9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 41)




Dammy: Well, it happens. People you love don’t love you back, and people who love you, you don’t love them back.
Me: Yes dear. That’s the irony of life. Those you care about don’t seem to care….

Dammy and I talked about so many other things, a part of me started falling in love with Dammy. The same thing that happened in Mrs Adebiyi’s house. The only difference is that I didn’t really have genuine feelings for Desola. She was the one prospecting the whole thing. But in Dammy’s case, I was quite sure that I have feelings for her and that I’m attracted to her. “But that’s never going to happen. How will Pastor feel, if he finds out that such a thing is happening. After all he has done for me. Dammy is supposed to be treated like a sister and not as a potential lover”. I thought to myself. I was not even sure that Dammy felt the same way. What if I asked her out and she told her mum. I would be just so dead.

One day, Dammy, Elijah and I were in the sitting room. Mummy and pastor were inside. Elijah was playing with me and asking me different questions…

Elijah: Uncle Tolu, do you have a wife?
Me: No. I don’t
Elijah: But Daddy has a wife, he told me mummy is his wife.
Me: Daddy is old. And I’m still young.
Elijah: Why is it that wives live with their husbands?
Me: Because they are couples.
Elijah: So you and aunty Dammy are couples?
Me: No! Why did you say that?
Elijah: Because Aunty Dammy only comes to the house when you come to the house. And when you are not around, she’s not around. She is your wife right?

Dammy that had been listening to the conversation and laughing jumped in…

Dammy: Don’t mind Uncle Tolu. We are couples. That’s why we live together and come back together. He’s my husband. (She said jokingly)
Me: Don’t mind her o! We are schooling in the same place. That’s why we go and come together….

Elijah was just 4, but the questions he asks are always above his age. Dammy however, whom I thought was going to explain to him how things are was the one strengthening the thoughts in the young boy’s mind. Maybe she felt the same way I felt. Maybe it was time to open up to her. I decided that I was going to open up to her about how I truly feel as soon as we get back to school

We went to church the following Sunday people were so glad to see us. We were literally treated like celebrities. After eating and enjoying Christmas and New year chicken. Christmas and new year came and went by. And we had to go back to school. We resumed a bit late. I was really happy to see my roomates after a long while of being separated. Everybody was looking fresh like day old tomatoes.

We were going to start tests the following week, so I decided to tell Dammy before the test begins so that I can be free emotionally.

The second day that we came back to school, I called Dammy to express my feelings. I could not tell her to her face because I was scared that she might be dissapointed that I could tell her such a thing. I decided to do it over the phone….

Me: Hello Dammy
Dammy: Tolu, how are you?
Me: I’m fine. Please, I just want to tell you something that is important. Hope you are not busy?
Dammy: What do you want to tell me? Just say it. I’m not busy.
Me: Thanks. I will appreciate if you let me land before you castigate me. What I want to tell you is something you dont expect. But please just know that I’m being sincere.
Dammy: Now I’m getting scared. What is it?
Me: Actually, I appreciate everything your Dad has done for me. But it isn’t my fault. I can’t just help it but it keeps growing everyday.
Dammy: What are you talking about? What keeps growing?
Me: My love for you…



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