”That blessed day in the house. Aunty Rebecca came to my room, and told me to follow her. I asked her where we were going, but she told me to just obey and I followed her. She took me into her car and drove for about an hour. She told me to come down from the car which I did. She immediately locked the door and zoomed off. I was just 9, I didn’t know where I was. Even if I knew. Going back to the house is not the best thing to do. Going back to a father who turned his back on us and to his wicked wife. You were the only reason why I would try to go back, but I knew nothing at all. I started living my life the best way I could. I met a woman who sponsored me to school to JSS3 with her daughter, but when she saw that I was doing well and that her daughter was doing poorly. She became envious and drove me out tactically. The little amount of money I gathered from her and from all means, I gathered it and started selling bread. I started going to one of the public schools. Sleeping in the streets for three good years. I sponsored myself for Jamb and WAEC Gce. I passed both well. I gained admission to Obafemi Awolowo University to study accounting. I met a guy who paid my fees and i lived with him for the first two years. But when he asked me for sex and tried to harass me sexually. I could not do it, so he drove me out. Thank God he didn’t ask me to pay him back. I met a lady who owned a boutique, she told me to help her retail her clothes giving me 100 Naira on each clothes sold. I am very good with people so I used to make good sales. And with the money i was able to feed and afford my fees. All this because of that witch called Rebecca.”_

She said, bursting into tears. I narrated my whole story to her too. And the next decision we made was to try to visit our father and Aunty Rebecca. She first refused, but I was able to convince her.

The Friday of that week, we travelled to Ibadan so that it doesn’t affect our work. The description of my father’s house was still very fresh in my memory. On getting there, we discovered that some other people were living there. They had no clue as to who was living there before. All they could say was that the property was bought. I was quite surprised. My father used to be so rich that I didn’t expect him to sell his property. We asked around, and after lots of stress. We saw an old woman who told us on hearing that we are Mr Williams’ children the full story “After the man (my father) died, his wife became sick. They’ve spent all that they could. In fact, that’s why they sold this house. The woman now lives in a small house down the street. I heard that she is still sick and that her children are the ones taking care of her. She can’t even afford hospital bills anymore. If you want, I can even take you there”. The woman narrated to us.

We were very sad that our father had to die. We asked the old woman to take us to Rebecca. Dunni didn’t want to go, but I ordered that she was going to come with me. Since I’m her older brother, she gave me the respect and followed me.

We got to the house that appeared tattered and smelly. Darasimi was the first person we saw, we didn’t even know it until her younger brother called on her. She couldn’t recognise us, but we told her we came to see her mother. We entered and saw Rebecca in a very poor state of health. She saw us, and immediately knew we were the one and started shedding tears. She started a long speech

”I know I have offended you both, please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I am responsible for everything you suffered. Your mum did not die a natural death. I killed her. I did it because she was too hard on me as the hoisemaid. I wanted to be the housewife. It was my mother that told me to do it and help our family stop being poor. At first, I didn’t want to do it. My mother gave me everything I used to perpetuate this evil. Everything your father did was not his fault, he was hypnotized, he was under influence. It was all my doing. I killed him so that I can quickly have all the money to myself and my family. But before I knew it this sickness came in. I’ve been struggling with it for two good years now. It has been a big cross. I’ve spent millions of Naira on it but it won’t just leave. I have lost everything. I’ve been in pains for two solid years. I know this is nemesis, I know I can only get well if you truly and sincerely forgive me. Please, your forgiveness is all I need.”

She said, in tears. I was moved with anger rather than compassion. The old woman that came with us was pleading with us to calm down. Dunni was very angry. Thank God a knife was not close by, Dunni would have committed murder. I just held my sister close as she cried bitterly. “So after so many years of suffering, you are the one responsible after all. You witch! You will die and rot in hell! God will not forgive you!” Dunni said, crying bitterly. This woman even killed our father, she almost ruined our lives totally.

The woman begged us to forgive her. After minutes of serious persuassion. We just had to say we’ve forgiven her. Though our hearts will keep cursing her forever. The woman told us to take care of our younger ones, pointing to Darasimi and the smaller boy they named Kunle. It was as if the woman was sent by God for the sole purpose of restitution.

After minutes of talking, Dunni and I gave her and her children 5,000 Naira to do whatever can be done with it and left in disappointment. Dunni and I passed the night in one hotel in Ibadan and travelled back the next day.

I told Dunni that we should forget everything that had happened and be thankful to God for making us great people. We continued service and people in the school including all our students already know that we are siblings though they do not know the mystery behind it. I told Dunni about Dammy, she was so happy. I told Dammy about Dunni over the phone she was also very happy. After almost a year, service was over. I travelled back to Lagos together with Dunni. Dammy finished her Law school programme and was called to the bar as a certified barrister. Pastor used his connection to help me get a Job in one of the best construction companies in Lagos, the same place I did my IT. I had a basic salary of about 500,000 Naira plus allowances of over hundred thousand Naira. After getting my first salary. I got married immediately to Barrister Damilola Alakija, and now, we are blessed with three children- Two girls and one boy.Pastor gave me education and now he gave me a wife. As for Rebecca, we heard that she gave up the ghost two weeks after we went to Ibadan. We’ve been helping her children with the little we can afford, but to ask any one of them to live with me is the last thing I would do. My sister Dunni got a job with one big buisness enterprise as the chief auditor. And her life has been going great too. She got married, and has been blessed with children too.

This is my adventure. Though my path was rough. My end is beautiful. I got married to the woman I love, got a good job and now, I’m an entrepreneur. I’m the CEO of ‘TODUN CONSTRUCTIONS’ COMPANY-TCC’. The name is just in honour of my mum, and in upholding my mum’s legacy that Rebecca spoilt.

I don’t know why I had to go through all that I went through, but I know that it landed me in Happiness and wealth. Rebecca tried to get rich but she didn’t. She tried to ruin my life, but she didn’t. Right now, I’m in my 40s and my life has been going great. The adventures were to my advantage. THE ADVENTURES PAID OFF


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