9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 26)




“Hope I haven’t gotten into trouble” I thought to myself. I was really scared that they were going to send me out of the house. I sat and Pastor started talking…

Pastor: My wife told me that you’re a smart boy academically. Damilola confirmed it too. She said you’ve been helping her solve her maths problems and teaching her things she doesn’t understand in mathematics. So my wife and I are thinking that if you like the idea, we would like to help you further your education.
Me: (Tears of Joy started flowing down my cheeks) Sir, are you sayingthat you want to send me to school.
Pastor: Yes, if you want to. If you don’t want to, it’s absolutely fine. We do not want to force you to do anything against your will.
Me: No sir! This is what I’ve been praying for. (Prostrtaing) Thank you sir! Thank you ma! I really appreciate this sir. I promise to give my best and make you proud.
Mummy: It’s alright Tolu. Can you just stop crying. You have a very bright future. The lord is just using us to play the little role we can play in the sucess story. You are a blessed boy….

That was how Pastor and Mrs Alakija sent me back to school. I wrote the entrance exam to see if I was actually fit to be in SS3. I did excellently well in the Exam and was put in same class with Dammy. Just that she was in the art class and I was in the science class. We were being taught to pass JAMB and WAEC. I had been preparing for those exams before Rebecca sent me out of the house. But I remained teachable and learned a lot of new things. Dammy was a very intelligent student too. Except for her poor performance in mathematics which we’ve been working on together.

It was in the school that I met Abass. Though he was a Muslim he was very kind and very brilliant. We were both in the science class. There were twenty-one of us in the science class. We were the outstanding students in the class. We were exceptional and we were best of friends. Dammy was like a replacement for Dunni, since we were in the same class, she was more like my twin sister. She was really nice to me. At first, I thought that she was weird. But then, it occured to me that she was initially acting that way because she didn’t know me.

Finally the eagerly anticipated JAMB and WAEC form was upon us. Dammy and I started studying really hard for the exam. It was a thorough preparation. I was preparing really hard because I didn’t want to dissapoint Pastor and Mummy. But for Dammy, I felt she read really hard because she knew I was very brilliant and did not want to perform poorly. We both chose UNILAG. Dammy chose ‘LAW’ and I chose ‘Civil Engineering’. The JAMB and WAEC were like a basket, they were interwoven. But we had no choice than to just do it.

The exam came and we wrote all the exams. The JAMB exam result was released like a week after we wrote the exam. We went to a cafe bought a ‘scratch card’ to check the results. I was the first to check mine. I passed well and had a ‘245’. Dammy checked hers and…



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