Episode 32

“How do you mean I am pregnant? Itʼs impossible!” I exclaimed curtly, denying to accept the actual fact that was right before me. I could see the two green dots on the small test machine as it blinked and flashed brightly. It showed positive.

“Fifi I canʼt lie to you, canʼt you see the result yourself? You are pregnant!” Nancy confirmed it again, showing me the test result clearly, but I still couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t agree to it.
A few hours back after I had that sharp pain persistently from my stomach, Boma had managed to lift me up with the help of Nancy and Rita who had rushed to the scene after hearing my screams. I kept vomitting from time to time, over and over again as they walked me into the house.
The first thing Nancy suggested was for us to take a pregnancy test and malaria diagnosis. I agreed to take the malaria test, but as for the pregnancy test, it sounded rather stupid to even think toward that direction. It was probably symptoms of malaria or even fever, that was what I had thought. But after taking the test for both symptoms, little did I know what awaited me.
I and Nancy were still in the bathroom in Bomaʼs room together. The door was locked shut, while Boma, Simon, Kingsley and Rita were in the room waiting for us to come out.
“Nancy don’t you understand? I can’t be pregnant! It’s impossible! No way!” I persisted further, still refusing to believe the truth.
“Fifi, whether you like it or not, this test result shows positive. I have spent up to five years in this medical business and I know whatʼs up. I wonʼt argue anymore with you.” She said.
“Oh God! What do I do now? Iʼm not ready for this!” I scratched my hair rigorously, plainly lost in confusion.
“The pregnancy is still early, itʼs just three weeks old. I have a suggestion that could help,” Nancy said.
“What is it, please tell me!”
Nancy shifted closer to me and whispered something in my ears. I bulged my eyes open instantly.
“What!? I can’t do that!”
“Well itʼs just a simple suggestion.” She said.
“No, I canʼt do it. Itʼs too risky!”
“I have some pills I can give you to take for it. It will easily flush it out,” she urged me on.
“I’m serious Nancy, I can’t do it.”
“So what do you intend to do now?”
“Honestly I don’t know, Iʼm confused myself.” I admitted truthfully.
“If you don’t want to flush it out, then I guess you have no other option than to tell him.”
“How do I even tell him? I donʼt even think heʼs ready either!”
“You just have to try,” she said.
• • •
In a moment, I arranged myself as well as Nancy did and we both came out of the bathroom. As I expected already, they were all waiting anxiously with eagerness for us to come out.
“How did it go?” Boma asked instantly on sighting us. All eyes were on us; staring intently to know my response; waiting eagerly to hear what I had to say.
I looked at Bomaʼs face particularly, the way he gazed at me intently with an expressionless look to hear me speak. I couldn’t bear the burden! I couldn’t tell him.
“It went very well,” I finally spoke up, “I am just having severe fever coupled with malaria, thatʼs all.” I lied!
Immediately, Nancyʼs jaw fell open and she turned to face me. I quickly turned to her too and signalled her with my eyes to keep calm.
“So you mean you have just malaria and fever?” Rita asked from the corner she stood, sounding suspicious.
“Yes, itʼs very severe!” I answered.
“You mean you have just malaria and fever, thatʼs why you have been vomitting all over the place all day?” she asked again, rolling her eyes at both I and Nancy. She eyed Nancy from head to toe, then she turned to me and eyed me thoroughly.
From Ritaʼs behaviour alone, I could already tell she didn’t fall for it. She wasn’t someone that could be scoped easily, telling from her reaction and gestures. I had to quickly signal her with my eyes to play along too.
“Rita, what exactly are you trying to insinuate here?” Kingsley spoke up, sounding annoyed with her.
“Donʼt mind me, I was just surprised about it,” she pleaded.
“So Nancy how far, what do we do now?” Boma chipped in.
“Nothing much,” Nancy answered. “She just needs to take some drugs, eat well, rest and relax and she will recover with time. I have some pills with me already but weʼll need to get a few more. I can help you get them.”
“No, don’t bother yourself, thatʼs not a problem. Iʼll get them myself,” Boma said.
“But itʼs getting late, maybe tomorrow?” Nancy suggested.
“I said don’t bother yourself, Iʼll get it in the next junction at the pharmacy there.”
“Alright, let me write it down for you.” Nancy said, walking towards Boma’s shelf where there was a book and a pen placed on top. Boma shifted close to me and placed his palm on my forehead.
“How are you feeling?”
“I feel very weak and tired, but Iʼm fine.” I managed to smile.
“Don’t worry, you’ll get well pretty soon. I promise!” he said and pecked me on the cheek.
Nancy soon returned with the sheet of paper she had written the list of drugs on and handed it to Boma.
“Please tell them that the last one I wrote there should be two sachets,” she said. Nancy was a very coded girl. I admired the way she played along.
“No problem,” Boma answered. “Weʼll be back soon.”
He walked close to me and pecked me on my cheek one more time, and then he walked out. Simon and Kingsley followed him. Rita stayed behind.
“I want you both to meet me outside that corridor, now!” Rita ordered as she hissed and passed us. Nancy looked at me surprisingly, I also looked back at her too. It was quite unusual for Rita to talk to us in that manner, but I knew we had to obey. I knew she was aware of the issue at hand. So I grabbed Nancyʼs arm and dragged her hurriedly as we followed her.
When we got to the corridor, Rita was already there waiting for us.
“You girls should better start talking. I need answers,” she demanded.
“Thank you for covering up for me back in there,” I gestured to her with appreciation.
“My sister I didn’t ask for your thank you, I said you should start talking. I need answers,” she repeated.
“At least calm down small, wetin be your own sef!” Nancy sounded annoyed. Rita faced her and eyed her badly.
“I am waiting, Fifi.” she urged me on to talk.
“Fifi is pregnant, are you satisfied now?” Nancy interrupted before I could even talk, also eyeing Rita badly too.
“I said it! I talk am! I knew you both were hiding something! I just knew it!” she was almost shouting at the top of her voice.
“So Fifi you are pregnant?” she asked.
I nodded.
“Why then did you lie to Boma?”
“I don’t know… I just couldn’t tell him…” I answered.
“Tell me about what?” Bomaʼs voice suddenly sounded from nowhere. I hadn’t been that startled before in my life.
It shocked us all as we turned and saw him coming towards us, walking slowly.
“I thought you had… you had gone!” I stammered, frightened.
“No, I forgot my wallet behind. Why do you look scared?” he asked, looking confused.
“Nothing actually, Iʼm just surprised!” I tried to cover up.
He looked at me deeply for a while, then he turned his gaze to Nancy, and then over to Rita. He then shook his head and passed us without saying anything.
I heaved a sigh of relief the moment he passed us and went into his room.
“Omo na God save you o!” Rita said.
I was about to respond back to her when, all of a sudden, Boma shouted my name from his room. It was very loud! I was startled at first as Nancy, Rita and I exchanged glances together, but still, yet again, he shouted my name the second time even more louder.
I hastily took to my heels and ran towards the room. When I entered, the moment I closed the door and turned back, Bomaʼs blood-shot eyes were the first thing that struck me.
“Fifi, what is this?” he held a container containing a syringe and some used injections in it on one hand, and on his other hand, he held the small test tool I had used to check the pregnancy.
I immediately froze on that spot!



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