9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 18)




On getting there, I was surprised to see Desola crying. I moved towards her to ask about why she was crying. “Desola dear, why are you crying? I’m sorry if I made you feel bad.” I said to her sitting gently beside her. “Just let me be! I don’t want to talk to you or anyone”. She said to me…

Me: (Speaking gently) Desola, I didn’t mean what I said earlier. Since the first day I met you I have liked you. Ever since then I’ve liked you. The truth of the matter is that you are the first girl that I ever really like. I know now that we are both attracted to each other. But are you even thinking about your mum? What if she finds out? How do you think she will feel?
Desola: Stop making excuses. She’s my mom not yours. I know her whereabouts. I know when she comes home early and when she comes late. This is about what we feel for each other. Not about what my mum or anybody thinks. And besides, it’s not like she’s going to find out.
Me: Well, this is quite difficult to believe.
Desola: What exactly?
Me: That you love me?
Desola: I don’t just love you Tolu, I adore you.
Me: Can we be as discrete as possible about this?
Desola: There’s nothing to worry about. You are not the only one that will be in trouble if my mum should find out. I will also be in trouble…

That was how Desola and I started having intimate interactions. From the kissing to much more complex things that we did. We did almost all things except having sex. Mrs Adebiyi was going to come the next day. So I had to clean the house on the Friday night before sleeping so that I won’t appear irresponsible, if she comes back early the next day and meets the house dirty.

Desola as usual helped in ensuring that things were in place. We cleaned the house together and when we were done, she said to me. “Can we just sleep together one last time before my mum comes tomorrow. And this night, you won’t run away like last night”. She said to me. I was going to do just that, since I was already emotionally attached to her. I didn’t even think of what would happen if Mrs Adebiyi should come early to meet us in that state. We both went to her room to sleep. It was such a romantic and emotional night for us both. We slept like couples. Not like we had sex, but it was so intimate. I didn’t know where I got the confidence. I slept like I was a married man who was in his house with his wife. We slept together and it was a long sleep. It was already past 9am before I woke up.

I woke up and sneaked out of bed. I did all my house chores alone. When I finished, I took a bottle of wine and a glass to Desola in her room and kissed her on her fore head. She opened her eyes immediately. “Good morning my love” she said to me. “Morning”. I replied. I served her the wine I had brought. She was really happy. I felt she was already getting what she wanted but i didn’t know that she wanted more…



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