9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 40)




Not even Desola will be able to toy with my emotions. Because I decided to feel less and think more. I just had to shut all my feelings and emotional desires out and face my academics squarely.

Desola was trying to get back into my life. But I just did not give way. She stopped trying knowing that there were so many guys on campus that she could flirt around with. I was just so indifferent about feelings and wants. Dammy and I joined the church choir. My life became triangular or let’s say rectangular. It was supposed to be triangular in that I only go to class, church and my hostel. But then, Dammy’s room was one of the places I go, making it four sided.

Oyinade discovered that the closeness between us reduced drastically. At first, she was trying to build a healthy friendship, but I just wasn’t responding well. She had no choice than to free me and let me do my thing the way I wanted it. It resulted into poor friendship, and all that I used to do was to see her on the road and wave at her.

The only girl that was in my life as at then was Dammy. So, feelings started growing. I had planned that I didn’t want to nurture any kind of emotions whatsoever. If there was anyway I could shut Dammy out of my life I would have done it. But there was no way I could do that. I won’t forget what Pastor said, that we should be good friends and that we should be each others priority. I kept living my life that way and it was going great.

December came, after writing some of our tests, and we went on Christmas break. We went home for the first time since we resumed. I’ve really missed my new parents. I haven’t seen them in months, I only get to hear their voices over the phone. Pastor was very happy to see us. Mummy was very happy too. Elijah ran towards me immediately he sighted me. “Welcome my children. God bless you both. School has made you lean. Don’t worry, after eating my food for a couple of days. You will become robust.” Mummy said. Everyone laughed and we entered the house.

Pastor prayed immediately we entered the house and started asking us about school…
Pastor: Hope campus experience is not too stressful?
Dammy: Daddy, it’s not easy at all. Rushing from one class to the other, assignments that we have to submit within a stipulated time frame despite the fact that there’s no light and all that.
Mummy: Education is gradually deteriorating. When we were still in school. That wasn’t the case. We had free food, free laundry services. Stable electricity and all other things that made learning easy then.
Pastor: Honey, you can’t compare that time to now. You know that the craving for tertiary education was not as strong as it is now. These days, almost every parents wants their child to go to the university.
Mummy: That’s just it! Tolu, how is that your hostel, I heard that notorious boys live in your hostel. Hope you are coping?
Me: Yes ma. I’m really coping. Some of them are nice. Like my three room mates for example, they are well trained and Godfearing.
Pastor: That’s good. I hope you guys do devotion in your room?
Me: (scratching my head) No sir! We don’t.
Pastor: But why?
Me: We have different schedules, so it is very difficult to fix a particular time.
Pastor: Just make sure you do it when you have the chance. (Turning to Dammy) How often do you both see each other.
Dammy: Almost everyday sir. If we don’t meet on the road, we pay each other a visit.
Me: In fact, we see very often.
Mummy: That’s how it’s meant to be. God bless you both…

We talked about lot’s of things and Mummy prepared homemade meal for us for the first time in a long time. I felt at home and felt loved. The next day, Mummy went to the market to get supplies, and Daddy went for counselling in church. It was just Dammy and I with Elijah in the house. Elijah slept off, so Dammy carried Elijah to the room, and she came back to the sitting room where we started gisting…

Dammy: So tell me, that girl that we met after the film show that day, who is she?
Me: That’s Oyinade my childhood friend. I really liked her. In fact, I asked her out and she totally turned me down.
Dammy: So that’s why you referred to me as just a sister?
Me: Don’t even start that…(laughing)
Dammy: Well, it happens. People you love don’t love you back, and people who love you, you don’t love them back…



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