9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 11)




I was shocked when I saw her, it was Desola. She just entered and went straight to hug her mum, not paying attention to me. “Welcome my dear, how was the tutorial?” She asked! I was dumbfounded. I wished that the ground would just open up and swallow me. Desola didn’t even see me at all, she just removed her shoes and sat on the chair looking very tired. “It’s fine mom” Desola answered. “I was just talking about you, this boy here wants to be our house boy. And you know I cannot do anything without informing you.”

Desola Raised her head to talk to me but tactically, I tried to hide my face…
Desola: Hello, look at me. You want to work here.
Me: (Turning my face gently towards her direction) Yes please.
Desola: (She started stammering) You.. You… You are sure that you are capable
Desola’s Mum:That’s what I asked him o
Me: (I discovered that she knew I was the one but she was trying to keep cool) Yes madam. I can asure you that I’m the best person for the job (I was really scared what my fate will be since it lies in her hands, but I tried to keep cool)
Desola’s mum: Your decision is final. (Turning towards her daughter)
Desola: Hmmmmmm, I think we should employ him.
Desola’s Mum: I think so too, he looks responsible….

I prostrated and said thank you to them both. I was really suprised about Desola’s reaction. I didn’t expect that she was going to help me get the job. “Probably she didn’t recognize me.” I thought to myself.

Desola’s mum ordered that the gateman should show me the ‘third room’. “Chibuzor! Chibuzor!…” Desola’s mum shouted. “Oga Oga Oga…” The gateman ran in repeating ‘Oga’. “Take this boy to the third room”. I was led to the room by Chibuzor. The room was quite nice, though not as spacious as my room back at home. I entered the room that had a private toilet and bathroom. What more could I have possibly asked for. I entered the bathroom and took my first ‘Lagos bath’. What a life that I have.

Desola’s mum called me and told me that my duty was to wake up as early as 5am, sweep and mop the house, wash the plates, and wash clothes every Saturday. I was surprised when she told me that I was going to be paid 10,000 Naira monthly. I thanked her and she beged me to be a good boy. I couldn’t have imagined that I was going to get paid despite the feeding and accommodation. “My mother’s spirit is surely with me”. I said to myself.

Mrs Adebiyi who is Desola’s mum was a business woman. She had lost her husband some years back and Desola was her only daughter. She decided not to remarry. She just kept working hard and raising her only daughter.

I went to my room and few minutes later, I heard a knock on my door. I went to open and it was Desola. “Who the hell are you? What exactly do you want? Why are you so difficult to understand? This moment you are a guy who lost his wallet, and the other, you are a guy trying to work as a houseboy. What exactly do you want? You’d better start speaking because I’m scared.” She said to me…



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