9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 28)




We woke up around 6am, and around 7am. Pastor took Dammy and I to my center in Ikeja, not too far from church. We prayed together for minutes. After, he bought ‘Lacasera’ and ‘Gala’ for us all. He wanted me to have food inside before entering the exam hall. I entered the exam hall with a calculator, a pencil, a biro and my printed slip. Pastor and Dammy waited at the car for me, and I entered the exam hall exactly by 8:45am. The exam started 9:00am on the dot. It contained 40 questions from my four different courses. It lasted for just an hour and thirty minutes. Most of the questions were directly lifted from the past questions. It was very easy for me and I submitted even before we were asked to submit, left the hall, and headed straight towards the car. “How was it?!” Pastor and Dammy asked me. “It was great, we thank God. Almost everything I read came out” I answered. “How were the english questions”. Dammy asked. “They were very simple. They are absolutely nothing to the best student in English.” I answered, pointing at Dammy. Pastor and dammy both laughed, and I joined in the laughter. “It’s alright. Let us pray…..” Pastor said, and prayed, and we went back home immediately.

The next day that was Dammy’s Exam. Pastor went for a ministeration. So it was mummy that took us in her car to UNILAG center in Akoka, Yaba. We all went; Myself, Desola, Elijah and Mummy. There was nothing I went there to do. At least, I had written my exam the previous day. But then, there was nothing I would be doing at home alone. We got there, and there were seas of heads. The population seems more than that of the previous day. As we were there mummy saw a guy who looked like a student of the school and called him to ask him a question. “Please what is the grading system of this university.” She asked. “The post UTME has 40 question which would be rounded up to 100 percent when the result is released. Then, the JAMB score divided by 8 plus the post utme score divided by 2 will give and aggregate which will be over hundred. The university will then set cut-off marks for different departments.” The guy answered. “Thank you brother, God bless you”. Mummy said to him. “Amen ma, you’re welcome ma.” He answered and left.

Dammy entered the exam hall and we waited for her at the car. We ate rice at home before leaving. I carried Elijah and started playing with him at the back seat. Mummy sat at the drivers seat, reading her bible. Dammy finished the exam finally and came out. She was looking happy. Her countenance showed that the exam went well. “Judging from the way you’re smiling, I don’t need a prophet to tell me that the exam went well.” Mummy said to her. “All things work together for my good. The exam couldn’t have been simpler. I can’t get, anything less than ninety” She said. “Iwe factorial!!” I hailed her. We all laughed, and went back home.

That was how Dammy and I wrote the eagerly anticipated Post UTME exam and we started expecting results. Pastor told us to fast and pray agian which we did. The result was released quite late. It was released after a week of writing the exam. Compared to the previous years when it was released. A day or two days after the exam. We tried to check the result the first day it was released but the traffic was too much. Since we were not buying scratch card that year, we were going to do the checking in the comfort of our homes. Dammy kept trying to check on her phone and suddenly she shouted…



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