9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 03)




But after two years of my mother’s death, my father made a decision that surprised everyone. He decided to marry another wife. It was not the decision to marry another wife that surprised us all, but who he decided to move on with- Aunty Rebecca! Yes, our house help. I didn’t understand the chemistry, correlation or compatibility. I really do not understand why my dad decided to do that. Although, Aunty Rebecca was a nice person, and she really cares for us, I never thought of her as someone who could be my father’s wife.

“Daddy, is Aunty Rebecca going to be my mummy”. I asked my dad with all sense of curiosity. “Tolu, Aunty Rebecca was your second mummy. She understands you and Dunni perfectly and loves you both unconditionally. There is no other mummy that can be better than Aunty Rebecca”. He said to me. His reasons convinced me to a reasonable extent, though this did not stop the whole incident from being a surprise.

Family friends were also surprised by my dad’s move. Though they tried to change his mind, it appeared that his mind was already made up and there was nothing they could do.

Before we knew it, the introduction was upon us. We travelled to Ijebu-Ode. Aunty Rebecca’s parents’ house was a muddy house, her family members looked quite poverty-striken. Aunty Rebecca happened to be the only one in her family that has a secondary school certificate. That explains why she speaks good English. I really do not know why someone with that level of education is a househelp. But there was nothing I could do, she was going to become ‘our inlaw’ anyways.

The whole event ended, after they were successful in collecting so much money from us, and we came back to the city of Ibadan.

Aunty Rebecca just graduated from househelp to housewife (Sounds like some of those prayer points). Aunty Rebecca was really nice to my Dunni and I. She showered us with so much care and affection that we almost totally forgot about our mum. My dad became four times busier, because instead of the one business he used to control. He became the one monitoring all the investments my mum left behind. Aunty Rebecca, however did not let us feel that our dad was so busy. She was there for us, caring for us just like a real mother would.

One day, I told Aunty Rebecca that I wanted custard. I went to the kitchen and was gisting her about my classmates. Suddenly, she ran to the toilet like someone who’s going to vomit. I was so scared, it was quite similar to the way my mum did before she passed on. “But come to think of it, a woman vomitting is most likely to be pregnant. Does this mean that we are expecting a baby?” I thought to myself. It turned out that I was right. I was so happy that we were expecting a baby. My sister was even happier. She was going to be a big sister. She really loves babies though.

We started expecting a baby, Aunty Rebecca’s tommy became bigger, and she became lazier by the day. I had to learn responsibility by force. I had to do some house chores. I really don’t understand why they wouldn’t employ another house help. Since one was promoted to the position of a ‘wife’ shouldn’t we just employ someone so that the position won’t be left vacant. It was Aunty Rebecca’s sister that came from the village and was cooking for us. Her cooking was very bad. It’s nothing near Aunty Rebecca’s

After months of waiting, Aunty Rebecca finally gave birth to a baby girl at one of the best hospitals in Ibadan. We had the naming ceremony. And as expected, my father spent MONEY. My father named her ‘Darasimi’.The naming ceremony was quite big. I was very happy about this, I never knew it was the beginning of my adventure. I never knew a new chapter in my life was about to be opened. . .



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