9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 37)




They took me into a red ‘Camry’, I entered and one of them drove off. I was taken to a ‘corner’ off-campus that I had never been to before. They asked me to come down and follow them, which I did in fear. We entered an uncompleted building, and I was asked to sit on the floor. I was really scared! I was thinking they were going to ask me to call my parents to ask for ransom. Who will I call if that happens? Is it Pastor or my biological father who sent me out of the house? As I was thinking about all these, a lady started laughing really hard. I looked up, and it was Desola. The two guys started laughing too. I became more scared…

Desola: So you are so dumb that you could fall for this prank?
Me: W- wh- what are talking about (I asked, shivering in fear)
Guy 1: I told you he’s a bloody freshman. He’s definitely going to fall for it. (He brought out the gun from where he had shown me earlier and pointed it at me)
Me: Please don’t pull the trigger. Please don’t do it! What do you want from me?
Guy 1: (The guy started laughing and everyone except me joined in as he threw the gun towards me. I discovered that it was just a plastic gun)
Me: It’s not even a real gun?! What’s happening here?

The two guys left the place immediately, leaving Desola and I. I started talking angrily…

Me: Daisy or Desola or whatever you are. What’s all this? Do you know the implication of what you just did? Oh! You think you can treat people anyhow because you are an ‘Amina girl’ and you have connection with the stalites, you think you can do whatever you like?
Desola: Tolu, please hear me out first before you judge me.
Me: What do you have to say? You have absolutely nothing to say.
Desola: You have every reason to hate me. If I were in your shoes, I would do worse. I just had to talk to you, but I knew I was the last person in the world that you wanted to talk to. I just had to do this to make it happen.
Me: What if I don’t want to listen to what you have to say? (I Turned to move out of the building)
Desola: (Grabbed me by the arm and went on her knees) To err is human, but to forgive is divine. I know and hate myself anytime I think about what I did to you. I can give up anything to gain your forgiveness, even if it’s giving up my studentship as a law student. I would do it again and again. The words I told my mum about you keep coming back and hunting me. I can hardly sleep. I had no choice but to go extra mile just to get your forgiveness. Do I have it?
Me: (I had no choice, because she appeared really remorseful) It’s fine. It’s fine. Just get up first.
Desola: (Got up) Thanks.
Me: But why did you have to do that?
Desola: I’m all my mum has, how do you think she would have felt if she found out that her only daughter willfully decided to start dating her houseboy. I didn’t want to dissapoint my mum.
Me: Why did you date me then when you know you can’t dissapoint your mum?
Desola: Because I loved you…(raised her head to look straight into my eyes. Putting her right hand on my shoulder) And I still do.
Me: (Pretended like I didn’t hear what she just said) It’s alright! You have my forgiveness. Please how can we get back to campus?
Desola: Is that all that matters?
Me: Right now, nothing matters more.

Desola agreed to take me back to school and we went our separate ways. Lectures were going to start the following day before some unknown guys took me. So I rushed back to my hostel to settle for the next day. Around 5pm Immediately I entered, Feranmi started asking me questions indirectly…

Feranmi: Service took so long? How was it?
Me: We finished service around 11am.
Feranmi: So where have you been?
Me: Please, I just don’t want to talk about it. Can we just not talk about it?
Feranmi: It’s alright. Just take things easy…

I pretended that I didn’t hear what he said. I started doing all the things I wanted to do like ironing, planning notes for my registered courses and so on. After stressing myself to put things in order, I brought out my laptop to watch a movie before sleeping I plugged my earpiece to watch the movie, and I didn’t know that my phone was ringing. Feranmi signaled to me that my phone was ringing. I picked the phone and it’s not a farmiliar contact…

Me: Hello, good evening, please who am I speaking with?
Voice: It’s Desola! Don’t bother to ask me how I got your number because you already know.
Me: From Oyinade’s phone?
Desola: Of course yes! I’m just calling to say I’m sorry if I scared you at all today.
Me: It’s alright. No problem. Is Oyinade there with you?
Desola: No she isn’t.
Me: Good! Make sure she doesn’t find out that you know me, and that we used to date.
Desola: But if I may ask, why did you say that?
Me: I will tell you later. I can’t talk now. I’m very tired. Just take care of yourself. I will save your number.
Desola: Goodnight!…



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