9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 24)




“Dear, who is this?” She asked her husband. “Can we quickly talk in the room?” The Pastor Paul said to his wife who went with him immediately. I sat on the chair in the sitting room. Damilola sat on the sofa and was watching TV. Damilola was almost 16. She’s in SS3. Preparing for JAMB and WAEC.

I waited for close to 20 minutes, I was scared that The Pastor’s wife would not allow me to stay with them. Pastor Paul came out with his wife, and my tension was reduced when they both came out smiling. “Everybody, this is Tolu. He will be staying with us for a while.” The pastor said pointing to me. “This is my wife- Mrs Alakija and that’s my Daughter- Damilola. My son Elijah is inside. He is 3. So please, feel at home.” He said to me. I prostrated for the couple. “Thank you sir! Thank you ma!” I said. Mrs Alakija answered. “Dont mention dear, all thanks to God. May you have a fruitful stay in this house in Jesus name.” She said with a very big and sincere smile. I turned to Damilola “Sister Damilola Thank you ma!.” They all laughed, and gave me a room to myself. It was another chance to re-write my destiny.

Damilola took me to the room allocated to me. I took my ghana-must-go and followed her. Damilola is a pretty, dark young girl. “But no! It’s never going to happen. I’m a changed person. I won’t allow that to happen to me this time” I thought to myself. The room was not very big. I was so grateful that I had somewhere to stay anyways.

That was how I started living in Pastor Alakija’s house. His son Elijah in no time developed interest in me. Elijah was always playing with me. He was just 3 then but he thinks like he is 10. The first day he spoke with me, he asked “are you my new brother?” I laughed and I told him “yes Elijah” He was surprised that I knew his name. “You are my brother because you know my name”. He said. Damilola who was observing the whole situation could not hold her laughter.

Pastor Alakija bought me a bible. And he kept giving me passages to read. I read them, not really because I wanted to. But because I don’t have a choice. In no time, I became used to it. I didn’t use to miss any church service. Damilola was in the choir. I joined the choir and it was then I met the church drummer that I had been admiring from afar for a while. His name is Alex. Alex can play the drum for Africa. He’s a very good drummer. I know for sure that he’s better than me. And we became friends. He’s a very nice guy, just that he only comes to church on Sundays. I started doing well in the choir, I didn’t know most of the songs they sing, so I tried to train myself and learn most of their songs. In order to become more useful. Pastor was very happy with me. His wife was also happy that I was growing in the things of God.

Damilola was behaving in a manner I can not explain. She doesn’t talk to me at all. She feels uncomfortable around me. She just keeps her distance. I was not happy about this because I felt that at least we should talk. She greets me normally, but there is this behaviour that I didn’t just like. I didn’t know why she was behaving like that. Until one day that something happened…..



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