9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 31)




After walking for a while. I just heard a lady’s voice calling my name. I turned back to see who it was, and to my surprise, it was my childhood friend Oyinade.

I left Ibadan without even telling Oyinade who could literally catch a grenade for me. I had so much explanations to do. I was just hoping that she would find a place in her heart to forgive me. I stopped and looked at the Oyinade who was fully grown. She had become a very perfect lady. Not the Oyinade that was always wearing over-sized uniform when we were in secondary school. Her dimples were even more obvious and her smile was breath taking. She ran towards me and gave me a hug that lasted for a while. We were in the public, and I felt a bit shy about the whole situation. Feranmi and Demilade waited for me, observing the whole situation. I knew it was going to be a long conversation, so I just had to plead with them to go; that I would see them in the room.

Oyinade and I found a place to sit, and we started talking…

Oyinade: So, you travelled out of the country and you did not even tell me? Do you know how close we were. I didn’t believe that you would do such a thing. If someone had told me that you would do such a thing, I would have doubted over and over again.
Me: Before I say anything, who told you I traveled?
Oyinade: Our class teacher of course! She told us that was what your dad said when they called him to ask about you. When you told me your sister travelled, I knew that you would travel soon, but shouldn’t you have told your best friend?
Me: (Laughing)
Oyinade: So this is funny right? Is it because I didn’t hit you in the face when i saw you?
Me: There is a lot that you don’t know Oyin. There is a lot that you don’t know.
Oyinade: What are you talking about? What exactly do you mean by that?
Me: My sister didn’t travel out. Neither did I.
Oyinade: Are you kidding me?
Me: It all started when I lost my mum that my Dad decided to marry our house help… (I narrated the full story to her, except the part of the secret affair with Desola)… It was how the Pastor took me as a son and started sponsoring my education with his daughter’s.
Oyinade: I knew something was wrong, I can remember asking you why you were absent minded. It appeared that you were hiding something from me. But why did you have to leave Ibadan? Why didn’t you come to our house? Or family or relative?
Me: There was no family to go to, and besides I wanted freedom from the life of hell that I was living.
Oyinade: And I’m sorry about your sister.
Me: There’s no point feeling sorry for Dunni. I know that she isn’t dead. I’m still going to see her. I’m very sure that.
Oyinade: I believe too (looking sad)
Me: Let’s forget about all that, I’m now fine. Besides, I’ve realy missed you.
Oyinade: I’ve missed you more
Me: What Department are you in?
Oyinade: Chemistry
Me: Wow! I have a roomate in your department too.
Oyinade: What about you? You are in what department?
Me: Civil Engineering.
Oyinade: Good! Which hostel was allocated to you?
Me: King Jaja Hall. What about you?
Oyinade: Queen Amina Hall.
Me: King and Queen. I kind of like the combination (laughed)

We both laughed and talked about many other things till it was getting dark, after which we exchanged contacts and went our separate ways. I got back to my hostel. Feranmi and Demilade were already in the room. And I told Feranmi that Oyinade is in his department and that she stays in Amina hall.

The next day, registration started and I headed straight to my faculty to do my faculty and departmental registration.



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