Episode 36 [Final Episode]

Our plan worked out! We did a wonderful job by distracting the bodyguards and breaching the security. We gunned down at least two or three of them that tried to act smart, and we raided the event centre and captured the Senator and his female accomplice, Lady Tee.
After storming the Hotel, we manhandled them to the van and took off immediately, back to our base, leaving no traces behind. As agreed, we paid off the girls who allied us for a job well done, and we went our separate ways. We had no business with them anymore.
• • •

Back to our base in less than an hour, we parked the van inside the compound and closed the gates shut. Simon and the rest of the guys blindfolded the Senator and Lady Tee, and then they rough-handled them towards the boys-quarters while I followed behind.
I took a while to meet up with them, due to how slow I was walking. When I eventually got into the boys-quarters, the whole room was completely dark. Almost immediately, the lights were turned on and I could see the Senator and Lady Tee chained upwards separately, both beside each other, stark naked. Their clothes were heaped up on the floor as they dangled on the chains with their bare bodies. Their mouths were still sealed, making them unable to talk, as well as their eyes remained blindfolded.
I saw a chair set aside for me to sit with, and I walked over to it and sat down comfortably.
“Take off the seal from their eyes and mouth!” I instructed, and a guy stepped over and removed the blindfold from their eyes and the seal from their mouths.
“Please set me free, please Iʼm begging you in the name of God…” the lady spoke up pleadingly the moment she was unsealed, shedding pitiful tears.
“Shut up!” The guy beside her lashed her on the face with a heavy slap. Her tears increased the more!
As for the Senator, fear was the least of anything I noticed from his face. He wasnʼt shaking or shedding tears unlike his female accomplice. He wasnʼt even begging or trying to plead for his life. Instead, he just remained calm with his eyes darting from one end to another, surveying the room.
“Mr. Senator, well done!” I greeted him mockingly.
He didnʼt respond.
“I see you are not scared…” I continued, “what a brave man you are!”
“You must be very stupid!” He cursed angrily with rage in his eyes.
“No donʼt touch him!” I stopped the guy beside him who had raised his hand to lash him a slap.
“He is a very brave man. I admire his bravery and confidence. Donʼt touch him yet,” I instructed again, and the guy backed away.
“Mr. Senator, I hope you know the trouble you have caused me?” I asked. “Because of you I got kidnapped and tortured, I got rusticated from school, I lost my dear friend and just a few days ago I also lost my soulmate and companion. And yet, you still have the guts to tell me I must be very stupid!?”
“I will say it again, you must be very stupid!” He repeated.
“Boss lady make I lash this guy na!” the guy beside me spoke up. I gave him the go ahead. He slapped him up to three times and punched his belly hard.
“I swear on my life you idiots would pay for this! I would use all my connections to make sure you rot in jail! I would call the army forces, the air force, soldiers and mopols to detain you in prison. I swear!” He continued talking, bragging in vain.
“Are you done?” I asked.
“Just wait until I get out of here, I swear Iʼll make you pay!” he threatened.
“Simon please help me give this fool his size…” I ordered authoritatively, and without wasting time, Simon stepped forward holding a sharp-edged knife. He went closer to the Senator and with one swift swipe, he plunged the knife deep into the Senatorʼs right eyeball.
The Senator screamed loudly, groaning in pain as Simon still twisted the knife into his eye to gouge it out.
“Thatʼs enough!” I said.
Simon withdrew the knife from his eye and stepped back. The Senator still groaned in pain as blood gushed out rapidly from his right eye. His eyeball was in a mess, almost gouged out completely.
I turned my gaze to face Lady Tee, who still pleaded pitifully all the while we dealt with the Senator. Her body reeked of excess sweat as she shivered with fear, shaking uncontrollably at what she had just seen us do to the Senator.
“Please let me go, please!” she cried bitterly, “I know I made a mistake in the past, I know I wrong you beyond measures but please forgive me… please. I donʼt want to die!”
I chuckled inwardly as she begged.
“So Lady Tee, you of all people can stoop this low to ask for forgiveness?” I laughed. “What suddenly happened to your ego, your pride and your self-esteem? I am amazed at how humble you have become all of a sudden…” I taunted her mockingly. Her tears increased the more!
“Look here darling, I don’t plan to kill you.” I assured her softly, “But Iʼll make sure you live a miserable life till the day you die. Iʼll make your life a living hell.”
After that statement, I stood up on my feet and took one last, straight glance at the Senator.
“As for you Mr. Senator, your pride and arrogance is whatʼll lead you to your early grave today. Upon all your bragging and showoff, letʼs see how many of your cohorts would come to your rescue.”
I turned back and headed towards the door.
“Simon you know what to do!”
He nodded in response.
I walked out of the quarters and stood at a far end of the building. I could hear loud screams and moans of pain coming from the room, particularly from the lady.
Soon after, the noise stopped.
A few minutes later, Simon came out with the other guys. He was holding a big nylon bag while three of the other guys were holding onto Lady Tee, dragging and manhandling her forcefully towards the van. I also saw two other guys that came out too, both carrying something that looked like an human beingʼs figure, covered with clothes from head to toe.
“How far?!” I asked as Simon approached me.
“We chopped off his head,” he answered, showing me the content of the nylon bag. I instantly looked away at the sight of it.
“What happened to Lady Tee?”
“We only poured acid on her body and face and removed one of her eyeball.” he said. “We are going to dump their bodies by the roadside now, are you coming?”
“Yes, for sure!” I answered.
I followed Simon to the van and I took the back seat, seated next to Lady Teeʼs acid bruised body. Her face had turned into something else and her mouth was sealed! I distanced myself from her a bit and kept space in-between us.
Soon, the vehicleʼs engine was ignited and we drove out.
We drove past some streets and some areas, and when we had gotten very far from our place, we drove by a police station and dumped their bodies by the roadside, directly in front of the station, releasing gunshots into the air.
• • •

