Bauchi answered, “I have a plan sorted out already, but I’m not too sure if it will work out.”
“Table it down, let’s hear it.” Boma demanded.
“Now youʼre talking!” Bauchi heaved a sigh.
“I have a source,” he began, “a well reliable source from which I get information about these guys. I know at least two or three of them that can’t do without clubbing every Friday at a certain club popularly known as Paloma joint. According to my source, these guys are well known for lavishing money, picking all sort of women and also buying drinks in bulk for everyone around. I have a suggestion to set a trap using one of our own as bait for them,” he finalized.
From the look on everyoneʼs faces, we could all tell none of us understood what Bauchi meant or where he was headed at either.
“We don’t get you…” Eagle spoke up. Bauchi scoffed and heaved a sigh as he shook his head irritably.
“What I actually mean is that, since these guys are known to be chronic womanizers, why don’t we use that as an advantage? We could use Fifi, Rita and Nancy as bait for them,” he explained.
“No! Itʼs too risky!” Simon objected.
“Boss, I know what I’m saying. Iʼve thought through it. All we have to do is make sure they don’t recognize Fifi by making her up… She could even put on a face cap and glasses in disguise,” Bauchi persisted.
“But why don’t we just bust in there and raid them?” Boma suggested.
“No, that would be too dangerous. We don’t know how many they could be!” Bauchi answered.
“Thatʼs true, we have to take caution. So at what time exactly is this Paloma joint due to open?” Simon asked.
“Anything from 6pm, I believe it should be open.” Bauchi responded.
“You guys didn’t even bother to hear from us,” Rita curtly chipped in, sounding annoyed.
“Hear from you say wetin?” Bauchi countered.
“At least hear from us first if we agree with your plans, thatʼs all I mean…” she persisted.
“Babe forget am! Whether you like it or not, una go do am… So you better stop with all this your shakara attitude,” Bauchi replied, teasing her.
“E don do for una abeg! Boma and Fifi never finish their own, naʼim una wan start with una own too?” a guy among us spoke up, suddenly cracking us all with laughter.
• • •
Two hours.
Two hours had passed since we had that gathering and we had started getting prepared for the appointed timing. It was quarter past six when we left the house, using the van to convey us all. By quarter past seven, we arrived at the popular district, Paloma joint.
According to Bauchi, our plan was that I, Nancy and Rita would go into the club and sit down like casual clubbers while discussing and keeping a look out for any of the rival gang guys at the same time. Hopefully, if we see them, we were asked to dance seductively towards them or better still, we could sit and wait for them to approach us and along the line, we would lead them outside where Bauchi and the rest of the guys would take over from.
In the club now, with almost 15 minutes gone, Nancy, Rita and I were seated at a round-cornered chair, still expecting the arrival of the cult guys. There was loud music as expected and the arena was bubbling with noise, screams and moans of different kinds from every corner. It looked as though every room in that club were mostly reserved for those who wanted a quickie.
“What kind of place is this?” I was prompted to ask when I couldn’t bear the disgust in my mind anymore.
“Is this your first time in a club?” Nancy asked, taking a sip from the juice in her glass.
“No, but this one is different. Itʼs too raw!” I answered. She laughed slightly, sharing glances with Rita. She then leaned closer and whispered something to Ritaʼs ears, and they both cracked up with laughter.
“Whatʼs funny?” I asked, confused.
“Look how serious you are with complaints like a saint. If somebody sees you outside now, they would think you are holy,” she said, still laughing.
“How do you mean?” I exclaimed.
“Since the past three days that Boma took you out and returned, we haven’t been able to rest in that house. If we don’t hear noises like ‘ouch, ouch, ouch,’ then it must certainly be another one like ‘aah, aah, aaow’ coming from that room,” Nancy explained, still laughing. I couldn’t help but laugh too when I understood what she meant.
“It doesn’t end there,” Rita chipped in, “most times they do it in the room, sometimes in the kitchen, and often times in the car too.”
“In the kitchen?” Nancy gasped.
“I swear, I’ve seen them doing it there. That one is even minor! The one that shocked me the most was the day I wanted to fetch water outside the corridor, I now saw the small car shaking rapidly. I was scared as hell! I wanted to run, thinking it was an evil spirit stalking me, but when I looked closer I discovered they were the ones pounding themselves at the back seat,” Rita exclaimed, cracking us up with laughter again.
“And she screams very loud!” Nancy added.
“I don’t scream loud!” I defended.
“You scream louder than a woman in labour,” Rita cut in.
I was about to say something to defend myself when my eyes darted towards the club’s entrance door. I saw three macho guys walk in, and the moment they did, almost everyone in the club started shouting and hailing them. From the noise, Nancy and Rita followed my gaze to see what I was looking at.
“I think thatʼs them.” I said, keeping my gaze fixated towards the entrance door.
“Fifi, keep your head down and put on the glass.” Nancy instructed. Immediately, I did as she said and adjusted the face cap to cover my face well.
“One of them is approaching us,” Rita said. I and Nancy looked towards the direction and saw a guy holding a bottle of beer, coming towards us.
“Ladies, whatʼs up!” He said as he finally stood before us. We said nothing in response.
“Iʼm talking to you, fine girl…”
He seemed to be referring to me, hoping to see my face, but I kept my head down.
“Babe what’s up na?” He said again.
This time, I raised my head up to meet his stare with a smile. He didn’t seem to recognize me in any way. Nancy and Rita smiled to themselves and then they gestured a sign to me with their eyes. I decoded the sign instantly.
“Let us leave you two alone,” Nancy said as she and Rita stood up and excused us. Then, the macho guy sat beside me and placed his beer bottle on the table, smiling sheepishly.
“Babe how far na…”
“Iʼm good, whatʼs up?” I responded casually.
“Babe I dey feel your parolé die, I swear. I for like make we collabo! See as you fresh,” he said as he licked his lips lustfully.
“Bros no be mouth o! I hope say you hold mulla for hand?” I questioned, acting along to his tune.
“Babe forget am, I get mulla plenty…” he boasted, raising his shoulders high.
“Since you get am, no wahala then… make we go outside go run package,” I suggested.
“Outside for what? We get plenty rooms inside here na,” he complained.
“Bros I no dey like room parole, make we go outside stay for one corner do am!” I insisted.
“Okay na, nothing spoil…” he agreed.
He took up his bottle of beer as we both stood up and then wrapped his arm around my shoulder, walking me towards the entrance door.
When we came out, I told him I knew a vacant spot close-by as I led him along. I led him towards the van and when we got there, I took him to the back behind it. He started pulling off his trouser and, the next thing he knew, out of nowhere, a heavy plank pounced upon his head as he staggered to the ground. It was followed by blows, hits and kicks from every corner as he was surrounded.
“Idiot!” Bauchi scoffed as he kicked him one more time.
Almost immediately, Nancy and Rita showed up from a corner and joined us.
“Nice job, ladies!” Simon commended.
“Put the idiot in the van and letʼs leave here.”



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