9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 21)




She Caught us red handed.

Mrs Adebiyi forgot something and she came back, parked outside and called (on phone) Chibuzor who opened the gate hurriedly. She had no bag that she was carrying inside, because she left her bag in the car, so Chibuzor had no excuse to quickly come in to tell us that Mrs Adebiy is around. When he asked me if I wanted to use the condom immediately I told him “no”. He had no clue that such a thing was happening. Mrs Adebiyi opened the ‘noiseless’ door, and caught us before we even started anything. The Condom was there on the table since I was just going to use it, so what was happening was very obvious.

It was like a dream, I jumped up and propostrated before her immediately. Mrs Adebiyi started crying as she walked slowly to a chair . That was the first time I saw her cry. Desola also knelt down and started crying. I was the only one that wasn’t crying. “But why?!” Mrs Adebiyi said, shaking her head and shedding tears. I was suprised when Desola opened her mouth to talk. “Mummy, it isn’t my fault. He’s been harrasing me sexually since the first week he came. I didn’t want to tell you because I knew how much you trusted him and would not believe me. He even threatened to hurt me if I don’t comply. I was totally helpless, because since I failed JAMB, I know I will be in this house for quite a while. And asides that, you leave in the morning and come back in the evening everyday. I’m sorry mum. I just wanted to be safe”. Desola said to her mum, shedding fake tears.

Mrs Adebiyi stood up and gave me a ‘dirty’ slap. “How dare you threaten my only daughter! Is this how you repay me for helping you?! I treated you like a son! Gave you everything you wanted! Clothed you! Fed you! But you dare to assault my daughter sexually? You are going to rot in jail!”She said to me with so much rage.

The whole situation was a surprise to me. I could not even say I word. I was just looking at Desola and her drama. This time, I couldn’t hold back my tears. “Ma! Please, it’s not… ” I did not land before mrs Adebiyi gave me another resounding slap. “You dare to talk and I will show you the anger of a single mother! Look at me! Listen and listen good! You are meant to rot in jail for this, but because of your ugly past, I won’t do that.” She said in annoyance. Desola was still crying. I looked at her, but she could not look straight into my eyes. She was trying to avoid eye contact with me. “Chibuzor! Chibuzor! Chibuzor!” She called Chibuzor’s name in annoyance, and Chibuzor came in a hurry. “Ma! Ma!” He answered. “Go to the store! Take a ‘Gahana-must-go’! Go to this idiot’s room, pack all his things there. Make sure no pin is left and bring it here Now!” She ordered.

Chibuzor was my guy, but at that point there was nothing he could do to help me. He went immediately and in a moment, he came back with the bag filled with all my things which were the clothes Mrs Adebiyi herself bought for me. How nice she was!

“You came to this house with nothing. These are the clothes I bought for you, and if I take them from you there’s nothing I will do with them.” She said to me. “Chibuzor, bring my bag from the car outside!” Chibuzor went and when he came back with the bag, she counted 10,000 Naira and threw it on the bag. “Now you will carry your bag, and leave my house immediately. You will go, never to return. Am I clear?!” She said. I started begging her, crying and sweating profusely “Ma, I’m very sorry ma. It will not repeat itself.” I begged. She didn’t even let me apologize. “Even if it will repeat itself, it will be with someone else outside this house. Not in this house! Not with my daughter!” She said.

Chibuzor stood and was just looking at me pitying me, as he didn’t know what to do or how to be of help. “Chibuzor! Take this boy out of my house. I never want to see him again.” Mrs Adebiyi ordered.

Chibuzor took me by the arm. He had no choice. I had no choice either than to follow him honourably. I took my bag, took the money she gave me. I looked at Desola, my eyes were burning as of flame. I turned and headed towards the door. Chibuzor followed me to the gate. “Guy, how you do am naw. Why you no tell me say Una wan do bad thing, I for find way alert Una say madam don come.” Chibuzor said to me. “Chibuzor, I’m sorry for everything. You can’t be here talking to me. You might get into trouble if Madam sees you. I have to go now.” I said to him, opened the gate and left the compound.

And that was the begining of another journey into the unknown…



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