9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 27)




Dammy Checked hers and she had 264 out of 400. I was very happy for her, the same way she was happy for me. I answered questions in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Use of English. Dammy answered questions in Government, Literature-in-English, CRS, and the general Use of English. We went home with our printed results. Mummy was very excited to see that we both passed excellently well. Daddy saw the results and a praise and worship session started immediately. We sang for hours. Dammy and I were just dancing and rejoicing. Elijah was also clapping in joy as if he really knew what was happening.

I started thinking and getting scared. I started wondering if pastor would actually foot the bills and send me to the university. Pastor started praying that we should both get into UNILAG with ease, and my tension was eased. Pastor Alakija was just there for me. I didn’t know why he was doing it, or what he was going to gain from doing it. But Pastor became a father to me, he was a perfect replacement for the father that turned his back on me.

We finished WAEC and started expecting result. Before we knew it, it was our valedictory service. Mummy cooked en mass. Many of our church members came too. I wasn’t awarded any price, because presentation of prices was based on cummulative asesment, and I joined in SS3 second term. It was Abass that took most prices and finished as the overall best graduating student. However, Dammy did us proud. She was awarded the price for the best student in English language, Literature-in-English and CRS. We were not suprised that she was the best student in Christian Religious studies knowing fully well that she is a Pastor’s daughter. Our church members that came with us were given food beside the car. Pastor and mummy were really happy. We took pictures. From the left, mummy carried Elijah, then Dammy, then Me, then Pastor. “How sweet would it have been if it was My late mum, Dunni, myself and my dad.” I thought to myself and was so moved to tears. Nobody noticed because I completed myself well. We took pictures with our church members and everybody went to their various homes. That was how I completed my secondary school education.

Since I entered pastor’s house, my life had been progressing in all ramifications. Socially, spiritually, academically and every way that ends in ‘-ally’. The biggest thing that could happen to me was to gain admission into UNILAG to study Civil Engineering.

UNILAG Post UTME form was released and pastor bought the form for Dammy and I. We registered and started waiting for the exam date. It was supposed to be in exactly a month and two weeks from the time we registered. Dammy and I bought past questions and prepared for the exam like there was no tomorrow. We had to crash-read several times. I wasn’t really used to reading over night. But I just had to do it because if I don’t I will feel completely irresponsible sleeping while Dammy is reading. Pastor kept praying for us, for God’s favour and wisdom. Dammy and I became very close. We were reading partners, though we had totally unrelated courses to write. A day to the Exam, Pastor told us to fast and we both did as Pastor had instructed.

I was going to write my exam at ‘Ikeja Center’ on a Friday. Dammy was posted to ‘UNILAG Center’ to write her exam the following day, being a Saturday. Dammy decided to go with me the day I was going to write the exam so that she can see what the experience looks like before witing her exam the next day. The exam was sheduled for 9am.

The day I was going to write the exam. We had finished all past questions on our related courses. We woke up around 6am…



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