9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 08)




if anyone had told me that I was going to be in that situation at anytime in my life, I would have argued it. I wish I could just stay there and morning should not just come. My eyes were just opened, sleep was the last thing I wanted.

It was morning, and I had to get money or else, there will be no Lagos. Lagos bus was just a Thousand Naira. As I was thinking about how to get money, a lady approached me. “Please, where is lagos bus?” She said to me. I had seen all that the previous night, since I did not sleep. “It’s right there”. I pointed towards the direction of the bus. I wanted to ask her if she could give me some money. It sounded weird, but I just had to summon courage. She was already leaving so I followed her. “Sister! Sister!” I called her as I hurried towards her. “Yes! What is it?” She answered. “I was going to Lagos but unfortunately, some guys stole my wallet with my Three Thousand Naira. Please, if there is anything you can help me with.” I said to her. The lady started laughing, I was scared that she knew I was lying “So you think you can fool me? You are going to Lagos In a short? Why is it that you boys, instead of getting something to do with your lives, you cook up different stories in order to get money from people. . .” She said to me, I tried to interrupt. “Ma, please, it’s…” I tried to explain myself but she didn’t let me land. “Just hold it there!” She started opening her bag, I was scared she was going to bring out a gun. I was surprised when she brought out money. “I’m going to give you three Thousand Naira. Stop trying to be smart and do business. You’re a handsome young boy, your future is still very bright. You can start selling recharge card or even pure water” I was so happy as I prostrated to her to tell her ‘thank you’. She said it was fine and she left.

The whole speech she gave did not change my decision. I just waited for her bus to move and was the first passanger in the ‘next turn’. Where I was going in Lagos, I do not know, but after paying for the transport fare. I would still have extra two Thousand Naira, so I was more calm and less anxious.
People started coming in, and eventually, the bus was filled and the Journey began. I had not been to lagos before. A part of me was enjoying the Adventure, and another part of me was finding it difficult and stressful. Well, I just had to enjoy it no matter what, I had to be a man and fight to be someone in life.

The bus moved and I didn’t know when I took a nap. The next thing I saw was that a car was following our bus and quickly crossed and blocked our bus. Our driver had no choice but to stop. A huge, tall, muscular guy came down with a gun and went to open the back door for a woman who came down with two equally muscular guys. One holding a cutlass and the other holding an Axe. Everybody in the bus started panicking as the woman ordered everyone including the driver to come down. The woman shouted “Tolu Williams!” I was really surprised that she mentioned my name. As I raised my head to look at her, guess who it was, it was Aunty Rebecca. “You think you can get away so easily, I’m going to make your death more painful than your mother’s.” She said to me as I was covered in sweats; shivering. Everybody just laid low on the ground as they did not know what was going on. “Kill him!” Aunty Rebecca ordered. The guy with the Axe came towards me and ordered me to put my head on a stone by the road side. He raised the axe and I shouted “Please! Please! Please!”…



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