9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 30)




The journey took quite a while. We went as full-house. Every member of the family went with us. The person i was going to miss most in that house is Elijah and his funny questions. We entered the Campus. I was posted to ‘King Jaja Hall’ and Dammy was allocated to ‘Moremi Hall’.

We passed through Akoka road, and we first went to Moremi hall which was Dammy’s hostel. The yellow edifice was looking large and impressive. So many people resumed that same day which made the hostel crowded. We headed to Dammy’s room to check it out before clearing at the Potter’s lodge. Her room appeared quite spacious and we were told that just four people would stay in a room. Dammy dropped her mattress and locked bags in the room and went to the potters lodge to do her clearance.

Mummy, Pastor and Elijah went with me to my hostel too. The crowd there was quite much compared to the crowd we encountered in Moremi Hall. King Maja hall used to be the hostel of the craziest set of boys in UNILAG. The hostel wasn’t as neat as Dammy’s hostel due to the fact that it’s boys’. We went to my room and about three people were already around. Unlike Dammy’s room, six people were supposed to stay in the room and infact, bed number 6 was allocated to me. We dropped my bag and box in the room and I went for my clearance. Pastor and mummy drove straight to Dammy’s hostel to see how she was doing.

The queue was a bit long, so I had to wait. When I finished my hostel clearance. Pastor called me that he was outside already and I went to meet him. Dammy was already done with hers too, she came to see my room after which pastor started addressing both of us…..

Pastor: You and Dammy, you are like brothers and sisters. So always have each others back. The same way you were there for her when she was weak in maths. Make sure that you check on each other. Damilola, the only family you have here is Tolu. And as for you Tolu, your only family is Damilola. You are going to make many friends. But try to be each others best friends. Be each others priority. God bless you both.
Me: Thank you so much sir and ma for giving me this rare privilege of having quality education.
Mummy: God bless you Tolu, God bless you too Dammy. Please face your studies.
Dammy and I: Alright ma…
Pastor took Dammy to her hostel and headed back home. I went back to my room. That was the begining of a new chapter of my adventure.

I enterded my room and met my roomates among whom were my potential friends. I met Feranmi from Abeokuta, also a ‘freshman’. A student of Chemistry. Demilade, a freshman too, a student of History from Akure. I met Aliyu from Sokoto. A Direct-Entry student in the department of Economics. The other two members were yet to come to the room.

Feranmi told me that he had been living on campus even before he became a student. So I decided to go with him to see places I didn’t know and familiarize myself with the university, especially my Faculty and Department. Demilade also decided to come with us. Aliyu said he wasn’t going with us.

After walking for a while. I just heard a lady’s voice calling my name. Guess who it was…



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