9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 35)




I waited for Dammy at the entrance of her hostel and we went to amphitheatre together. We got there, and people started falling in. In no time, amphitheatre was crowded to the fullest. The movie was supposed to start by 9, but it started few minutes after 9 due to logistics. The movie was an action movie. To the best of my knowledge, Dammy doesn’t like action movies. I really did not know why someone would buy the ticket for a kind of movie she doesn’t watch. The film had to do with a set of 30 people given 24 hours to kill, till it remains just one person. The movie was very bloody as 29 people had to die for a winner to emerge. I loved the movie, but I didn’t expect Dammy to pay to watch that kind of movie.

After almost two hours of great fun, suspense and cheering by the audience, the movie ended, and everyone started leaving the venue. When we walked to the entrance, I saw Oyinade. I tried to pretend that I didn’t see her, but she had seen me already. She called my name, and immediately ran towards me to hug me right beside dammy….

Oyinade: I didn’t know you were going to come, you are not really like the social kind of person. I tried calling you but it wasn’t going through. And besides, it would have been totally useless, seeing that you came with someone (looking at Dammy and smiling)
Me: No please, it’s not what you think o. (Pointing to Dammy) Dammy is just my sister. Pardon my manners. Dammy! Meet Oyinade, my childhood friend. Oyinade! Meet my sister, Damilola.
Oyinade: You never told me you had such a beautiful sister. It’s a pleasure meeting you. (stretching her hands to shake her)
Dammy: (She hissed and walked away in annoyance)
Me: Dammy! Dammy! Dammy! Wait now!
Oyinade: What’s wrong with her? Why the attitude? Are you sure she’s your sister?
Me: It’s a bit complicated. Please, I need to go now. I will see you later (I said to Oyinade and ran after Dammy hurriedly)…

I really did not know why Dammy behaved like that. I have never seen her behave so rude before. I ran after her, caught up with her, and pulled her by her arm to make her stop. People were watching us. She stopped…

Me: Dammy, what’s the meaning of the stunt you pulled back there? Why did you behave that way? Start talking please. (I said, raising my voice gradually)
Dammy: You think you can embarrass me? You think you can treat me like I’m totally unimportant? We were moving together, why did you have to wait to talk to someone. To crown it all, you told your ‘friend’ (raisied her hand to do the in-quote sign) that I’m just your sister.
Me: But that’s who you are. Are you not my sister?
Dammy: I’m your sister, I have no problem with that. But why did you have to say ‘JUST’. That’s my problem! How will you address me as ‘just’? You mean I’m totally unimportant? There are so many people I can go to the film show with, but I chose to go with you because you are important. Yet you say ‘JUST’?
Me: Dammy, please don’t get me wrong. That’s not what I meant. Oyinade thought you were my girlfriend and I was just trying to explain to her that you are not. I didn’t mean…
Dammy: (Interrupted) Who told you I want to be your girlfriend? Who cares about being your girlfriend?
Me: I didn’t say you want to be my girlfriend. I was just saying that…
Dammy: You know what? I’ve heard enough. I have to go now…

Dammy left in annoyance. I called her but she didn’t answer me. I went to my hostel and called her number but she wasn’t picking the phone. My rooomates saw that I was worried and they asked me what the problem was, it was just Demilade and Feranmi in the room, and I had to narrate everything that happened to them. Then the following conversation occurred…

Feranmi: That’s rude! Why did she do that!
Demilade: It’s not her fault, is it not obvious?
Feranmi: That what?
Demilade: That she likes him
Me: Yes, she’s my sister, I know she likes me.
Feranmi: Guy, stop the joke. He isn’t talking about the brother-sister kind of like.
Demilade: I think she’s emotionally attached to you.
Me: Actually, can’t you guys be serious for once. I just told you how she acted and embarrassed me right before Oyinade and this is all you can say?
Demilade: So you think I’m joking? I’m very serious.

Demilade and Feranmi were saying nonsense as far as I was concerned. I just stopped talking about the whole situation and slept off…



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