Episode 33

“Fifi I asked you a question, I said what is this?” Boma repeated again, jerking me out of my thoughts. I wanted to tell a lie. I had to be smart.
“Oh, you mean those? Those are just the tools and equipment we used!” I stuttered, trying to sound convincing. But he didn’t look convinced at all.
“Don’t freaking kid with me here, Fifi. You know what I mean! Iʼm talking about this test tube in my hand right now, what does this two flashing green dots mean?” he raved harshly, almost yelling. It was obvious that he had an experience of the tool in his hand; I couldn’t lie to him anymore. It was pointless to complicate issues any further. He deserved to know.

“I am pregnant, Boma!” I simply said, gazing straightforward at his eyes with confidence.
He looked shocked! He seemed to have gone numb all of a sudden as I uttered those words. His countenance suddenly turned cold as he froze there, looking perplexed.
“What did you just say?” his voice was mild now, almost in a whisper.
I bowed my head down and looked toward the floor to avoid his eyes.
“Iʼm very sorry, I had no choice.” I tried to explain, still keeping my head down.
“Fifi you lied to me…?” his voice was very mild, as silent as a whisper.
I felt a tear drop trickle down my cheek as my eyes became watery.
“Iʼm very sorry,” I raised my head up to face him. “It wasn’t my intention! I didnʼt know how you would feel! I wasn’t sure if you would accept it!”
Our eyes were locked together this time around. His gaze was deeply into mine as we exchanged stares. I had never seen Boma as numb as he was that moment. Suddenly, he tightened the grip on his fist and punched the wall very hard. He clenched his other fist and punched it too, more harder.
I could see he was pained.
“Fifi how could you?” his voice was rising now. His head was bowed down.
“Boma Iʼm sorry, believe me it wasn’t my intention. I didn’t want to be a burden on you; I didn’t want to ruin your life! I didn’t know how you would feel about it, thatʼs why I lied. I knew you weren’t ready for this!” I still tried to explain even as drops of tears streamed down my face.
“Would you just shut up!” He barked out all of a sudden. I flinched from the volume at which he shouted.
“Fifi just hear yourself out, are you even making sense?” he raised his head up and faced me, with his eyes blood-red.
“My God! What kind of human being are you?” he continued, “I took an oath with you for goodness sake! Do you know what it means to take an oath with someone? I love and cherish you with all my heart and you know it. What makes you think Iʼll ever do anything to hurt you?”
I was in tears by the time he finished his statement. I couldn’t look at him directly in the eyes.
“Fifi I am disappointed in you.” He finalized and sat down on the bed, placing his hands on his face with his head bowed down.
“How old is it now?”
“Itʼs just 3 weeks old,” I replied, sniffing in deeply due to the catarrh that hung to my throat.
I was about to say something again when, all of a sudden, we heard loud gunshots from outside the compound, precisely at the gate. Boma shook to his feet immediately he heard it too.
About three gunshots were fired again at the same time, then we heard someone that screamed loudly like they had been shot. Almost immediately, the door to Bomaʼs room flung open and Rita, Nancy, Simon, Bauchi, Kingsley and a handful of some other guys that lived with us in the second floor of the same apartment all trooped in hurriedly. I was more than shocked to see them holding weapons.
“Whatʼs going on out there?” Boma spared no time to ask immediately they came in.
“Boss man kasala don burst o! Emface has just been shot dead,” a guy among them answered quickly.
“Theyʼve got the whole place surrounded! Those b——s don find us reach here last last. What do we do?” another guy spoke up too, referring to Boma.
Suddenly there was another gunshot again from outside, more louder than before. Then a huge blaze of fire followed instantly!
“Weʼve just set your car on fire!” a thick masculine voice shouted outside.
“If them born una well make una come outside come face us!” he added, and then loud gunshots followed.
“Boss man what do we do, naso we go dey look?” Bauchi spoke up, sounding vexed.
All eyes were on Boma, waiting to hear from him. It seemed as though all hope was placed on him.
“We will fight back, fire for fire, blood for blood!” he answered and walked towards the drawer underneath his shelf. He opened it and took out a black nylon and then he walked back to us. When he opened it, right before me there was a gun – a small pistol.
“Take this!” He said, handing it over to me.
I felt my hands trembling as I reached out to collect it.
“Don’t step out of here no matter what happens. If anybody tries to step foot in here don’t hesitate to shoot, do you hear me?”
I nodded in response as my hands still trembled, holding onto the gun.
Without saying another word, Boma took out the key to the door as they all trooped out. He locked me inside and they left.
Almost immediately, I heard gunshots from outside in rapid successions. It seemed to be a crossfire from different directions from both our side and the other rivals.
I had never been that scared in my life before! I clenched tightly onto the pistol in my hand with my eyes closed and my body trembling.
The crossfire went on for a very long time, shots upon shots and screams upon screams.
All of a sudden, it stopped! Everywhere became silent. Then I heard footsteps.
I became alarmed and paid rapt attention to the footsteps as I noticed it was approaching the door. I quickly moved back and pointed the gun towards the door.
“Who is there?” I called out fearfully, ready to pull the trigger.
Suddenly, the footsteps ceased as the person stopped moving. I held onto the pistol tighter and kept my aim toward the door.
All of a sudden, almost unexpectedly, the door flung open with a swift kick from outside and I didn’t hesitate to shoot. But I missed!
I was about taking a second shot when a guy hurriedly barged in and ran towards me, pushing me down. I fell to the floor and hit my head, and the guy quickly kicked the pistol away from me, pointing a gun to my head.
“Fifi, I told you you would die in my hands!” He said, aiming and walking towards me. It was then I recognized his face.
“But before I kill you,” he continued, “remove your clothes from head to toe now!”
He pointed the gun to me, directly above my forehead. I was seriously sweating, all my body was drenched in sweat.
“I said remove your clothes, now!” he repeated and slapped me heavily on my face.
I was about taking them off when, suddenly, out of the blues, Boma barged in with haste and ran towards us. Boma pushed him down and pounced on him, striking blows upon blows to his face.
“Fifi get out of here!” he shouted as he continued lashing the guyʼs face.
I didn’t listen to him! Instead, I rushed over to where the pistol was and picked it up. I tried to aim at the guy Boma mounted upon, but my aim wasn’t clear.
The next thing I knew, he managed to overpower Boma and pushed him aside. He took up his gun and… right before my eyes… I screamed!
He had shot Boma at his chest and Boma groaned, stumbling to the ground.
Out of my state of shock, I pulled the trigger and released two straight shots to his head. He instantly fell flat to the ground, dead.
The pistol fell off of my trembling hands as I stood there, traumatized. I rushed over to Boma, where he laid on the floor in a pool of his own blood and knelt before him.
“Boma hold on, stay with me!” I entwined our hands together, feeling beads of tears rolling down my cheeks.
“I love you,” he muttered silently with a smile, tightening his grip on our hands.
“I love you too! Please stay with me!” I broke down in tears.
“Please take care of our child…”



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