Episode 35

Time was not on our side; we needed to utilize it in the best possible way we could. We needed a plan – a very solid plan.
Like Simon had said during our discussion the previous day, we truly had the coronation he told me about. I watched Bomaʼs body burnt right before my eyes to ashes, and as a tribute to his legacy, I got initiated into their fraternity to lead and carry on from where he stopped.
One thing I noticed was that, the moment I woke up the next day after that night of my coronation, everything suddenly changed. As I passed by the kitchen to ease myself, two guys who were already sat there drinking and smoking, instantly stood up hastily with their hands raised up, hailing and making way for me to pass. I thought that was it until I came across another guy downstairs that almost knelt before me. I was surprised at the level of respect being addressed to me all of a sudden.
However, asides all that, we still needed a plan.
I had to summon a meeting later in the day where we gathered downstairs, as usual. By the time I stepped out of the room, barely taking a few steps down the stairs, loud voices of hailings and chants of praises welcomed me. I greeted them in return and took a sit beside Bauchi on the sofa. Almost immediately, he stood up.
“Why did you stand up?” I asked, surprised.
“How I go dey share seat with Boss Lady? I dey craze!” He responded jovially. We all laughed.
“Bauchi please seat down…” I assured him softly, and he sat. Thereafter, there was a thick, awful silence cascading through the air.
“I guess we all know why I called for this meeting,” I began, breaking off the silence.
They all nodded.
I continued, “How far have we gone getting information? Time is not on our side!”
“We have information already,” Simon chipped in. “Itʼs about Senator Randy and Lady Teeʼs location. We know how to find them,” he finalized.
All eyes were on Simon now, especially mine. I glued all my attention to him.
“They are planning to hold an event tonight at a very big hotel,” he continued, “and according to my source, itʼs a very huge occasion with lots of body guards and tight security.”
“So how do we get in?” I asked.
“Bloodshed!” He replied.
“How do you mean?”
“Thereʼs going to be heavy bloodshed, lots and lots of it!” he responded.
“No, no! I don’t agree with that. What of the innocent people in there…? I think I have a better alternative.” I exclaimed.
“What do you suggest?”
“I think we should find a way to distract the bodyguards and security instead. If we can do that, it would allow us easy entry into the place,” I suggested.
“Boss lady you have a point there,” a guy spoke up curtly, “I have some girls that can help us get this job done, simple and clean without traces. They are about seven in number, very smart and agile crafty girls. But the problem is that they donʼt settle for less in terms of payment, they charge very high.”
“Leave that to me,” I answered. “How do we get in contact with them?”
“I could invite them over if you would permit me,” he said.
“No, donʼt bring them here, it could be risky. Do you know where they live?”
“Like the back of my hand!” he answered.
“Okay, first thing by six on the dot you would lead us over to where they stay. We would use the van outside in order to convey us all. Is that acceptable?”
They all nodded in agreement.
“I guess that is all for now. Thank you for your time!” I said and stood up.
Immediately, they all started chanting hailings and words of praises to me as I left.
• • •
Moments later, at exactly 6:00 on the dot, we equipped and arranged ourselves in order and left the house. Godwin, the guy who was to lead us along, described the way for us as he sat at the front seat next to Simon and Bauchi at the driverʼs seat.
In less than an hour, we arrived at the place. It was a vast under-developed area with muddy streets and dirt-filled swamps, coupled with loopholes along the road. We couldn’t drive past it, so we had to park the van and walk forth.
We soon got to a building next to an uncompleted separate building and Godwin led us inside. At long last, we eventually met with the people we came for.
We settled a deal with them that if the plan works out as we expect, they would be rewarded individually even more than what we bargained for, and they agreed.
Without wasting time further, we took them to where we had parked the van after they had changed and dressed into skimpy clothes, and then we took off.



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