9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 25)




Until one day that something happened. It was on a Thursday. Pastor had gone to church for counselling, and mummy was sleeping inside. Dammy brought Elijah back from school. Elijah was already in preparatory class. Elijah ran towards me immediately. Dammy greeted me as usual with that same attitude. She entered to change clothes and then came back to the sitting room with a mathematics textbook and notebook. She started solving. She solved for hours but as I was looking at her. She didn’t seem to understand what she was doing. She was sweating and looking really stressed.

I used to be the best student in Mathematics in my secondary school. Followed by Oyinade. I wanted to help, but at first, I felt that we do not really have a good rapport to start with. But when I discovered that it was becoming too tough for her, I just had to help. I went to her….

Me: Sister Dammy, hope all is well?
Dammy: I’m fine thank God. (Answering in haste and quickly concentrating on what she was doing).
Me: I see that you’ve been struggling with this for a while, if you don’t mind can I help?
Dammy: I’m sorry, but this is maths. I don’t think you will be of help.
Me: Well, can I just have a look?
Dammy: If you insist. Yes!

Me: (I sat beside her and looked at the question, reading it aloud) Using the completing the square method, derive the quadratic formular from the equation ’AX square plus BX plus C Equals to Zero’. (I balanced well to start solving because that was my favourite part of mathematics. And in less than a minute, I was done solving.) There it is.
Dammy: Wow! How did you do that?!…

Dammy was surprised that I could solve Maths. Not just anyone, but that which she considered tough. I explained to her and after few tries, she got it correctly. She was very happy an she started asking me questions…

Dammy: I’m sorry but it’s surprising that you can actually solve maths. Not just maths but the tough one for that matter. Did you go to school?
Me: Yes, I used to go to school back then in Ibadan. But when fate brought me to Lagos. I had no chance like that. But I believe God that very soon, I will get the chance to further my education.
Dammy: Amen o. You talk like a very smart person. You’ll do well academically if you get the chance.

That was the first day that Dammy and I had a conversation. And since then she stopped treating me like a total stranger. She was in the art class. She was quite weak in maths. So she started bringing her maths problems to me and we were solving them together.

I didn’t know that mummy was aware of the fact that I had been helping her with maths. Mummy was very happy about it because she knew her daughters resentment towards Mathematics.

One blessed day, something happened that reorganized my life completely. We came back from church on a Sunday, then Pastor called me, mummy and Dammy that he wanted to speak with us. I was really scared. “Hope I haven’t gotten into trouble” I thought to myself…



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