9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 17)




If Mrs Adebiyi should find out, she would be highly disappointed and I was going to be in trouble. “Stop! Stop! Stop! I’m sorry, but I can’t go any further”. I said to her, jumped out of the bed and rushed to the sitting room. She didn’t come to meet me, because she felt quite embarrassed. I couldn’t sleep al night. I just kept thinking about the whole situation as it was quite a surprise. Not only was I thinking about that, I was also thinking about the consequence of my actions, if Mrs Adebiyi should get to know by any chance.

I couldn’t sleep all through the night. I just sat in the sitting room pitying myself. “How on earth am I going to get out of this?” I thought to myself. I remembered what Mrs Adebiyi said the first day I met her… ” You are almost a fully grown man, and I won’t want to expose my only daughter to danger. I’m just a single mother, and I won’t want any problems”.

I became very worried as I felt that I was going to cause problems for the woman who did nothing but to take me as a son. I was just in the sitting room thinking about the whole situation. As I was thinking, Chibuzor’s words came back to me… ”I dey see as you and this madam pikin dey follow play. If you give madam pikin belle, your life don spoil be that o!”

It didn’t occur to me that it was morning already. The first person I saw was Desola. She came to the sitting room looking quite remorseful…

Desola: (In a very low tone) Good morning.
Me: (I couldn’t look into her eyes, because talking to her made me feel uncomfortable) morning.
Desola: About last night…. It’s not what you think…. I was just trying to…
Me: (Cut in sharply) Trying to do what? Tell me Desola. Trying to do what? Tell me you wanted to whisper something in my mouth, or you wanted to test how strong I am emotionally. That kiss was meant to be a joke?
Desola: Tolu, I’ve not even landed.
Me: There is no way you are going to land. You will end up crash landing. What happened yesterday is never going to repeat itself. What happens if your mum finds out that we are making out. How do you want her to feel? Your mum has only been kind to me and I won’t be ungrateful by doing that.
Desola: (Raising her voice) So you think that you only owe my mum a favor. Do you think that you will be in this house if I don’t want you to? Oh! You think the best way to pay me in return is by turning a blind eye on my feelings and emotions? Get something straight! I have feelings! I have needs! I have wants!
Me: (Raising my voice) If you have needs, find another guy to meet your needs. Not me!
Desola: Then you definitely have found another house to live in! (She said angrily to me, and went straight into her room in annoyance and slammed the door)…

Desola and I have never argued like that before. I was in a very difficult situation. “What if Desola decides to lie against me to her mum”. I thought to myself. Desola is someone that her mum loves and trusts so much. Her mum will definitely believe her and probably send me out. But if I should conform to what Desola wants, I will get to stay in the house, I will enjoy life, Desola will enjoy and her mum will most likely not know about it.

I packaged myself well, went to Desola’s room in order to apologize for everything I said. It was a Friday. Mrs Adebiyi was supposed to return on Saturday. So i didn’t even bother about cleaning the house. On getting there…



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