Three months later.
Three months had passed since that incident. I could remember the night we dumped Lady Teeʼs and the Senatorʼs body by the roadside, how almost all TV stations carried it on the news the next day. It felt like it was all over and I could finally rest, but it was far from over. I couldn’t have peace of mind knowing that something, particularly someone, was missing from my life.
So, on a certain day, I asked Simon to take me out when I couldn’t bear the burden anymore.
It was in the middle of the night when we left, driving along in the void darkened atmosphere.
Eventually we arrived at where I asked him to take me to, and I stepped out of the car. I went into the bush and surveyed the trees and the environment – nothing had changed.
I could still hear the loud noisy croaking of frogs, the chirping of insects, the sweet melody of the chirping crickets, and I could still feel the breeze from the serene wind that rattled and blew against the rusty bushes. I still admired the way fire-flies flew beautifully around, giving twinkling shades of light in the void darkness. I stared in admiration at the reflection of the moon upon the surface of the stream water.
It still looked heavenly!
I turned my gaze towards the log of wood beneath the tree where we had taken the oath – where he had kissed me lovingly, and a tear drop escaped my eye.
Through Boma, I was able to learn that no matter how bad or dreadful a person might be, there was always a good side to them. You don’t just judge a book by its cover. He taught me a lot.
Right there and then, I gave my life to Christ. I prayed silently in my heart that he accepts and forgives my sins.
I felt a twinkle in my belly and smiled to myself. The baby was slowly starting to kick gradually. I was already four months gone and counting.
I looked to the stars, deep into the Heavens.
“Boma, wherever you are, wherever you may be, Iʼm sure you can hear me, as well as you can see me. If I had known you would leave me this early, I wouldnʼt have cared sparing your life with mine for you to live. Instead, you sacrificed yours for me and your unborn child.
I donʼt have much to say to you but I want you to know that I kept our oath, and I will always love you, even until my last breath. I hope that wherever you are now, you can finally find peace and rest.
Rest in perfect peace, my love!”

— – –
The End.

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