9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 34)




She could not enter alone so that ‘Jaja boys’ won’t savage her. So I went to the entrance to escort her. I got there and brought her inside my room. I introduced her to Feranmi, Demilade and Aliyu who were in the room. After sitting for a while, she said she was leaving. So I escorted her. As we were walking and I was talking to her, I discovered that she wasn’t responding well so I just had to ask her what’s wrong…

Me: Sister Dammy, I observed that you are not in a very good mood. Are you sure that you’re fine?
Dammy: How do you expect me to be fine? No! Tell me. How? Have you forgotten what daddy said about having each other’s back? Since Sunday, you didn’t even call me or check on me. And you think all is well? What happened to what Daddy said about being each other’s best friend?
Me: Sister Dammy, I’m very sorry. You see, I’ve been very busy with my registration. You know my faculty can be very stressful when it comes to registration. I didn’t forget you for once.
Dammy: You know you are older than me. Calling me Sister Dammy makes me feel uncomfortable. And besides, we are family! And not just church members. So let’s relate like family members and not church members.
Me: Okay Dammy! I’m very sorry if I made you feel forgotten. I never forgot you. Not even once. I’ve always had you in mind. You’re the only family I have and I’ll never forget that.
Dammy: (Smiled) If I didn’t show my anger, you wouldn’t know that you owe me an apology.
Me: I’m sorry.
Dammy: There is a film show at Amphitheater on Saturday. ‘The Tournament’ The single ticket is 300 and for couples it’s 500. So I bought a couple’s ticket for both of us.
Me: That’s nice. But we are not couples (laughing)
Dammy: I bought it because it’s cheaper that way.
Me: That’s so thoughtful…

Dammy gave me the ticket to keep. She went back to her hostel, and I went back to my room. Feranmi started teasing me immediately i got to the room…

Feranmi: Guy, how far now? I would like to be your in-law.
Demilade: Don’t mind him o. This guy is a bad guy. I saw him at the back of senate building yesterday with one girl like that.
Feranmi: Demilade please now, don’t spoil market for me. You no see as babe set? Any girl in my life before now, I’m ready to let her go. Just for your sister (Turning to me)
Aliyu: Tolu, this guy na player o. Hin go use your sister heart play candy crush.
Me: (laughing) I don’t joke with my sister o. She’s all I have on this campus.
Demilade: Please, Tolu, I observed something. That your sister is acting like she’s your girlfriend. Are you sure she’s your sister? Or you are just being over protective of your girl?
Me: it’s a bit complicated. She’s not like my biological sister, but she’s like a sister to me.
Demilade: That means you can date her?
Me: Errrrrm, I don’t know. (Everyone started laughing) You guys are making me uncomfortable.
Demilade: Seriously, the girl likes you. I’m serious.
Feranmi: Are you a psychologist or a historian? I don’t know your business with who likes him and who doesn’t
Aliyu: Leave am naw, make hin dey show himself. Na so dem dey like person?
Me: You guys, stop this already. Dammy is my sister and that’s it.

We kept talking about several other things after which we all slept. The week continued, and by Friday, I had completed my registration already and I was totally free. I was ready to go for the film show with dammy the next day.

Saturday came, and the whole hostel was almost emptied because of the film show. I waited for Dammy at the entrance of her hostel and we went to amphitheatre together…



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