9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 29)




Dammy kept trying to check on her phone and suddenly she shouted “Yes!”. I rushed to her, and she handed me the phone. I saw her result and she had scored 67%. We started rejoicing and celebrating, I even forgot that I haven’t checked mine. Mummy came and she was very excited. “What about you Tolu?” Mummy said to me. ” I’m yet to check ma. I’m just going to check now”. I took the phone, and after inputing my details, my result popped up. It was a happy moment for me because I scored 75%. Only God knows how the grading was done. We were both excited and when Pastor came back. There was another praise and worship galore as usual. Pastor was really going to send me to school with his daughter. I was feeling very fulfilled.

We calculated our aggregate scores. My aggregate score was 68.1 and Dammy’s aggregate was 66.5. Two weeks after, the cut-off mark was released. The cut-off for law was 65 and the cut-off for civil engineering was 62. We were both admitted on Merit. The WAEC results were released. According to the requirements, we needed minimun of 6 credit pass in English, maths and other relevant subjects. The result wasn’t what I expected but I met the required standard. I passed all courses well, but had, a C5 in chemistry though I expected more than that. All other courses were A’s and B’s. As for Dammy, except for Mathematics, where she had a C6. She had 6 B’s and two A’s in Government and Economics.

Everything was just working out well, and life was appearing like a bed of roses. Everybody in church knew that we had gained admission and were going to school soon. We were supposed to resume in the month of February of the following year. We started preparing for resumption, and I just couldn’t wait to go to school and become a Civil Engineer. I know Dammy could not wait to become a lawyer either.

I was excited about my admission, but there was no way I won’t miss our church members. Especially Alex who was my very close friend.Pastor bought two laptops one for me and one for Dammy. He also bought me an androd phone. Since Dammy already had a phone which appeared to be in a good condition.

Pastor had given us several warnings and filled our hearts with the word of God so that we do not miss the right path. “University is a place of freedom. But it is rather unfortunate that the freedom gets into people’s head. I won’t be there to tell you to pray or read your bible, or to tell you friends to move with or not to move with. Mummy won’t be there either. But in the university, you have the opportunity to train your willpower and your ability to make quality decisions that won’t ruin your future. I always tell people that your outcome in a university is a function of the choices you make. You might choose to read and be a diligent student. You can also choose to be distracted by the minor things. The major goal of any student in any university is to come out with good grades. I’m a pastor, so you won’t think I’m talking like an unbeliever. As a matter of fact, church is not the primary thing on campus. It is your academics. You shouldn’t be found missing classes for chuch programmes and prayer meetings. Learn to set your priorities right….. ” Pastor said to us.

Everything Pastor said that day were very strong words. I can not forget any, even if I tried. To cut the long story short, the resumption day came and we packed everything that had been bought for us in Pastor’s car and he drove us to University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba…



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