9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 36)




I woke up the next morning to see the notification for 5 missed calls and 1 new message on my phone. It was Dammy. She had sent the message the previous night. I became even more confused, because, I didn’t expect her to call or text me. I opened the message ”Hello Tolu, I know you are not picking my calls because you’re mad at me. It just occurred to me that I over reacted. I didn’t mean all those things I said. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I care.”

I got the message and before we start hearing stories that touch, I called her back…

Me: Hello Dammy, good morning.
Dammy: Good morning Tolu.
Me: How was your night?
Dammy: It was fine and yours?
Me: Great! Sorry I didn’t pick your calls, I slept off. And I got your text.
Dammy: I’m very sorry. Actually, I just felt like you don’t see me the way I see you. I’m very sorry if I over reacted.
Me: it’s fine dear. I understand everything totally.
Dammy: Thanks for understanding. Are you not going to church?
Me: Of course I am. Which church are you going to attend today?
Dammy: Anyone you attend.
Me: Okay. I’m thinking of attending JCC-Jesus Center Church.
Dammy: The service is by 9am right?
Me: Yes sure
Dammy: Alright. I will be in front of my hostel, ten minutes to nine.
Me: Alright! No problem. Take care. Bye!
Dammy: Bye…

Dammy sounded really remorseful on the phone. I didn’t know Dammy to be a temperamental person. It is very unusual for her to get angry and act that way. Maybe there was a reason best known to her. I took my bath, dressed up, went straight to Dammy’s hostel and we went to Church together.

The service lasted for just two hours. But the two hours was just like 2 minutes. The service was just so interesting and powerful. Every event was powerful, from the worship session, to the special number, to the word, to the testimonies. The pastor’s teaching was centered on worship and it just blessed me forever. He made me see things from an entirely different perspective. He made me realize that when I’m worshipping, I’m not doing God a favour. After the service, they called for first timers, but Dammy signalled to me that we shouldn’t stand. There were so many people in the church, so there was no way they were going to know who is new and who is not.

Dammy and I left church and started walking to the hostel…

Dammy: Church service was a wow!
Me: A guy just came to invite me for their service and my heart just connected. Do you know that pastor talks like Daddy?
Dammy: I didn’t notice that, but he’s so blessed.
Me: Did you hear when he talked about what happened a day to his wedding?
Dammy: Of course I did. See what God did. Imagine what would have happened if God didn’t show up?
Me: God is great.
Dammy: We bless God. You’ll follow me to my hostel today. I don’t even think you’ve been to my hostel before, apart from the first day we came.
Me: I’m very sorry, I won’t be able to do that today, I need to quickly get to my hostel and take care of some things. Lectures are starting tomorrow and I need to put some things in place.
Dammy: It’s alright. Don’t let me stress you. Just take care of yourself. I’ll call you later in the day…

We went our separate ways, and in order to get to my hostel faster. I passed through a shortcut, faster to my hostel. I met two hefty guys on the road with a frown on their faces coming towards me. One of them just whispered in my right ear. “Follow us if you don’t want to get hurt”. He opened his shirt gently, showing me the part view of a gun. I became so scared, I didn’t know what to do. I just had to follow them to wherever they were taking me. I was scared that they were kidnappers. They took me into a red ‘Camry’, I entered and one of them drove off…



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