9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 15)




She came out and I was rendered completely speechless and dazzled. She came out wearing a ‘top’ just as if it was a gown. For real it was a gown but it was short enough to be called a top. I had finished all my chores. I just sat in the sitting room when I saw Desola in her provocatively seductive wears. “I’m in troble! How did it get this bad” I thought to myself. “My mum has travelled.” She said to me. “I know, she told me.” I answered. “And she isn’t coming back till Saturday. We have this whole house to ourselves. I’ve never felt this free before.” She continued. “I’m sorry, but that your mum isn’t around doesn’t mean that you should dress this way.”I said to her, not looking towards her direction…

Desola: You don’t like what I’m wearing? (Turning around as if she was doing fashion parade)
Me: I do, it’s really nice. But it would have been more appropriate if you were the only one in the house. Are you not thinking about how others feel?
Desola: Do I make you feel uncomfortable?
Me: (Trying to act cool) Not at all. It’s not about me, it’s about people. If Chibuzor sees you now. What do you want him to start thinking?
Desola: I don’t get what you’re saying. But asuming I can guess what you are thinking correctly (Comes closer to me as I was very tensed) It’s not going to happen.
Me: I didn’t say anything was going to happen, I was just saying that…
Desola: (I was interrupted) Shhhhhh. Can we just close that chapter. And will you or will you not keep me company?
Me: (Smiled) Of course I will, why won’t I? Afterall, I will be lonely if I don’t talk to you. So it’s not like I’m doing you a favour. I should be thankful to you for saving me the boring life
Desola: I’m glad you know that. So tell me, you haven’t told me about your girlfriend yet.
Me: What girlfriend can a guy like me possibly have?
Desola: You look good, you speak well, you are tall, dark and handsome. What more can a girl possibly ask for?
Me: Well, I don’t have any, and I’ve never had.
Desola: It’s alright…

Desola and I started having more intimte discussions. We stayed in the sitting room playing and laughing. We played to the extent that i stopped seeing myself as a houseboy. From pillow fights to running around the house.

It was night, so we went to our different rooms to sleep. It was around 10pm when I heard a shout from Desola’s room. I ran to her room to see what was happening. On getting there I saw her on her bed breating heavily. “I just had a terrible dream.” She said to me, shivering . I was totally confused as i didn’t know what to do. “I’m sorry dear, please take care of yourself. I should leave now”. I said as I turned to leave her room. “No please, don’t go. I’m really scared and cannot sleep here alone. Please can you just stay here with me?”….



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