NEW 9JA STORY: Adventure Of The Snake Ladies [EP 01] || written by Mustapha Idris

EP 01

Port Harcourt city
present day…

Me: Anita, i know we are poor but pls, you don’t have to sleep around with men to get money. Let us sit down and figure out a way. I am sure that we will come up with something plss..
Anita: Idris my love, you have to understand things please. Look, we don’t have anything doing. The landlord will soon chase us away if we don’t give him anything soon. We can’t even eat properly and yet, we are owing alot of women credit here. I know what i am doing is not good right now but it is the only means for us to survive..

My dear anita said as she was putting on a bum short with spaghetti top. Her a-s was fighting with the tight bumshort and the tip of her n—–s were showing through the light spaghetti shirt she had on. Anita has been caring and loving towards me from day one. I am a graduate of micro biology from rivers state university of science and technology. I graduated since last year and have been looking for job ever since but no company or firm will employ me. I met anita during my last year in the university. She was also a final year student of mass communication. Our love for each other grew each passing day and we decided to rent an apartment in port Harcourt. At first, she secured a job in a small radio firm. After 6 months of her job, the radio station was closed down by the government and ever since, we have been living from hand to mouth. At a time, we borrowed from other people in other to eat once a day… As the burrowing was too much, anita decided to start sleeping with men for men.


Anita slowly pulled her bumshort down to her ankle. She removed her pink G-string and was standing in front of me..

Me: confused Are you not going to work again?
Anita: yes i will but the first person to touch me will be my husband.
She replied with a smile. On hearing this, my SLEEPING BEAUTY jumped to life. She quickly removed my boxers and sat on top of me.. She was late already and if she is not quick, she may not find better customers. In a fast way, she was busy f—–g me as her butt was twerking up and down on my d–k. The chair i was sitting on was making a squeak sound but who cares. 10 minutes gone, i was still not close to cumming.

She turned around and faced me in a cowgirl position. This way, i was kissing and squeezing her b—-t at the same time. After about 5 minutes, i came.

She quickly wore her bumshort and walked towards the door
Anita: wish me luck..
She said and left.



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