9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 32)




The next day, registration started and I headed straight to my faculty to do my faculty and departmental registeration. It was a very stressful event for me. I had to go from one place to the other. Forgetting things in the hostel and going back to get them, trying to print and reprint files, among many other stressful events that occured. After passing through the due process, standing on the necessary queues, I still could not complete my registration. I went back to my hostel to complete the whole process the following day.

To my surprise, Feranmi and Demilade were already in the room. In fact, Demilade was sleeping, while Feranmi was playing games on his phone. Aliyu was the only one that was not in the room. “Have you guys finished your registration?” I enquired. “Finished? There’s no way you can finish everything in a day. Afterall we have the whole week for registration and orientation.” Feranmi answered. “I had a very long day, I came back to the hostel like twice forgetting one thing or the other”. I said to him. ” You are the one subjecting yourself to totally unnecessary stress. Many of those things are things you can actually do later. I didn’t even stress myself, I just came back to the hostel when I saw that the queue was too long.” Feranmi said.

I laid on my bed to get some rest, I didn’t know when I fell into a very deep sleep that lasted for about four hours. I woke up to see “4 missed calls” on my phone. It was Oyinade. I called her back immediately….

Me: Hello, Oyin whatsup
Oyinade: I’m good how are you doing?
Me: I’m fine. I missed your call.
Oyinade: What are you doing this night?
Me: Nothing really?
Oyinade: Will you come to my hostel?
Me: Hmmmmmm, Yeah sure. Is there food for me?
Oyinade: You and food. Just come, anyways.
Me: Alright give me 30 minutes. Text me your room number
Oyinade: Alright I will. see ya!

That was around few minutes to 8 ‘o clock. Feranmi heard what I was saying on phone…

Feranmi: (Clears Throat) Tolu Tolu, it’s too early to start going to ‘Amina girls’ o.
Me: (Laughed) what do you mean by Amina girls?
Feranmi: Is it not that girl in my department that stays in Amina hall?
Me: How did you know?
Feranmi: She has called you like a thousand times when you were sleeping.
Me: That’s exaggeration, it’s just four times.
Feranmi: She stays in Amina hall. That’s the hostel where UNILAG Aristos stay.
Me: Forget! This girl is a very descent girl, she’s my secondary school friend.
Feranmi: (laughed) Don’t mind me, I was just pulling your legs.

I acted like I was going to punch him, and he ran out of the room. Feranmi is a very funny person and we were gradually becoming very close friends. Demilade had left the room and Aliyu was not back yet. Only God knows where they were. I washed my face and brushed, and went to Amina hostel to see Oyinade. Amina hostel is like the happening girls hostel then. There was this misconception about that hostel that it harbors ‘runz girls’. I took a bike to her hostel. She stays in the 5th room on the first floor of the first block. On getting to her room, Oyinade introduced me to her friends. Her side mate was not around. “My side mate Daisy is not around. That’s her bed. She’s one funny girl like that”. She said pointing to the bed beside hers.

Oyinade served me rice and fried pepper sauce. She was a very good cook, I commended her immediately I took the first spoon. The food turned sour in my mouth when her friend Daisy came in…



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