9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 38)




I ended the call and continued watching the movie. After watching the movie I kept my laptop and slept.

I woke up very early the next morning to prepare for my 8am class. I left my room early with Feranmi so that we could get a good place to sit. It was Physics, and Feranmi was offering physics too. Definitely Oyinade was also offering the course, since she is in Feranmi’s department.

We got there, and the lecture lasted for an hour. The class was quite interesting, we were taught by a competent physicist. When the class ended, Feranmi and I came out of the class, we saw Oyinade, and I called her name immediately I sighted her. I saw that she was quite reluctant to greet me. And I went to her..

Me: Oyinade! About what happened the day before yesterday, I’m very sorry. Infact, Dammy called me to tell me that she is very sorry.
Oyinade: So since that day, you couldn’t call me? I didn’t call you on purpose. You walked out telling me it’s complicated, but you didn’t even call me to explain to me. There’s a lot that you are not telling me. And maybe that’s just you. Maybe that’s just who you are.
Me: There’s a lot that I want to tell you. But we just have to choose a perfect time and place to discuss. As for me, Friday will be fine.
Oyinade: Friday is fine. Just make sure you tell me the truth this time and not just complicated things…

I left Oyinade, and went to meet Feranmi who had been waiting for me. We went to the hostel. My next lecture was 11am. To be sincere, I have always had feelings for Oyinade since I was in the secondary school. But there was a lot on my mind that were pushing the feelings to my unconscious. Especially the family problems I had back then. But then, I was gradually becoming more stable, and fate just brought her back into my life so I just had to do something about those strong feelings of affection and admiration. “What other girl can be better for me than Oyinade who is beautiful, God-fearing, well trained, and above all, she understands me perfectly. She knows my background well”. I thought to myself. The right approach was the only problem. I didn’t know how to go about it.

The begining of lectures was the beginning of other sets of adventures for me. I had to learn responsibility and time management, and I had to learn to set goals and meet up with them.

Lectures were going great and the Thursday of that same week, I was having a chat with Dammy…

Me: How are you, Dammy. How has lectures been?
Dammy: It’s been fine. And yours?
Me: Great. I guess you’ve been meeting new friends in your department?
Dammy: Not really! Most of these girls in my department irritate me. Especially in their dressing. There’s one girl like that called ‘Daisy’. This girl, I don’t even know how she entered law. She’s such a stupid girl. The way she walks, the way she talks, her comportment and all. I just dislike her.
Me: Eeyah, what about the guys?
Dammy: The guys? You know how guys can be now. When you become friends with them they start prospecting relationship. And I’m just not ready for any relationship with any guy that I don’t know well. There’s just one guy in my life.
Me: And that’s who?
Dammy: You now.
Me: Funny you. I have to go now. Take care of yourself.
Dammy: Why? Are you busy?
Me: I just want to sort out some things. I’m going to chat with you later.
Dammy: Alright bye…

All that I was anticipating was that Friday. I just wanted to get a chance to tell Oyinade everything that I feel for her. Finally, Friday came and in the evening, I went with Oyinade to the back of senate building to discuss everything with her…

Oyinade: I will appreciate if you’d just tell me everything.
Me: Alright this is it. There is a part of my story that I didn’t tell you. Before I went to pastor’s house, I worked with a woman who had just one daughter. She sent me out of her house because she caught me having an affair with her only daughter. That daughter happen to be your roomate ‘Daisy’. I know her as Desola.
Oyinade: (looking surprised) Interesting. How come you pretended you didn’t know her, and she did the same?
Me: I was very angry with her because she lied against me that I threatened her and she had no choice. That made her mum very angry, and she threw me out of the house.
Oyinade: You were angry with her? What about now?
Me: I’ve forgiven her totally.
Oyinade: Interesting! So you guys are dating again?
Me: No! That’s never going to happen.
Oyinade: That’s surprising… So is there anything else you want to tell me?…



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