9JA STORY: T.A.O.T (EP 42)




Me: My love for you.
Dammy: I know you don’t hate me? I know you love me ‘JUST’ as a sister.
Me: It goes beyond that. At first, I thought that was the case too. But now, I know that I’m in love with you.
Dammy: We can’t start discussing all this over the phone. Can we meet and talk tomorrow.
Me: Alright dear, take care of yourself. Love you!
Dammy: Okay! Goodnight….

I had told Dammy about my feelings, but I still did not know how she felt about me or what she felt for me. “Am I stupid? How will I expect a pastor’s daughter to love me? What have I done?” I started wishing that I didn’t tell her.

I told my roomates about the whole thing. Demilade was betting on his life that Dammy likes me, based on things I’ve told them about her. Feranmi wasn’t too sure. But he didn’t see any harm in expessing one’s feeling to the person one loves. Whether she accepts or disagrees doesn’t matter. What matters is opening up to the person and being sincere.

The next day, I could not really focus in class. All I wanted was to just see Dammy and listen to what she had to say to me. After the class, I walked alone to my hostel. My heart was filled with different thoughts. The first girl I loved rejected me. If it happens the second time, I will just know that love is not my thing. I got to my hostel, and when it was dark, I had to face the ‘panel’.

Dammy and I went to the usual spot where we used to talk. On getting there it was as if I had never seen a ‘Dammy’ before. Maybe I was wrong, but to me, she looked entirely different. This time, a thousand times more beautiful than the Dammy I’ve always known. “Why doesn’t she have a boyfriend yet? See how beautiful this lady is.” I thought to myself…

Dammy: You were saying something over the phone, what were you saying?
Me: Ehhrrrm- Ehhrrm- Ehhrrm.
Dammy: Stop all this and talk to me.
Me: I am attracted to you emotionally. At first, I wasn’t really sure. But right now, I know it like I know my name that the love of my life is my benefactors daughter. I know I don’t really have a good background. I know I’ve wandered the street of Lagos. But please, let true love have it’s course.
Dammy: So what do you want?
Me: I want you to be mine forever. (Holding her hands) I want you to be my present and future. I never want to have you in my past. I want you to be the mother of my children. I want my daughter to look like you. Talk like you. Behave like you and act like you. Please Dammy, I really love you and care about you.
Dammy: I really wish i can hurt you back the way you hurt me. But I just can’t.
Me: I didn’t hurt you. I never did.
Dammy: Do you know how much it hurts for the person you love so much to label you as ‘JUST’ a sister?
Me: I don’t get you.
Dammy: I have always loved you. Do you know why I took it personal when you introduced me to Oyinade, I felt really jealous. I was scared that I was going to lose you. When I discovered that you weren’t seeing how much I love you. I decided to stop trying hard to show you love. Now that you are here, what if I say No?
Me: Please, Dammy don’t do that.
Dammy: I didn’t say I was going to do that, I was just saying what if…?
Me: You would just kill me if you did that.
Dammy: (Holding my hands) I love you Tolu, and I want to be yours and yours alone.
Me: (I stood up to give her a hug. Not caring whether or not people were staring) I love you more.

That was the beginning of a new chapter filled with happiness and bliss. We were going to start writing tests the following week. Being loved by Dammy made me fulfilled. I read stresslessly and happily for the tests.

Dammy and I after sitting to talk. Decided to stop thinking about romance for the time being. All that we had in our head was Book and God. We decided to keep the affair a secret from Pastor and Mummy. Though the affair was nothing serious, since we were not romantically knitting and bonding. We continued like that for five good years.




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