9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 20)




Finally, it was Monday morning. Mrs Adebiyi went to work as usual. It was just Desola and I in the house. We started the house chores together as usual, and when we were done, we sat in the sitting room together and started talking….

Desola: You missed me right?
Me: More than you can imagine
Desola: I could hardly sleep last night, I was just thinking about you.
Me: At some point I wished that times would just fly and today would just come.
Desola: My mum isn’t coming till evening, so is there anything you want to do?
Me: That’s a big question. I know what I want to do, I want to spend some quality time with my angel (Pointing at her and moving closer)
Desola: Wait! Can I ask you question?
Me: You can ask me anything, my angel.
Desola: Do you promise to tell me the truth?
Me: I promise! Just ask.
Desola: Have you ever had sex?
Me: No, I haven’t. Why did you ask?
Desola: You are my boyfriend, so I deserve to know. But to be sincere, you are a good kisser.
Me: Thank you dear! You are not bad either. But don’t think I won’t ask my own question.
Desola: What question is that?
Me: Have you had sex?
Desola: You mean to ask if I’m a virgin?
Me: That’s the question!
Desola: Do I look like one?
Me: Of course yes!
Desola: Well, I was….
Me: (Surprised) Are you telling me that you..
Desola: (Interrupted)Yes! Exactly! I’m not a virgin.
Me: Are you going to tell me how?
Desola: it’s a very long story. It was a guy I met at the tutorial. That’s my Ex boyfriend. We had sex in his house and after that, he started misbehaving. I broke up with him and came to a nearby restaurant to eat and that was where I found my prince charming. (Pointing towards me)…

I was very surprised that Desola was not the novice I thought she was, I became scared and my heartbeat became even faster as I didn’t know what would happen next. We continued the conversation….

Me: I don’t even know what to say. I’m just so surprised
Desola: It would have been foolish of me not to tell you the truth. Knowing truly well that you are going to fInd out soon.
Me: How am I supposed to find out?
Desola: There is only one way to find out (Playing with her hair and smiling seductively)
Me: I’m just not ready for that.
Desola: If you’re not ready, I will make you ready (Coming towards me).

She came towards me. I was so tensed. First, because that was going to be my first time. Secondly, because I was scared that she might get pregnant. Immediately I remembered what chibuzor told me. ”But you no dey yarn me as the matter dey go, make I dey help you buy condom and other things wey fit help your ministry.” It occurred to me that I needed protection. “Wait baby! We need protection”. She was trying to say there is no need, but I pushed her back, rushed out of the house and headed straight to Chibuzor’s room….

Me: Chibuzor! Chibuzor! Chibuzor! (I shouted his name as I was banging his door heavily)
Chibuzor: Yes! Yes! (He opened the door)
Me: Chibuzor, I need a condom.
Chibuzor: Condom dey. Wetin happen.
Me: Just give me. I will tell you later.
Chibuzor: (He went in and brought the condom) Why you dey in a hurry? Na now you wan use am?
Me: No be now, na later. (I said in haste Snatching the Condom from him and rushing inside the house)

I was really ready to taste ‘the forbidden fruit’. “Where did you find…. ” Desola was going to ask me where I found the condom but I planted a kiss on her lips before she could finish. We kissed for close to ten minutes. I felt we had the whole day to ourselves. It didn’t occur to me that when I rushed in with the condom, I forgot to lock the door. After engaging in hot romance for minutes I was going to start the main deal. I mounted her on a sofa in the sitting room and as I removed her top, the next thing I heard was a shout of “What!”. It sounded like Mrs Adebiyi’s voice. I turned back to see who it was, and it turned out that it was actually Mrs Adebiyi. She caught us red handed….

What next? Find out in Episode 21……


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