9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 19)




I felt that she was already getting what she wanted but i didn’t know that she wanted more than that.

Mrs Adebiyi was supposed to return that day. So Desola and I planned that we were going to keep our affair as a secret. In order to avoid problems, Desola stayed in her room and I stayed in mine till evening. Desola doesn’t know how to cook, so we took custard. Just like we’ve been eating junks the previous days. From Indomie to Cornflakes. I wasn’t even tired of eating all that. It was as if Mrs Adebiyi should not come back. But around past 6pm, she came back.

I went out to welcome her and to bring in the things she brought. From rice, to meat to drinks and all that. Desola just stayed in her room. “Where is Desola?” Mrs Adebiyi asked. “I have not seen her today ma. She doesn’t really come out of her room.” I said to her. We carried the whole thing with Chibuzor and entered the house, Mrs Adebiyi told me to put the meats and all the perishable items in the refrigerator. She went straight to Desola’s room. Desola came to the sitting room with her mum, and her mum started telling her about how the event unfolded. “Mummy, I’m not happy with you at all”. Desola said to her mum. “Why, my princess? What have I done?” She asked her daughter. ” You travelled since the day before yesterday and you did not even call me to ask about my whereabouts, or about the house.” Desola said. “Sorry baby mi, I didn’t mean to do that. I was very busy. In fact, my phone was not with me throughout. Because my friend told me to keep my phone well, so that the dubious guys there won’t steal it. And it’s a very heavy phone. The time I tried to call you, your number was switched off. But I called Chibuzor, and he said everyone was doing fine.” Her mum said to her.

I was eavesdropping on the conversation from the kitchen. I was scared that Desola would tell her mum what she’s not supposed to tell her. But it was just a normal discussion. So I just continued what I was doing in the kitchen.

To cut the long story short, Mrs Adebiyi came back and she had no clue of what had happened when she was away. Desola and I were just anticipating Monday, so that we can be alone in the house again. Mrs Adebiyi doesn’t go to church on Sundays. I don’t know why she sits at home and would not go to work.

Sunday came, and it was then it occurred to me that I had been too far away from my friend Chibuzor. After doing my chores, I went to Chibuzor’s room just beside the gate. When I got to his room, he opened the door and frowned immediately. It then occurred to me that I’ve been too far from him…..

Me: Chibuzor my guy!
Chibuzor: No even follow me talk. (Frowning his face)
Me: What’s the problem, why are you frowning?
Chibuzor: Since madam leave the house travel. You just stay inside with madam pikin. You no even come see your guy say how it dey be o. You no try at all.
Me: Is that why you are angry? I’m very sorry. I was just very busy in the house.
Chibuzor: Watin you dey do? Madam no dey. Watin you dey do? Tell me!
Me: Chibuzor my guy, you can’t understand.
Chibuzor: Watin I no fit understand? Last last, you and madam pikin dey boboki.
Me: What’s Boboki?
Chibuzor: You wan dey do like say you no sabi anything, since the first day wey I don see you, I don know say you be bad guy. Shaa take am easy. No go give madam pikin belle. No be say I dey jealous o. In fact I like the way you dey do am. It show say you be correct guy. All the girls wey dey sell tins sef, I dey do dem strong thing. But you no dey yarn me as the matter dey go, make I dey help you buy condom and other things wey fit help your ministry.
Me: (Laughing) Chibuzor please, I’ve heard enough. I’m not ‘bobokying’ or what did you call it? We are just close and that’s all…

Chibuzor and I talked about many other things, but I didn’t open up to him about my secret affair with Desola. I went back into the house, and the only thing I was praying for was that Monday should come quickly so that I can have some lone time with my secret girlfriend.

Finally, it was Monday morning…



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