9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 12)




I was just looking at her as she was throwing so many questions at me at the same time. I didn’t really know what to say, I didn’t know whether to tell her my whole story or just keep mute. “Don’t go quiet on me, say something. I really don’t know you. Who exactly are you?” She said to me, appearing confused. Now I just had to say something…

Me: Thanks for saving me back there, and saving me here again. I really appreciate it.
Desola: That’s not the matter here. The matter is you revealing your true identity to me or you’re going to loose this job.
Me: Please, you don’t have to do that. I am just an homeless young boy who came from Ibadan to Lagos. My mother died and my father married another wife who technically drove me out of the house.
Desola: How do you expect me to believe that your father’s wife drove you out of the house and the next thing that popped into your head was to come to Lagos. Nice try! (Clapping her hands) But it didn’t work.
Me: Oh no Miss Desola, please believe me. I don’t really tell people the truth about this. I didn’t even tell your mum.
Desola: (Appearing convinced) I’m sorry about that. But seriously, don’t you think you’re too good to be a house boy.
Me: Ma, I have no choice.
Desola: I’ll just leave now, (she was leaving but stopped suddenly) and one more thing I’m not ma I’m Desola.

That was how I became the houseboy in Mrs Adebiyi’s house. I woke up the next morning to do my chores. I did it carefully, ensuring that I left no place untouched. Mrs Adebiyi saw the places I swept and cleaned. I had been doing my ‘IT’ for house boy’s job in my father’s house under Rebecca’s supervision. There was no way doing household chores were going to become a big deal.

Soon, Chibuzor and I became best of friends. I was always going to his quaters. I told him everything about me. He felt pity for me. He was always saying negative things about Mrs Adebiyi and her daughter. “You see that Desola girl ehn, she don spoil finish. She no sabi do anything. Shey that girl pass person wey suppose dey sweep dey wash plate? Na her mama go spoil her life o” He said to me. “You can’t say that now, she’s the only child and the apple of her eyes. She deserves to be treated like an egg”. I answered. “Na this your oyinbo I dey like wel well. Wetin concern apple and egg concern wetin I dey follow you talk?” He said. “Chibuzor my nigga, you won’t cease to amuse me!” I said and laughed, closing the chapter tactically.

Mrs Adebiyi bought some clothes for me. Technically, the life I was living there was better than the life I lived in my own father’s house. I was very deligent to my duties and I won mrs Adebiyi’s heart to the extent that she stared treating me as her own son and a part of the family. Desola who was preparing for Jamb finally wrote JAMB and failed. She felt very sad, and refused to take anything other than ‘UNILAG’. Since she’s her mum’s ‘controller’ her mum had no choice than to do what she wanted. Chibuzor made gest of her behind their backs.

Desola had to stay at home, and her mum who owned one of the biggest supermarkets in Lagos had to go to work in the morning and come back in the evening. How much she trusted me. I was determined that I wouldn’t fail that trust….



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