9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 14)




Desola: I don’t have any
Me: Don’t tell me that with your elegance and beauty, there’s no guy in your life.
Desola: Actually, there was!
Me: So why did it become past tense
Desola: He was quite selfish and all about himself. He didn’t really care about what others think or how others feel. And I thought of it that if I continued, we were going to have clash of interest.
Me: Nice decision. That was a very wise decision on your part.
Desola: So you tease people for a living?
Me: I take care of the house for a living.
Desola: (Laughs) Like seriously, you have a very crazy sense of humor…

That was how Desola and I became friends with no strings attached. We became so close that Desola was doing some of my chores. She washes the plates while I sweep so that we can have time to play and gist. In no time, I became her best friend. Since I have no friend, my only friend is actually my best friend.

Chibuzor could not help but notice the closeness and rapport. Chibuzor started advising me against the rapport…

Chibuzor: Tolu Bobo! How it dey be naw.
Me: I’m fyn. How’s it going at your side.
Chibuzor: It dey alright. It get something wey I wan follow you talk.
Me: If you want to gossip about madam and her daughter. I’m not in for that.
Chibuzor: I dey try help your destiny ni o. No be say I dey gossip. But this one dey different.
Me: Let’s hear it.
Chibuzor: I dey see as you and this madam pikin dey follow play. If you give madam pikin belle, your life don spoil be that o!
Me: (Laughing) Why are you thinking like this? How would you say such a thing. Desola and I are just very close friends. And she’s just fond of me that’s the all.
Chibuzor: if small pikin dey cut tree for forest, na dem elders go sabi the direction wey the tree go fall. And watin old man dey see when hin sit, if pikin climb iroko tree, hin no fit see am.
Me: What’s that supposed to mean.
Chibuzor: You and madam pikin don dey too close.
Me: Can we just close this chapter?
Chibuzor: I don talk my own finish o…

Chibuzor tried to warn against my relationship with Desola, but a part of me felt he was jealous because I have the treatment that he doesn’t get despite the fact that he came to the house long before me. Mrs Adebiyi was in the dark as far as the rapport was concerned. Desola didn’t want her mum to know that we were so close. I really did not know why she didn’t want her mum to know but come to think of it. No mother will want closeness in any way between her only daughter and their houseboy. So I felt I understood why she behaves like we don’t even talk when her mum is around.

Mrs Adebiyi called me on Thursday that she was traveling to Ondo state for her friend’s father’s burial. “Tolu, I want to travel to Ondo, and I will come back Saturday evening. My friend is doing her father’s burial. The wake keep is tomorrow and the service is on Saturday. I want to travel so I can help her monitor things. Just be a good boy, and if there is any problem, tell Chibuzor.” She said to me. “Alright ma” I answered.

I guess she had told Desola already, because she didn’t come out at all till her mum left. I didn’t see Desola at all for like hours. I was going to go to her room to check her, so I just waited for her to come. She came out and i was rendered completely speechless and dazzled…



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